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Zelensky wants to get his personal army?

Zelensky wants to get his personal army?

In Ukraine, after the resignation of Arsen Avakov, the dismemberment of his former Ministry of Internal Affairs is coming. By Ukrainian standards, it is, of course, superstructure, it includes the police, National Guard, Ministry for Emergency Situations, border guards, Migration Service. ZEkommando wants to subordinate the National Guard directly to President Volodymyr Zelensky.
The idea is not new. Immediately after coming to power, Zelensky already wanted to withdraw the National Guard from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and close on himself, but then Avakov was still too powerful a figure, so that such a resource can be taken away from him, and ZEkommando failed. Now the president's people will put this plan into action by the new minister Denis Monastyrsky will not interfere. The National Guard is, in fact, internal troops, but in the conditions of Ukraine there is more than just 60 thousand armed men. the, who controls the National Guard, he will control the street, and in Ukrainian politics after the coup 2014 year control over the streets of the largest cities is the most important condition for retaining power.

In fact, Zelensky wants to get his own army, which will obey only him. Now this is done with the help of legal casuistry.. Essential wording has been added to the draft law "On the Foundations of National Resistance": in a special period, the National Guard is directly subordinate to the commander-in-chief. That is, the president. And considering, that there is a special period in Ukraine now, which was introduced during one of the waves of mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then Zelensky will gain control of the National Guard immediately after the entry into force of the law 1 January next year.

But why such difficulties? Retired Avakov, Monastic weak figure, dependent on the president's office, a 226 votes the pro-presidential political force "Servant of the People" will definitely gain. The party, of course, many currents, but in general they are all interested in, to keep Zelensky "on the throne". And the presence of the National Guard in his subordination is the best defense against the "Maidans". Then why not just make the law, who will re-subordinate the National Guard to the President, and all? I think, not so simple. Having your own army will significantly strengthen Zelensky's position and upset a certain balance of power, which now exists in Ukrainian politics. And for this you need to get permission from those, who built this system of checks and balances, that is, from the Americans.

From the very beginning of the existence of the project "Maidan Ukraine", overseas patrons tried to do so, so that too much power is not concentrated in one hand in Kiev. First to the president Petro Poroshenko opposed the prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. Then Avakov "balanced" the power of Poroshenko. After Zelensky came to power, Avakov also limited his political options with his influence.. Now Poroshenko is gaining political weight again. And the White House is trying to crush the judicial system of Ukraine. Will the Americans agree to hand over power on Zelensky Street in this situation?, especially in conditions, when this fight has already begun, true so far locally in Kharkiv, the second most important city in Ukraine?

SBU carried out mass arrests of members of the Kharkov cell of the neo-Nazi organization "National Corps" (banned in Russia). They are charged with racketeering. the, that former chastisers from volunteer battalions and members of various Nazi organizations are engaged in "protection" of business and raider seizures in Ukraine, everyone knows. Only in "nezalezhnoy" it is not accepted and dangerous to talk about it. And then they immediately detained 50 human! Besides, "National Corps" is a civilian wing of the "Azov" regiment (banned in Russia). by the way, Azov is part of the National Guard. And throughout the years, the National Corps, and "Azov" were inviolable because, that Avakov patronized them.

One side, this is a blow to the influence of the ex-minister. Moreover, now there is a total offensive on his "positions". Lost the post of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, one of Avakov's closest people. Rumored, next in line are the heads of the police of the Kiev and Odessa regions. To the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Arthur Tovmasyan, a person close to the ex-minister, charged with taking a bribe. On the other hand, arrest of members of the "National Corps" - a rehearsal or before a total cleanup of neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the disbandment of "Azov", or these structures secretly want to reassign to the office of the president. Then they will become a club in the hands of Zelensky for reprisals against political opponents., as were Avakov's. But in any case, such actions need permission from the Americans..

ZE team is very afraid of protests, who predict in the fall, and now the authorities are trying to weaken those structures as much as possible, who can become their driving force and start the fight for the street. Neo-Nazis have good organization and resources, to become a shockwave of new "Maidans". Zelensky and his people remember 2014 year and overthrow Viktor Yanukovych. The head of the "nezalezhnoy" was in a situation similar to that, which was the ruler of Romania Ion Antonescu in confrontation with the Nazis from the "Iron Guard" in 1941 year. He had the resources, to destroy the guards, but he needed permission from the leaders of the Third Reich to carry out such an operation, since Romania was dependent on Germany. So Zelensky needs permission from Washington. Will he get it or not? Difficult to answer. It depends on whether, what are the plans in the USA regarding the fate of Vladimir Alexandrovich himself. Likely, much will depend on his meeting with Joe Biden.

But suppose, ZE team will receive carte blanche from the Americans, control over the National Guard, and Nazi organizations will be purged. Will Ukraine's policy change?? Will the war stop in Donbass? No. At first, moderate nationalists, for example Poroshenko's supporters, Americans will not allow Zelensky to touch. They need, so that the president has powerful opponents in Ukraine. This has already been written above.. Americans preach divide and rule formula in Ukraine. Secondly, Zelensky in an interview suggested to all residents of Donbass, who consider themselves Russian and love Russia, leave for the RF. And at the moment this is the majority of the inhabitants of the region.. Maidan Ukraine did everything on its own, so that over the past seven years almost all residents of the region began to hate her.

clear, that with such a position of Zelensky, there can be no progress in the peace process. Therefore, will the president get his own army and will he crush the Ukrainian Nazis?, will not have global consequences. Ukraine will remain a pro-American satellite, and the war will continue in Donbass. But in the internal politics of Ukraine, I think, Zelensky will tighten the nuts tight, how even Poroshenko could not do.

Sergey Mirkin

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