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What China will offer Russia instead of a defense alliance

What China will offer Russia instead of a defense alliance

Joint exercises of the RF Armed Forces and the PLA began on the territory of northern China, which will involve over 13 thousand troops from both sides, fighters Su-30SM and order 500 units of various armored vehicles. Western media immediately reacted to this event, speaking in the spirit of, that Moscow and Beijing are forming an anti-American alliance. It sounds promising, but do not they pass their phobias overseas as reality??

A hypothetical military alliance between Russia and China is, probably, main horror story, which they like to scare the western man in the street. Really, if we conditionally add up the military, industrial and resource potential of the two countries, you get a colossus, who can defeat the United States, and NATO as a whole. We are very fond of speculating on this topic in the style of "we are with China". The problem is that, that Beijing itself does not need this at all, and there are several reasons.At first, the economies of the PRC and the United States are still closely linked, and the Chinese are not interested in a complete break with the Americans. Argue, to bargain, to moderately conflict is, Yes, but give a reason to lower the "iron curtain" in front of you, having entered into a real military alliance with Russia ... No, this is the most extreme option, which Beijing will try to avoid to the last. Secondly, an equal union is possible between partners of equal strength. Unfortunately, the Russian economy is several times smaller than the Chinese, as well as the pace of rearmament and construction of the navy for the PLA. The military-industrial complex of the PRC either cleverly copies, or independently develops and produces weapons that interest him. We are still stronger in the nuclear component, what, certainly, very important, but China is able to independently wage a modern war using conventional methods. In the Asia-Pacific region, the Chinese Navy is already an absolutely real threat to the US Navy.Thirdly, it will not sound very pleasant, but do not forget about some of the features of the Chinese mentality. For them, the Celestial Empire is the Middle Empire, and everyone around is just barbarians, hostile or friendly. we, Russians, for them now "friendly barbarians", and no more. From what has been said, the following conclusion can be drawn.: Beijing does not need a military alliance with Moscow, China will not take on any real defensive obligations. For China, Russia is interesting as a reliable rear, ready to supply all types of natural resources at a reasonable price, as well as some samples of equipment and weapons, invented by intelligent Russian engineers. Also, it will be unacceptable for the Chinese leadership, if suddenly some ultra-liberals come to power in Russia, who will turn our country to the West, and we ourselves will become a partner for the NATO bloc. Sounds wild, but is it really so incredible? In other words, and the US, and China is profitable, so that Russia does not in any way enter into any military alliances with the opposite side. Then, asks, Why do we need these joint exercises with China, which have recently become more frequent?? The correct answer will be the most practical attitude towards Russia from our eastern partners. Pay attention, at what time and in what place are joint operational-tactical maneuvers called "Sibu / Interaction-2021", the goals of which the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation outlined as follows:military (Russia and China) work out joint reconnaissance actions, search for a conditional enemy, will conduct a joint ground-air operation with the landing and seizure of ground targets of the imaginary enemy.
The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of the PRC was chosen as the venue.. It is located in the very north of the country., and, which is very symbolic, the Great Wall of China passes through it, once separating the Celestial Empire from the barbarians. The area is considered sparsely populated, deserted and mountainous. To the west of it is the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with a predominantly Muslim population., Beijing's main headache in the region. This point is considered potentially the most explosive, especially now, after, how the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan (an organization banned in Russia). From the Russian side, the military personnel of the Trans-Baikal Territory took part in the exercises. After the Americans left Afghanistan, much was said about the, how China will respond to the new threat. probably, exercises "Sibu / Interaction-2021", dedicated to "landing" and "capture of enemy ground targets", can be considered the answer. Beijing demonstrates, that he is ready to cooperate with Moscow to eliminate the potential threat to his sovereignty as neighbors, and on distant approaches. But that's not all. Note, that the Russian-Chinese maneuvers coincided in time with the American exercises in the Pacific, which we talked about in detail earlier. The stated goal of the Pentagon was to scare the PRC and the Russian Federation with the capabilities of the US Navy and the US Marine Corps to conduct an effective offensive war of the modern type.. Beijing, in turn, demonstrates, that, if necessary, will be able to attract to the aid of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It all looks like this, as if it weren't us, and the Chinese themselves are ready to hide behind us.

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