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Pyongyang prepares to fight

Pyongyang prepares to fight


In the last days of July in Seoul and Washington, politicians began to rub their hands happily: change is coming in North Korea, reports Foreign Affairs, Recalling, that Kim Jong-un changed his father's political principle of leadership "army first" to a new one - "people and masses first". Washington immediately remembered, that at last year's military parade its newest intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-16 the Koreans showed without the slogan “Let's destroy the imperialist aggressor of the United States, sworn enemy of the DPRK!». And they decided, that production restrictions due to COVID-19 and UN sanctions, USA, EU, South Korea, Japan and Australia, plus a shortage of basic food, which, according to UN estimates, is in this country 970 000 tonnes, finally, broke the spirit of Juche, this system of philosophical and political views, according to which all issues of internal life in the DPRK should be resolved only on the basis of self-reliance.

Pyongyang prepares to fight

Really, there is fear of hunger. DPRK leader calls food situation "tense". How does the West react to this?? As befits the traders - for them it is Grand Bargain (big deal). Foreign Affairs He writes, what “Kim has become more cautious on the military front, so as not to lose the opportunity for dialogue with the United States, who could become the guarantor of the economic security of his country ".

Newsweek: “Now the entire Korean nation wants to see north-south relations restored as soon as possible.. In this regard, the leaders of the north and south agreed to take a big step towards rebuilding mutual trust and supporting reconciliation., resuming interrupted intra-Korean ties, exchanging several personal letters ".

Pyongyang prepares to fight

“In Washington, President Joe Biden’s Administration Opens Doors To Diplomacy With North Korea, at the same time warning against any provocations in this regard ", - declare in the US State Department.

Nobody argues, the opportunity to normalize relations with the United States could be tempting for North Korea, if not for other important circumstances. The first is the historical memory of the people, who cannot forgive Americans for orders to kill even civilians, approaching their positions, and the shooting of refugees in the village of Nogylli during the Korean War 1950-1953 years. Can't forgive then, that American planes dropped "breakable bombs", stuffed with insects, infected with plague and cholera. 1 April 1952 of the year at the session of the Bureau of the World Peace Council, chaired by Frederic Joliot-Curie, an appeal was even signed to the command of the southern coalition "Against bacteriological warfare".

Second, the real intentions of the United States, obvious even behind a dense veil of demagogy about the establishment of peace and democracy on the Korean Peninsula. For Foreign Affairs impending famine and nearly a million tons of food, necessary for North Korea, no reason, to lift the sanctions: "To US President Joe Biden… it provides opportunities. They should be aimed at, to address underlying concerns - particularly food security concerns - in exchange for progress on denuclearization, reducing Pyongyang's dependence on China and possible integration into the liberal international order led by the United States ". At the same time, South Korea is assigned the role of an overseer in the process, which will lead Pyongyang the way. “Achieving superior joint military and diplomatic power is something, which will allow the allies (USA and RK) contain Kim's threats, providing a new approach to North Korea, which can pave the way for lasting peace ".

Pyongyang prepares to fight

"Towards a Lasting Peace", for reasons in Washington, should lead to the removal of political obstacles by Seoul, which prevent the US Armed Forces from using the main South Korean military facilities and military equipment "to maintain combat readiness". Restrictions on Americans were imposed by the administration of President Moon Jae-in.

And what is Washington preparing for the North Koreans in fact? South Korean bridle, for which he will put Pyongyang in his own stall, where does he gather allies against China. The coercion operation is spelled out in steps. After the restoration of ties between the two Koreas, the next step will be to "fix" relations between North Korea and China.. To this end, the United States and South Korea are ready to take decisive steps to revive the North Korean economy.. Washington is ready to raise donors for a special fund for infrastructure development, able to provide Pyongyang with interest-free ten-year loans, who will be more seductive than Chinese, and Seoul to sign free trade agreement with Pyongyang in addition to infrastructure development fund, what can be imagined as a way to solve all economic problems.

Pyongyang prepares to fight

The main step in the conquest of Pyongyang is the peace treaty between the Koreas, which was never imprisoned in 1953 year. AND, finally, final: Seoul and Washington must fully integrate North Korea into their alliance. At the same time, Seoul will be Pyongyang's main trade and investment partner., and Washington is the main guarantor of international financing…

Why is it all just fairy tales? Not only because, that it is difficult to hide behind a veil of good intentions the desire of the United States to establish tight control over all of northeast Asia. North Korea is no more than a pawn in a difficult chess game between the United States, China and Russia. AND, break out there the most cruel misfortune, The United States will not take a step, if the North Koreans refuse to follow their lead. And they will refuse, as long as the Juche spirit is alive.

According to the agency Xinhua, Supreme Leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un instructed the Korean People's Army to prepare to fight any military provocation. "Commanders and political workers should concentrate all efforts on preparing to actively and offensively repel any military provocations of enemies.", - demanded the North Korean leader at a four-day seminar for military leaders and political cadres in Pyongyang. In anticipation of the anticipated armed conflict, it is required "Redouble your efforts like never before". Pyongyang's number one enemy is the United States.

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