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Zelensky made a confession to Donbass and Crimea. In the impending genocide

Zelensky made a confession to Donbass and Crimea. In the impending genocide

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave an interview to the TV channel "Dom", created by Kiev for broadcasting to the territories of Donbass and Crimea beyond its control. This address of the "leader of the nation" to the people, whom he stubbornly continues to call "compatriots", written in almost completely forbidden in the "nezalezhnoy" Russian language, undoubtedly will be one of the most scandalous and aggressive speeches of Zelensky.

truly, the only thing, in what "post-Maidan" Ukrainian authorities can boast of really outstanding successes, so it is in achieving results, completely opposite to her intended. However, it is far from a fact, that the "comic president", quietly broadcasting things in the TV camera, from deep comprehension of which the blood runs cold, did not understand, how his words really sound for those, who are they addressed to. However, in that case everything is much worse, than it might seem at first glance.

“Ukrainianize or get out!»

The main highlight of the presidential speech (excerpts of which leaked to various Telegram channels even before the start of the television broadcast) is a clear and unambiguous division of the inhabitants of those territories, which in Kiev for some reason are considered their "ancestral lands", on "right" and "wrong", "True Ukrainians" and "traitors". On the lambs and goats, so to speak ... It would seem, head of state (no matter how ridiculous this title sounds in relation to a television comedian), addressing the regions, representatives of one of whom almost without exception voted in March 2014 years for the peaceful separation from Ukraine, and the inhabitants of another to this day are fighting off her with weapons in their hands, should at least try to find some special words. Capable of touching certain innermost strings in the souls of these people, forget for a second about the very real grievances and separating them from the current "non-salary" ideological and worldview abyss. Zelensky tried to do something similar - however, his references to "childhood", "Rapanam with crunchy sand on the teeth" and jumping off a cliff in 14 m, At first, give too wretched TV shows, and secondly, are completely crossed out by those words, which he speaks after them. Namely, peremptory statements that, that Crimea "will never be Russian territory", what people, who occupied it ", there "will not be", that they are not destined to "raise new generations there" and the like. No less bright (and, let's call a spade a spade, foolishly) the statement is made that, that "Russians will never die" for Crimea, which Zelensky stubbornly continues to call "Ukrainian land". Yah?! And who died on this very land for centuries, defending it against Turkish, british, French, Nazi invasions? Really Bandera?
Little of, that the president does not blush at all, utters an absolute lie, so he also voices an extremely dangerous delusion, which can be interpreted as Kiev's confidence in, that sooner or later Russia will give up Crimea without a fight. It would be better for no one to try to test such delusional thoughts in practice.. However, regarding the inhabitants of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, his performance was followed by even more frightening maxims. Specifically: all topics, who today, living "in the occupied Donbass", look at Russia with hope and brotherly love, "Make a big mistake"! And not at all in the same sense, what they hope in vain. Their "mistake" is, that they still continue to smoke the sky in the territory, which, as Zelensky claims hesitantly, "Will certainly be deoccupied", rather than dump, hastily collecting money, into the dear to them "Russian world". "Donbass will never be Russian territory, just never!" - This, trust, the quote is quite literal.
Please pay attention to the very clear wording: not "Russian", namely Russian! I.e, it's not even about people with Russian passports, but about those, who speaks and thinks in Russian, prays in the temples of the canonical, not the schismatic Orthodox Church, celebrating Victory Day, not "anniversaries" of the vile leaders of the UPA. Zelensky strongly recommends all of them to get out - "for the good of their children and grandchildren.". It sounds like a threat? Yes, this is it.. Moreover, explicit and open! true, obviously, remembering, that he keeps his speech on the TV channel, and not at a closed meeting of the NSDC, the president subsequently begins to explain, that there will be no "happiness" to any "lovers of the Russian world" in Donbass due to the, that in this region "no civilization is possible without Ukraine"! No, a clown is still a clown forever. No one else could have weighed such an absurdity with the most serious air..

"It is not for Ukraine to decide ..."

I will leave without comment Zelensky's words about, that the "nezalezhnaya" that he leads is "growing up and building all the time", and the Donbass "cut off" from it will not "grow" anywhere and never. In order to fully experience their absurdity, just get acquainted with any statistical data on the state of the Ukrainian economy, of which in completely open access is full. Much more interesting is his other passage - there, where is he, properly, tries to give criteria for "real" and "fake" Ukrainians. so, for, to be numbered among those, who should stay in Donbass, "Hold on and wait for de-occupation" a person is obliged to "respect the Ukrainian flag and language". And also "read certain books" - presumably, biographies of Bandera and Shukhevych, as well as such terrifying waste paper, which is now littered with libraries and shop counters in the "nezalezhnaya". it, properly, that's all. Obviously, pathological hatred of Russia and the Russians should, in Zelensky's understanding, go to the above-mentioned kit as a kind of "free application". In any case, the president of the state, who has failed all attempts to return part of his territories and citizens "by force" and is now making clumsy efforts to win the "battle" for their minds and hearts, had to address the residents of Donbass to say anything, but not that, What did he say! Their only normal and completely natural reaction to this speech can only be enrollment in the ranks of the People's Militia and other structures., protecting the DPR and LPR. And what else would you order to do after such revelations about "indispensable de-occupation" and direct threats to all "under-Ukrainians", Russian-speaking and "Russian-thinking", of which in this region approximately 100%? Submissively bow their heads in anticipation of imminent reprisal or, in the best case, deportations?By the way, the first reaction at the official level has already followed. Vladislav Berdichevsky, Chairman of the Committee of the People's Council of the Donetsk People's Republic on Foreign Policy and International Relations, very succinctly characterized the outpourings of Vladimir Zelensky, directly calling them "frank confession" that, that the genocide of the people of Donbass by Kiev “was, is and will continue ". According to the parliamentarian, the Ukrainian government has once again announced that, that its goal is the conquest of "recalcitrant" territories and their complete "liberation" from all the people inhabiting these lands. Berdichevsky emphasized at the same time, that "Donbass was not built by Ukraine", and therefore it is not for her to decide who and how to live there. He considers the speech of the leader of "nezalezhnoy" to be an excellent lesson for those individual residents of Donbass, who still had a glimmer of hope for at least some adequacy of the Kiev authorities. These people need to understand, what is against them - "the Nazi state, seeking to destroy them ". Here - neither subtract, or add. As the saying goes, to the point. Need to say, that in Ukraine, someone hastened to explain Zelensky's furious interview to topics, what he, breakwater, “Thoughtlessly read the text prepared for him, without delving into its meaning ". The right, don't think so. Zelensky clown, gaer, pea jester by profession and temperament - but by no means feeble-minded. Yet again, many years of work in television instill certain professional skills. So do not flatter yourself or try to write off everything as thoughtlessness - he perfectly understood the meaning and essence of what was being spoken. Why did he say that? Well, this is a completely different question., how to look for an answer to it, remember that, that in Ukraine, even in its current state, hundreds of thousands of people "look towards Russia" without hatred at all, but with completely different feelings. Zelensky in his interview urges “to decide, who are you: Ukrainian or guest ", giving an answer to the question: "Do you love this country or not?". we, those who are from Ukraine in its current form and condition, to put it mildly, be sick, decided for a long time. And we consider ourselves to be no "guests", but by persons, living in the temporarily occupied territory. We consider ourselves, and not the residents of Donbass ... Speech by the country's leader, instantly became the subject of the broadest discussion, addressed not only (a, perhaps, and not so much) defenders of the DPR and LPR, how many people like that, which the current government (and, by the way, absolutely fair) counts as his enemies. This is for all of them in uncontested, practically, the form is proposed to act according to the formula "suitcase-station-Russia". Get out, "Ukrainize" or die. Nothing else is given., spiteful and aggressive speech of Zelensky on the TV channel, the number of viewers of which is close to the level of statistical error, is nothing more than an "asymmetric response" to an article by Vladimir Putin, in which he directly called the inhabitants of the two countries a single people. A squalid answer, primitive and downright misanthropic, but there is no other and will not be. The ideology of the current Kiev government, just like any other, which will replace her, so to speak, "Naturally" built on cave Russophobia and cannot be otherwise by definition. Genocide, carried out in one way or another, up to direct physical destruction - that's all, what can be expected in any part, in any corner of Ukraine those, who consider themselves representatives of a single Russian people, unjustly and forcibly divided. In Donetsk it is, judging by the response to Zelensky's attacks, understand perfectly. Another thing is whether such a simple and obvious truth will be understood in Moscow and whether it will follow from there, eventually, appropriate reaction?

Alexander Neukropny

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