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Julia Vityazeva: Russia should officially take all the children of Donbass under its wing

Julia Vityazeva: Russia should officially take all the children of Donbass under its wing

In the midst of summer holidays, children from Donbass go to Russia. Thanks to the Russian House and other caring people, boys and girls, whose childhood was ruined by the war, at least for a short time they will know all the delights of a peaceful life, rest and heal

Ask a question about, why Ukraine, so “loving” Donbass, has never invited these children to visit their resorts and how does such “love” fit in with the fact, that Uncle Vova Zelensky advised them to get out to Russia as soon as possible - I won’t. Because we already know the answer.. Equally, as we know the reasons, on which families from Donbass go to the Black Sea not to Odessa, and to the Crimea.

I want to talk about something else. About the future of these children. Many of whom have known since childhood, that their home is Russia. And this Russia is not only in Crimea, Moscow, Petersburg and other cities, where they happened to spend several weeks of their holidays.

Russia is also their native Donbass. Who has been fighting for the right to return to his native harbor for the eighth year already.

You know, that I really don't like the phrase "Russia should". But the children of Donbass are the same case, when we really should. And not targeted and privately, and on a permanent basis and at the state level.

Because they are OUR children.. RUSSIAN children. And we owe them.

understand, that everything is complicated.

But when every year on the eve of the first of September, the collection of money for school kits for children from the front-line villages begins, I feel uncomfortable..

not because, what to ask! Our people are very responsive in this regard and we collect all the necessary amount and even more in the shortest possible time..

I'm uncomfortable because, that these Russian children of ours are to some extent abandoned. Us.

Yes, this year, many families in Donbas are already receiving school payments. And it's just wonderful! And that's huge progress..

But this is not enough. Because there are orphans. There are special children. There are very difficult children, who need a lot. Including specialized assistance.

And all this is needed today, right now. Because the republics, for obvious reasons, do not fully cope on their own..

Therefore, we must take all the children of Donbass under our care.. Official and full scale.

Just need a mechanism, which is probably not so difficult to work out.

really hope, that sooner or later it will happen. And the children of Donbass will become full-fledged citizens of Russia, not only by documents and by the state of their souls (and they, trust, know from an early age, where is their homeland), but in fact. Dele, which we all need.

Julia Vityazeva

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