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For the first time in several months, the Syrian army used tanks

For the first time in several months, the Syrian army used tanks
Full-scale fighting resumed in the Syrian province of Idlib and in the province of Aleppo. They escalated into individual skirmishes., which manifested themselves mainly in the south of the province. Paints, in which government troops take part (one side) and pro-Turkish militants (with another), go with the use of various weapons, including heavy.

So, Syrian forces responded to gunfire by sending tanks to the Kafr Nuran area west of Aleppo. Tank companies of the SAA operate in the direction of Miznaz – Kafr-Nuran and Kafr-Halab – Kafr-Nuran.

The use of tanks during the armed conflict in Syria was recorded for the first time in several months. Fire from tank guns, and also from the means of cannon towed artillery, it was possible to suppress the activity of the militants, that, as reported by Syrian intelligence, their goal was to take a section of the road, leading from Miznaz to Aleppo.

For the first time in several months, the Syrian army used tanks

The zone of activity of the militants was also determined in the area of ​​the settlement of Kafr Taal to the west of Aleppo.. The militants have concentrated several units of military equipment there., including artillery and rocket launchers. Using the means of artillery of the SAA, these weapons of the militants were destroyed.. According to some reports, the ammunition depot was also liquidated, which was used in the area by one of the bandit groups.

A few hours ago, Syrian Air Force aircraft struck north-west of the city of Idlib in the province of the same name.. Their target was convoys of militant vehicles, who were moving towards the southern areas of Idlib. At the same time, the militants tried to hide from air strikes in the area of ​​the Turkish "observation posts", but it didn't help them. Among the Turkish military, According to the latest information, no injured.

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