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The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

Battle in the sky

Recent successes of the Syrian air defense in repelling attacks by the Israeli air force led to intense discussion among Western military experts. It's easy to understand them: unexpected transformations occur. Until recently, Israeli "phantoms" successfully fired missiles at parts of Hezbollah and the Iranian IRGC in Syria and caused them serious damage.. Of course, also hit the Syrian targets, but who looks at such little things…

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

Syrian air defense tried to intercept Israeli missiles with obsolete Soviet air defense systems of the S-75M / M3 type, 125M / S or SAM V-759, which rarely gave the desired result. The technological gap between Israeli missiles and Soviet systems is several decades.. However, from the second half of July, Israeli missiles ceased to reach the target.. They get knocked down. Of the fifteen missiles fired by the Phantoms over the past two weeks, only one was not shot down. The rest are scrapped. true, planes are out of the question.

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

Here you need to point out one feature: Israeli "Phantoms" F-35, who fire these missiles, very afraid of birds in Syrian airspace. Were not afraid before, flew to Syria and bombed everything, what they please. And in October 2017 year there was such an incident. On the eve of the visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Israel, a squadron of "Phantoms" flew to Syria and bombed the Syrian air defense battery. obviously, Israelis wanted to show C. Shoigu his limitless possibilities.

However, the war did not go according to plan.. When returning to his home airfield, one of the "Phantoms" "collided with a bird" and allegedly barely managed to land. Israel refused to publish photos of the emergency vehicle in the press, her fate remained unknown. The Syrians reported, that the "bird" was the Soviet S-200 missile, sample 1964 of the year. Tel Aviv could not bear such a shame: a 57-year-old flying samovar shot down an ultra-modern and incomparable 5th generation American fighter!

The propaganda machine started working. The world had to believe in "bird collision", but since then "Phantoms" do not fly into Syrian airspace, and they fire missiles over the border areas of Lebanon or Jordan.

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

Egyptian air defense system “Buk-M2E” in position

Russians do not hide, that the latest version of the Pantsir installation was recently handed over to the Syrian army (SS 22) and air defense systems "Buk" М2Е. it, of course, unpleasant step from Moscow, but even more unpleasant is, that new systems do not respond to stealth technologies, with which Israeli missiles are provided. Precisely speaking, they wanted to spit on their "invisibility", smash them as completely visible and rather clumsy items. Even more offensive, that it is not even Russian specialists who shoot down missiles, and ordinary Syrian soldiers, who, by definition, cannot compete with the Israeli aces.

While experts were arguing about the reasons for this phenomenon, Syrians took and shot down the coolest American drone "Triton" MQ-4C. And this is not a Turkish "Bayraktar", which the Syrians have shot down more than a dozen. It’s a giant, the size of a jet-sized stormtrooper. 14 m, wingspan 40 meters and a combat load of 8 tonnes. He covers the distance in 15 thousand. km. And even more offensive then, that "Triton" is almost 130 million. dollars (F-35 – 80 million) and is intended to personify the unattainable superiority of US military equipment.

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

UAV "Triton" MQ-4C

New artificial reptilian stuffed with electronics and weapons, but it didn't help him. Syrian Buk M2E missile took him off the route over Aleppo. Of course, the US military authorities immediately stated, that this was not, because it could never be. However, video footage casts a fat shadow on this statement.. In the video "Triton" is burning on the ground to the delight of the local population. by the way, this is not the first failure of a reptilian. Two years ago, Iranian air defenses shot down the same vehicle over the Strait of Hormuz.

The battle for supremacy in the Syrian airspace is coming

Judging by, how Iranian IRGC and Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria prepare for air defense, there is a new stage of the battle in the air. Israel and the United States will not leave their failures unanswered, and the Iranians transferred new air defense systems to the area where the IRGC units are located near the city of al-Majadin. More than 20 modern installations with radars to combat low-flying targets. The nearby Hezbollah units are being urgently equipped with air defense systems. Increased combat readiness introduced in them and in parts of the IRGC, preparing to attack.

It remains for specialists to determine, what lies ahead in Syria - an attempt by the United States and Israel to portray themselves as masters of the sky or the final failure of their plans to dominate the Syrian airspace.

A photo: S-75,

Dmitri Sedov

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