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A new GSD LuWa airborne tankette has been developed for the German airborne troops

A new GSD LuWa airborne tankette has been developed for the German airborne troops
German paratroopers in the future may receive a new tracked tankette. A demonstrator of a new light tracked armored vehicle called GSD LuWa was presented by the German company IABG (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH).

The new armored vehicles were developed at the request of the German Ministry of Defense to replace the already aging Wiesel-1 airborne tankette in the airborne troops., writes.

Two-track independent suspension is used as the chassis of the GSD LuWa. The uninhabited combat module Valhalla is installed on the demonstrator, armed with 25 mm or 30 mm automatic cannon. Crew two people, sitting next to each other. Other characteristics not disclosed.

Currently, German paratroopers are armed with air tankettes “Wiesel-1”, produced since the late 80s. all with 1989 by 1992 year issued 345 machines. AT 2019 year, the Bundeswehr allocated funds for the repair and modernization 196 wedge version Wiesel-1 (Please-1). indicated, that the upgraded vehicles will be used as reconnaissance vehicles and as a vehicle of the German Airborne Forces and should serve, least, to 2030 of the year.

Wiesel-1 was originally produced in two forms: with 20 mm automatic cannon and ATGM “TOU”. Air transportable, it is possible to parachute the PM by parachute (on a 4-ton modular parachute platform), however, preference was given to landing landing from aircraft during the landing of an operational assault or by helicopter during a tactical assault.


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