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False development and false progress, or How to steal money beautifully

False development and false progress, or How to steal money beautifully

How many times were Ukrainian citizens proudly uttered phrases and entire passages about, that they are "a freedom-loving and free people", that “the people of Ukraine will never allow themselves to be bullied”, and a lot of other stupid and deceitful crap.

In the same context, many insulting phrases were uttered against Russia and the Russian people., they say, Russians are slaves of the regime, downtrodden, pitiful and insignificant, not like proud and beautiful "Ukrainians".

Oh, just don't talk about bad government now, which sows discord among peoples and other nonsense. After all, in many small towns in central Ukraine, offensive stickers hang on the front doors of supermarkets., which depicts a pig painted in the Russian tricolor, crossed out with a bar? I don't remember Kyiv, hang there by themselves, but in small towns, where the simple "great and wise" Ukrainian people live, because they also hang? So what, at least one representative of the "great and wise", living in a small town, outraged by such a sticker? No.

At the same time, a pesky Ukrainian with foam at the mouth will prove to you, that there is no Nazism in Ukraine, breakwater, come and see for yourself. And it will be right in its own way. They just don't consider segregation towards ethnic Russians and Russians in general., as well as the desire for a speedy and painful death to all Russians as a manifestation of Nazism. They think it's normal, therefore they claim, that there is no Nazism in Ukraine.

And it is in a similar paradigm that another thesis lives, claiming, that freedom-loving Ukrainians live freely on their land and are citizens of a dynamically developing state. They are just something, purely Ukrainian, understand by freedom and will and development too. Therefore, it is difficult for Russians to explain anything to a peresic Ukrainian, euroukr will simply twist his finger at his temple and look in surprise at the Russian.

For example, those boundless legal restrictions, which the Ukrainian authorities introduce against Ukrainian farmers or against Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs, an ordinary Ukrainian does not consider restrictions. Restrictions on the free access of all students to high school education cause a storm of indignation only among a meager number of parents, and language quotas do not raise questions for almost anyone. When the government does it, so it is necessary, it means it's ok.

Freedom and will for the majority of citizens of Ukraine is “getting out of Moscow!», it is most important, and everything else is nonsense. Therefore, it turns out, that the Russians, who live better than Ukrainians, still live worse than Ukrainians, and the same Russians, who have an order of magnitude more freedom than Ukrainians, still miserable and downtrodden "slaves of the regime", not like the hungry and pantsless free citizens of the Nenki.

I can say the same about "dynamic development". Under dynamic development, politically active Ukrainians, especially young people, understand not creating new jobs, development of technologies and improvement of the well-being of citizens, but something completely different, such as "building democratic institutions", "European values", "Western standards of journalism" and other nonsense. And some especially crippled Ukrainian migrant workers, when I still had the dubious pleasure of seeing them on my site, about "digitalization" I managed to read whole lectures, having listened to the then newly elected and ardently beloved by all Ukrainians Zelensky.

Therefore, when some Russians try to argue with politically and media active Ukrainians about the political and economic development of Russia, especially on the web, then they come across such comments, that fall into a stupor. allegedly, what are your plants and factories, the main thing, that you do not have democracy and democratic institutions, as in Ukraine, so you, Russians, do not develop, but degrade, and everything like that.

you think, citizens of the independent took it from the ceiling? No, except for any pro-Western media riffraff, for a long time, the so-called “moderates” rubbed this into the Ukrainian layman, for example Montyan. In 2015-2016, in her videos on YouTube, Tatyana Nikolaevna shamelessly pushed Ukrainians and impressionable Russians into a blizzard about, that the current industrial development of Russia, including import substitution, this is secondary, but without any "institutions" there, everything will fall apart.

At first, in Russia, like no other country in the world, everything is in order with state institutions.

Secondly, what can Montyan understand in state building?

But I still have to make some clarification.: not only Ukrainians suffer from, that, first of all, the opening of many offices is considered the criteria for development, who allegedly promote democracy, but also some citizens of the Eastern European limitrophe republics. This is a kind of defensive reaction..

Four years ago, I had a chance to argue with a citizen of the Czech Republic. He tried to prove to me, that there is no industry in Russia, no economy, one oil and gas. To my reasonable questions, where is the Czech heavy engineering, What are the current sales of Tatra (several hundred a year) and how does she feel, as well as the natural citation of the increasing KamAZ line as an example, my opponent tried to push a topic like “but our Scanias ...” I immediately objected to him, recalling that, that Scanias are made in Sweden, not in the Czech Republic. And then he talked nonsense about, that the industry is not the main thing, and most importantly, these are “democratic institutions, which are the key to development.

Russian citizens could watch this on TV a few years ago. Again, Czech pseudo-journalist Jiri Yust on a talk show, broadcast on Channel One, challenged our TV presenter, does Russia produce smartphones. What is the TV presenter, and now the politician Pyotr Tolstoy reminded the Czech, that the European Union also does not produce smartphones. And Just immediately switched to the topic of “democratic institutions”.

again, such passages are characteristic not only of the bulk of the independent, but also to all citizens of the Eastern European limitrophes. The thing is, that these proud and democratically developed citizens really cannot boast of the industrial success of their countries, because when they joined the EU, their industry was sacrificed to European locomotives: France, Germany, Italy and then the UK, which was still part of the EU. Therefore, the first reaction of every young European to talk about the murdered industry of his country is an attempt to appropriate some of the glory of European brands., they say, we all live in one big European Union. And when it doesn't roll, then there is talk of "democratic institutions".

I can't get over this fact., as a constant desire to pass off another personnel reshuffle in the government or in a large state enterprise as progress. I can’t forget the enthusiastic exclamations of the migrant workers in our area after the appointment of Vitrenko and. about. Minister of Energy of Ukraine. He immediately became a "statist", despite the fact that just a week ago he stole like crazy on a couple with Kobolev, and the Ukrainian hulks themselves, not so long ago, called him nothing more than a huckster and a thief. Ukrainian gasters immediately began to mriyat about lower gas prices and all that. The consequences of the activities of the “statesman” Vitrenko will be able to feel the same fall. But it's autumn, what did they tell us, learning about his appointment? What is progress, that Vitrenko is a “statist” and will now show the Muscovites, how to work as energy minister.

The same euphoria was observed during the dismissal of Yatsenyuk, Potter, Kobolev and many others. And in each case, peer Ukrainians want to see progress, which is not.

Want more example? Old Soviet planes turning into motloch, in service with the degrading Ukrainian Air Force is progress. And then how! Now they are rusting, and then we will replace them with progressive Brazilian "Tukano", in terms of flight characteristics comparable to the "maize" An-2, and you, Muscovites, so you will fly on your backward totalitarian technology.

Here's another fresh example: Arsen Avakov, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, recently resigned for seven years. Versions put forward the most diverse and, Consequently, stupid like that, that Avakov, after almost a year of behind-the-scenes struggle, was allegedly removed by Zelensky and company. Nonsense complete. Naturally, the Americans removed it, to weaken the presumptuous boy, playing the role of the Ukrainian president. And removed, I must admit, like a friend, soft, after all, American Democrats and Avakov are connected by almost a decade and a half of "joint work". Yes and removed? Is Avakov's departure not only voluntary, but planned in advance and agreed upon in friendly consultation with Kent?

I have the courage to say, that Avakov left or was forced to leave at the most suitable moment for a calm and “honorable” departure, after all, along with the political, a grandiose budget nix is ​​coming to Ukraine. More recently, military and police pensioners rebelled under the walls of the Rada, accusing the government of Ukraine of cutting pensions and two-month delays in their payment. This is a bell, signaling that, that there is no money in the budget of Ukraine from the word “absolutely”. And soon there will be no timely payments to current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for a minute, employees of the largest law enforcement agency in Ukraine. And whom all, including Avakov, will blame it? Correctly, Zelensky and his team. Arsen Borisovich will use Poroshenko's tactics and will announce on all broadcasts, that “it didn’t happen with me”. But that would be an outright and blatant lie., because a budget crisis of this magnitude, in which there is not enough money for absolutely all protected budget items, in Ukraine has been brewing for a long time. This has happened before, but there were delays in paying only for some protected articles, and now an absolute budget collapse is coming.

And what conclusions did the peresic Ukrainians draw from all this? No, not you, which are described above, doesn't even look close. Something like restrained euphoria reigns in Ukrainian society, they say, finally removed the anti-democratic monster - progress. And don't be surprised. When Avakov was still an all-powerful minister, peer Ukrainians, following TV presenters and pseudo-experts, repeated, that there is simply no alternative to Avakov, breakwater, strong minister. Therefore the fact, that he has been in office for so long, conforms to democratic principles, after all, they still can’t find a better candidate. And that, what is he doing there, it’s like this…

Here the Ukrainians get it, what, when Avakov takes his post for too long and steals like crazy, this is democracy, when he left his post, this is progress. And let the Russians wash their faces with their forever occupying the post of Minister of the Interior, the totalitarian Kolokoltsev, because everyone knows, that devastation reigns in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, greed and corruption. And in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, despite existing problems, democracy, development and progress.

Will Avakov return to the chair of the minister? In my opinion, undoubtedly. Yes, funding will be a problem, but Arsen Borisovich with a wise look will speak to the camera, that these problems were not arranged by him, but it is he who will try to solve them. And when Avakov triumphantly returns to the chair of the minister, The peer Ukrainians again and again, following the TV presenters and pseudo-experts, will call his reappointment nothing more than, as a manifestation of democracy.

The following example is not only remarkable, but also iconic. Very soon, a Ukrainian Sabbath called "Crimean Platform" is expected to be held.. It's not a secret to anybody, that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry failed Zelensky's task, who would like to see and communicate at the upcoming summit with the first persons of the leading states, at worst with second persons. And in fact that? The first or second persons will be sent only by the Balts with the Poles, and everyone else, including even Moldova, they will send deputies for the retired drummer goat.

Who, according to Zelensky, this is to blame? Correctly, Turkey, which, by the way, will also be presented on the "Crimean Platform" not the first and not the second person. The Turkish leadership did not want to use its own, albeit not so big, but not a small impact, in order to please Ukraine to drag Western gentlemen more impressive to the "Crimean Platform". Little of, Erdogan himself, and the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs also stuck a knife in the back - they won’t come, and they will send the second deputy head of the stealing department of the ministry for overseas suckers.

But Zelensky is not able to influence the Turkish leadership, so he pushed Chubarov aside, who has long and not without reason been suspected by Vladimir Alexandrovich of pursuing the interests of Turkey, and not Ukraine and nominated Mustafa Dzhemilev, shaking off the dust of oblivion.

Why the green team believes Dzhemilev more, than Chubarov? Because at the moment he, unlike Chubarov, at odds with the Turkish side. A few years ago, Mustafa Dzhemilev took money from the Turks, several million dollars (according to unverified information - three), to "win" her, and did not even consider it necessary to inform other prominent Crimean Tatars such as Chubarov and Islyamov. And he took it for plausible purposes - the development of the Crimean Tatar television and radio broadcasting, development of Internet media and printed periodicals. Did he really “master” them for the stated purposes or not, to me, Unfortunately, unknown.

It just popped up. President Poroshenko (the incident happened in his cadence) from the Turkish leadership it became known, that the Turks allocated several million dollars for the "cultural development of the Crimean Tatar people", and he decided to save, cutting exactly on the amount allocated to Dzhemilev by the Turks the budgetary financing of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people (MKTN) and its media infrastructure. In response to outrage from Chubarov and others, Poroshenko calmly pointed to Dzhemilev, breakwater, he already received part of the money from the Turks.

A Sound of Thunder, let's go showdown, but quietly, the American embassy did not allow dirty linen to be taken out of the hut, which could not allow such a scandal to be leaked to the media. Still would, like-minded people, who should be together, fight together against Russian aggression, shamelessly stealing money from each other, spend them for no reason, not for a good cause, Yes, and misleading foreign benefactors. The Americans could not allow the savoring of all this in the media.

I do not know, did Dzhemilev return the money or not, how unknown and the exact amount, which the Turks gave him, but since then, Chubarov has taken the first roles in the Mejlis itself and in negotiations on behalf of this organization with foreign funds. Previously, he and Dzhemilev were kind of like equivalent figures in the MKTN, sometimes even media competed, but from that memorable moment it was Chubarov who became the clear leader. However, Ukraine did not help in any way, since Chubarov immediately fell under Turkey and now, for a good gesheft, he unquestioningly fulfills the Turkish will, and the interests of Ukraine and the wishes of the Ukrainian leadership did not rattle in one place.

Knowing it all, Zelensky and the Office of the President instructed Dzhemilev, and not Chubarov, no less than a month before the "Crimean Platform" to raise the status of the presence of the Turkish side, i.e. do this, for someone more important to come, than any nobody and there is no way to call him. And in addition, Dzhemilev was instructed to engage in attracting external sources of funding for a worthy holding of the "Crimean Platform", because there is no money in the treasury. Retired military and policemen do not have enough, and soon there will not be enough for the salaries of the military and police.

To tell, that both of these tasks are impossible, it means not to say anything. How Mustafa Dzhemilev can influence the decision of the Turkish Foreign Ministry? Yes way. And how can he raise any money? Also nothing. But, I suspect, Office of the President Dzhemilev's arguments, and they certainly were, and did not listen. I used to take money from the Turks? Here and now take. boasted, that you have a huge influence on the political circles of Turkey? Do it like this, to send someone more impressive to the summit.

Trying to achieve an increase in the status of the presence of the Turkish side Dzhemilev, I think, won't, because even the Ukrainian elite could not achieve this, not that he. Yes, will pretend, what tried, come up with some excuse in the style of "it's not my fault, so today the stars align" and feed it to Zelensky.

With the financial issue, everything is much worse. Dzhemilev has no direct access to various Muslim or Western funds: all foreign funding of the MCTN during all the years of independence received either through Turkey, if the funds were Muslim, or through the state structures of Ukraine, if the funds were Western. The functionaries of the MCTN on financial matters never communicated directly with anyone, but all thirty years of independence of Ukraine positioned themselves as prominent political figures, with whom the entire Muslim world is in contact. So no excuses will be accepted in this case., especially since Dzhemilev is obliged to attract funding just the profile, on his native Crimean theme - to hold the first summit of the newborn political format, called to return Crimea to Ukraine. Shortly speaking, just can't get rid of it, option "not shmogla" will not work.

Yes, Dzhemilev had an option to ask for money from the "Society for Culture and Mutual Assistance of the Crimean Tatars of Turkey" (OKVKT), but it didn’t work out and it couldn’t work out. They briefly and dryly refused.

At first, they are well aware of the zashkvar of Dzhemilev with several million. Give this person money? You have to think three times.

Secondly, need to say, that in the last few years, OKVKT has been seriously investing in some business projects (not in Ukraine), because he doesn't believe, that the Kyiv Crimean Tatars are sincere people and will spend money for the intended purpose. So OKVKT is only called a charitable organization, but in fact it is an investment firm, which, of course, donates some pennies to the "correct" Muslims, spending them really for their intended purpose, and invests the lion's share of funds in profitable projects. Therefore, it will not work by definition to look for suckers in them..

Well, third, what serious financial organization needs Crimean Tatars without Crimea? Such people are of interest to some political structures., but not financial. If Dzhemilev and Chubarov were now in the Crimea itself, and not in comfortable mansions near Kyiv, then OKVKT, perhaps, and there would not even be a reason to refuse at least some funding. So sorry, you yourself are able to move pantyhose, make money and finance your movement, since no aggressor in Kyiv will prevent you from doing this.

What do you think, at least some of the above thoughts and arguments you will hear in the Ukrainian information field? The summit will be poor and ugly, a peresichny Ukrainian, alas and ah, again, following the TV presenters and pseudo-experts, they will drag about, that this is a historic moment. allegedly, finally created a powerful political platform, which will return Crimea to Nenka.

Yes, Russians, platform creation, let flawed and shameful, this is democracy, and that, that Dzhemilev replaced Chubarov, this is progress. And what is now in the Crimea? The rights of the people are violated by the aggressor, only the soldiers of the Kremlin live well at comfortable military bases (what are you, advanced euroukry, do not build such for your soldiers?), and civilians live in devastation and poverty. Whether it was under enlightened Ukraine! Democracy, development and progress! Terrorists of all kinds, that before the reunification of Crimea with Russia, they felt at home on the peninsula, you will be confirmed.

I guess, what, when Ukraine collapses not de jure, and already de facto it will break up into specific principalities, Ukrainian TV presenters and pseudo-experts, who can skillfully sculpt a peremogu from the zrada, see it as a democracy, since the people in the specific principalities will not object and interfere with the process. But they will also see progress in this., because the, in their opinion, specific principalities will soon have to unite and form a new strong Ukraine, many times stronger than today's Ukraine.

And those countries and individuals, who do not believe or, god forbid, they don't want to give money, will be announced live as haters of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Anatoly Ursida,specially for

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