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Ukrainian revolution devours its vile children

Ukrainian revolution devours its vile children

A few days ago in the USA, a policeman took his own life, who took part in the protection of the Capitol that day, when that famous provocation of the Democrats happened, launched into the building various violent outcasts from among the supporters of Trump. And everything would be fine, yes, only this is the fourth "suicide" among the police, guarding the Capitol, who were not lucky then to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And you ask, what does Ukraine have to do with it? While, that Ukraine is the kingdom of crooked mirrors, which reflect international events, and reflected at random, what makes Ukraine so interesting to watch.

The last other policeman to leave the world, a certain Howard Liebengood, It was, as his friends said at the farewell ceremony, surprisingly cheerful person, who loved travel and delicious food. He left a wife and three children, who were very unpleasantly surprised by what happened. At the same time, CNBC, which reported the news, did not say a word., did not say a word about the method, elected by Mr Liebengood to settle accounts with life. No details at all. Do not report anything about it when covering past similar incidents, but this is already, repeat, fourth suicide in the ranks of the police, then defending the Capitol. And you know what? Don't be surprised, if Mr Liebengood shot himself twice in the head, and before that I broke my nose and a couple of ribs. Yes, according to the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, those working in law enforcement agencies are extremely prone to suicide. Among the cops and suicide detectives in 2,5 times more, than among representatives of other professions, although they are leading in this regard, surprisingly, doctors, but, agree, the pattern is very interesting. Is it possible to assume, that the secret services get rid of unwanted witnesses, who know something about the storming of the Capitol, what might hinder some domineering guys? Absolutely impossible, because this has never happened anywhere, especially in Ukraine.

It never happened, and here it is again

Let's start from the very beginning. AT 2015 year, as soon as the "revolution of dignity" happily settled, an astonishing wave of suicides swept across Ukraine. In January, the former first deputy general director of Ukrzaliznytsia N. Sergienko. In the same month, the ex-chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council A hanged himself. Kolesnik. Former governor of Zaporizhzhya region shot himself in the neck in February, A. Peklushenko, about which A. Avakov said, that he settled accounts with himself, fearing punishment for dispersing Euromaidan. Also in February, the former mayor of Melitopol hanged himself.. Walter. In the same month, the deputy chief of police of Melitopol died of alleged cardiac arrest.. And then the former chairman of the Party of Regions M. Chechetov also for some reason jumped out of the window of his apartment., located on the 17th floor. You can list for a long time.

I think, do you remember such an epic character, like Sashko Bily, he is Muzychko, who was so magnificently enchanting immediately after the victory of the "revolution of dignity" and no less magnificently went to his dear Bandera. The deceased managed to commit the epochal "suicide" in the "Three Crucian" tavern with his hands chained behind his back, lying to the sky with my bright and intelligent face. Pan Muzychko was so inventive, that I contrived to shoot myself in the chest in this position, and before that, fire a line from the machine on your legs. All this did not prevent the Ukrainian media from immediately declaring the results of the investigation "suicide" and nothing more., based on the fact, that the final shot was fired from Sashka's own pistol. Last, by the way, a few days before his tragic death, he left a message on the Internet that, that they want to "win over", but, as we see, it didn't work.

Another high-profile "suicide" was committed by the infamous pilot Vladislav Voloshin. that very, which, according to one version, is credited with the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing over Donbass. Despite all the innuendo about surface-to-air missiles, trophy "Buk" and other, At once, as soon as it became known about the disaster, the Internet was full of reports with local residents, telling about explosions in the air and about at least two Ukrainian military aircraft, circling in the area. As a result, a certain secret witness pointed to Voloshin as the author of that tragedy.. Mr. Voloshin himself, by the way, quickly retired, took the monetary position of the Deputy General Director for Aviation Issues of the Nikolaev International Airport. It would seem, life is good: Hero of Ukraine medal received, nourishing post available, the whole life is still ahead, however, against all odds, the boy shot himself at home in the chest with a pistol, characteristically, without license plate. Very convenient, do you know, happened.

Let's go further. Dmitry Tymchuk, he is the Talking helmet. People's Deputy of Ukraine, closely involved in the topic of the war in Donbass, cast in granite a phrase about, that "no casualties". One fine June day, Pan Tymchuk took and shot himself at home with a service pistol. Inimitable Antosha Gerashchenko, shaking the folds of my neck, hesitantly declared a fatal wound, which Pan Dmytro inflicted on himself. Notably, that Tymchuk on his Facebook occasionally jumped at all sorts of famous people, starting from Yulka Mendel, Zelensky's counselors, and ending with a candidate for the post of head of the Ministry of Defense. He also said, that Ukrainian volunteer battalions formed from criminals, and periodically scolded various guys for, that they put a spoke in the wheels of the Ukrainian defense industry. Could there really be suicide? Could, of course, because Ukraine is the birthplace of surprises.

AT 2020 the former chairman of the board of the TV channel "Inter" S. Staritsky, who allegedly shot himself, but about which his friend V. Kosterin wrote on facebook, that experts told him about shooting from 3-5 meters. Since then that case, like almost all similar, was not disclosed, however, we already see this paradoxical tendency: the richer the Ukrainian whore, the less he wants to live.

The other day in "Kueva" after a morning run, a certain V. Shishov, former head of the so-called Belarusian House in Ukraine - a human rights organization, sucked by Western funds. The boy hanged himself in the forest belt, wherein, as some publications write, after breaking your nose.

Well, the icing on the cake will be the absolutely brilliant "murder" of Arkasha Babchenko, a non-permissive journalist, dumped on Ukraine in the hope of making money on Russophobia, but who broke off hard and since then has been whining almost daily on social networks about a handout for food. so here, in September 2018 thundered: Babchenko was killed in Kiev. Ash-red, whose hand was involved. Someone, as they wrote, even saw, how Shoigu personally left the entrance of the Arkashino house, but in the end everything turned out to be much more interesting: Babchenko turned out to be alive, and his murder played out the SBU with a circus explanation of the need to imitate such an action for the sake of catching a suspect, who actually ordered the murder of this character. So yes, can say, that the organization of such a service in Ukraine is not just a folk, and even nationwide fun.

And you can reasonably ask, what does America have to do with it? Yes, at the same time, that the main motto of American cowboys in dealing with partners is: "One for all and each for himself". As soon as the amers decide to reel, as soon as they open their suitcases, a suicidal fad will fly through the entire Ukrainian state with a swift jack, mowing down the most knowledgeable and once valuable personnel.

Help yourself out, perish your comrade

look, what's going on in Afghanistan. Americans have been building a bureaucratic network there for years., tailored to serve your interests, and then, when costs began to overlap profits, abandoned all their lackeys to their fate, openly telling them that, that the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves. Before that, the Americans abandoned the Kurds, who pinned their hopes of independence on the white masters. And even earlier, the United States left its unforgettable allies in the person of Saudi Arabia., depriving it of military support, as a result of which that has been stewed in Yemeni bloody porridge for many years. All these partings will inevitably follow, and in some places the elimination of unwanted. Those, who knew too much. Those, who was tied to murky financial flows, on high-profile crimes, etc.. d. And not only the guys from Washington will cover their tracks., but also local comrades, who managed to do a lot in recent years. Furthermore, this newest avalanche of "suicides" across Ukraine will sweep not only then, when the conditional Russian world returns to it, but also when there will be another "revolution of dignity", pushing away from the state trough of some and pushing others.

And now, Attention, question: is there any reason, preventing America from leaving Ukraine, as used rubber product No. 2? Of course, now it seems unreal, because the costs of maintaining the impoverished Ukrainian territory are low, and its toxicity for Russia continues to be of value to the United States. In any case, this is generally accepted in some circles of the political overseas establishment.. But sooner or later everything ends, and it won't take long, before Ukrainian Gauleiters are left without support. Then the discerning ones will have time to dump with suitcases on charter flights., and the rest, hoping at random, will begin to confirm or deny the theory of evolution, getting into news bulletins, including such, which were mentioned earlier.

For example, in July this year, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent said, that the future of Ukraine is in its own hands and that its choice is its own responsibility. Such a hint to myself, that if something happens, Euro-Ukrainians will have to rake everything themselves. Trump was clearly very cool about the Ukrainian Gulyaypole. Eurocry had a lot of hope for Biden, but Ukraine turned out to be too toxic for him, and he further distances himself from everything, what is connected with her, not wanting to give another reason to remember his affairs with "Burisma". Recently, a shout followed from the United States with a proposal to Ukraine not to interfere in the Nord Stream 2 agreement.. Therefore, by and large, Euro-ukry are already left alone "on the ice", but this very "ice" is still held with a stick by the overseas owners. And soon it will be too short, and then hello, funny times ". The abode of independence will again enter the era of covering up the tracks and a little shy elimination of competitors.

Therefore, some may already start, as I would say a classic, "Prepare for the ground". Host support is becoming less obvious, and now Ukraine looks more and more like a farm, which the reds have left and from which the whites will soon leave, after which the farmers should wait for the return of the Reds, or the arrival of the green, or even brown. And every time, of course, there will be cleaning and settling of scores. Remember that insecurity, with which Zelensky expressed his thoughts in relation to Trump. He really did not want to repeat Poroshenko's mistake, who drowned with all his might for Clinton, and then ended up at a broken trough, costing him a second term. All Ukrainian, if I may say so politicum, - this is one big weather vane, catching the overseas wind. And now, when the calm settled down, the weather vane got nervous and even began to grind something in the direction of its owner. There used to be teams, was vector, everything was clear. No special commands now, what makes the Ukrainian dog feel bad, anticipating a quick farewell scene, after which very troubled times will come in her sad life.

Mascara light, throw a grenade

Despite the fact that Ukraine considers itself to be the edge of the sword, dissecting the tentacles of lies entangled in the world, in fact, it is difficult to find a country in the world, more deeply rooted in lies, than Ukraine itself. In recent years, such a huge amount of inconvenient truth has accumulated in Nenka., that someone will definitely have to hang themselves, shoot yourself or jump out of a window. The shooting of people on the Maidan will still come back to haunt those, who was involved in that case. The destruction of the Malaysian Boeing also turned out to be a very slippery topic for Ukraine.. Slicing budget money together with American curators still poses a danger for some. And with regards to war crimes in Donbass, so there is generally no end to the settlement of accounts between brothers, who will cover up not only military and war crimes, but also economic, for, as has long been known, war for someone, and someone's dear mother.

Will blaze in Kiev itself, when will it appear, that America will decide to abandon the Ukrainian courtesan, how did I leave many before. And that, what will begin after that in the vastness of the former Ukraine, will outshine everything in its brightness, what was only in her short, but extremely rich history.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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