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The British Air Force command reported on the "interception" of two Russian anti-submarine Tu-142

British Air Force Command reported on «interception» two Russian anti-submarine Tu-142
British fighter “intercepted” two Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft near United Kingdom airspace, British Air Force Command reported, by posting an appropriate message on Twitter.

according to records, On Friday, 6 August 2021 of the year, fighters of the Royal Air Force Typhoon were raised to intercept two Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, close to UK airspace. Fighters took off from the Scottish airbase Lossiemouth in the north of the country. Besides, An Airbus Voyager tanker was raised from the Bryze Norton base, based on the tanker A330MRTT, which provided refueling of British fighters.

reported, that the British pilots, “intercepting” Russian planes and making sure, what are they “do not intend to violate the airspace” Great Britain, returned to the airfields of deployment.

In turn, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the planned flights of long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 as part of a command and staff training with ships of the Northern Fleet in the North-East Atlantic.. The Defense Ministry stressed, that a pair of Tu-142 flew a 12-hour flight over the neutral Barents and Norwegian seas, as well as the North East Atlantic in accordance with international regulations.

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