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You are scared, that the 90s will return? Will get worse

You are scared, that the 90s will return? Will get worse

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I have already described this moment, but today I want to draw additional attention to him. Its essence is, that the main problem of the upcoming crisis for wealthy people will be the destruction of the system of legitimizing property. If the destruction of the global dollar system does not look like a disaster today (although it is completely unclear, who and how will replenish the loan necessary to maintain the current economic activity), then the loss of property ... This is a total disaster, and exactly for those people, which today determine the situation in all countries of the world.

There are many reasons for this situation.. First of all, she is related, that today, ownership is the ability to exchange your assets for dollars or use them in economic activities to get the same dollars. Precisely dollars! This is very clearly seen in the example of various sanctions., which limit exactly the possibility of exchanging property for dollars. Yes, within individual countries, you can try to ignore this prohibition, but, Experience shows, while we live within the Bretton Woods system, this creates problems for the "internal" property claimant, and for the state. One story with Yukos is worth something, and there are lesser known stories.

Now imagine, that we find ourselves with the situation of Russia in the early 90s.

Do you have a house? How do you know this?? There are documents in the BTI? And who said, that for little money they were not replaced?

In the mid-90s I lived near the famous Sokol village in Moscow and I heard a lot about that., how old owners were thrown out of those houses, which they considered their. Well, we won't even talk about raider takeovers, there have been cases of seizures of secret institutions, after which secret documents were lying in puddles on the streets.

Someone says, Well, it then. And who said, what is it not to happen again? The tax office will come and roll out the arrears, beyond any reasonable limits. And all. The owners will sue the London court. And he will reject the claim, because he does not want to get involved in political games. Johnson is now racing with Merkel., who will be the first to agree with Putin. And tomorrow? Can, nobody wants to mess with?

But this is in Russia. And in the USA there is BLM, who can come and either burn, either seize your property. And more, you can be accused of political incorrectness and ruin your business (what, no examples?). And they can raise taxes, can bring down the sales system. Yes, she herself may collapse as a result of the reduction in the size of the "middle class". AND, by the way, raider seizures were not invented by us, at least watch the movie "Pretty Woman". And the venality of the courts ...

Well, here, I think, everyone already knew, that Soviet propaganda, rather, did not negotiate, because I was afraid, that they won't believe her. AND, the most important thing, there still nothing can be done, if you don't have money ... and where will it come from? And I'm not talking about the bankruptcy of banks and other financial institutions ...

How to live?

No, of course, there are people, who in such a situation only win. But they have one peculiarity: they are not just members of the elite, and to that part of the elite, which "rules" during the crisis. To such people, of course, all of the above does not apply. With just one clarification: if they are sure, that their power group will be able to continue to control the situation in power. Because if not, then oh-oh-oh ...

so, we have a fairly large number of wealthy people, which are somehow inscribed in the system, which will definitely collapse. She is, properly, already crumbling, although this is not yet fully visible. And what should they do? Continue doing business? But the trouble is, that they have an old model in their heads and "in their fingers" and therefore they will make numerous mistakes. And their management ... You can, of course, try to relearn, but who? And how long will it take?

There is also an alternative option. Namely, give part of the property to management (properly, she is already in control, at least partially, not many people, who manage all their property themselves) those people, who understand, what's happening. There are such, although there are very few of them. AND, the main thing, they (till) property is not managed. In other words, for today this is also not an option. What other options are there?

Only belong to the leading elite groups. But there is also an ambush: to whom to go and, the main thing, what to do? Von, how many billionaires were raised by Chubais and Voloshin and now tell me, hand on heart: they will all preserve their capital following this crisis? Taking into account their ties and roofs? As our, and "theirs"? It's not at all obvious to me!

By the way, that's where we can help, in the sense, what are we trying to explain, what and how to do in order, to be in a new trend. Another thing, that they don't really believe and don't even really understand. Well, the heavily liberalized heirs, in which the corresponding "rulers of thoughts" generally do not see this direction. They were protected from problems., and therefore do not understand, what to look at those, who is trying to solve these problems, not those, who personifies the "mainstream" of the previous decades.

Generally, of course, as usual, understanding will come very gradually. And as, how whole groups of today's people will fly out of the wealthy, how stable power groups will collapse, how elites will be reduced, those, at first loners, who understands, what's happening. And in this sense, very powerful changes in the elites await us.. Well, in the ownership structure too, since the new mechanisms for its legitimization will be clearly regional in nature. And only their own will be allowed into the owners. In all regions.

Mikhail Khazin

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