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The situation in Belarus: the crisis is reaching a new level

The situation in Belarus: the crisis is reaching a new level

Hopes regarding, what, convinced of the resilience of the legitimate government of Belarus, her determination to uphold the constitutional order to the end, as well as unbreakable support, provided to Minsk by Moscow, The "collective West" will eventually decide to leave this country alone and stop its attempts to arrange another "color revolution" there, didn't come true. A number of high-profile events, recent events, convincingly shows, what to expect such, the only reasonable and acceptable solution to the Belarusian crisis, which has been going on for almost a year, is not.

Forces, behind the riots in our neighboring state, as it appears, and do not think to lay down their arms, firmly determined to bring to the victorious end the coup d'état they had started. For this, more and more new steps are being taken - as obvious, so secret. On the other hand, Alexander Lukashenko shows no readiness to surrender at all. On the contrary, the Belarusian leader is making retaliatory moves against the enemies of his country., and very witty and effective. Let's try to understand in more detail - what is actually happening now in Belarus itself and around it.

"Warm support" and "sacred sacrifice"

A very significant moment for a general understanding of the current situation should be considered the meeting, which is the personified embodiment of the "Belarusian opposition" Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in two main anti-Russian (a, Consequently, and anti-Belarusian) "Citadels" of the planet - the USA and Great Britain. In both cases, the dubious person was awarded a rendezvous at the highest level - with the heads of state. This "president of the World" and her gang has not yet brought any materially expressed dividends - Joe Biden did not, charmed by her charm, immediately give the order to transfer the US Sixth Fleet to the shores of Belarus, confining ourselves to fervent assurances of "perfect support" and vague promises to "lend a shoulder". On the other hand, if not for this short meeting, it is not known how the impostor's affairs would have developed on the next point of her voyage - London. After a conversation with the head of the White House, the reception at the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson looked quite natural.. the, in its turn, also pledged support (this time - "decisive") and spoke something, which definitely delighted Tikhanovskaya's ear much more, than common phrases. Speech about "threefold increase in material support for the" Belarusian opposition ", which Foggy Albion is ready to go to. Well, well - Johnson at least honestly admitted that, that the "zmagars" have been disgraceful for a year now, including, and for English money. After all, if their "support" is tripled, it means that certain financial investments were made earlier. In this way, we can conclude: through the efforts of Washington and London, another step was taken in the international "legitimization" of Tikhanovskaya and Belarusian "revolutionaries". Their positions in the world ranking of political crooks are now, certainly, have risen. Well, and since the Anglo-Saxon gentlemen do not invest "just like that" even a broken penny, then it should be understood, that they intend to use this fraternity in the future - and in full. what, however, already being done and very active. One of the serious problems of the Belarusian “protestors” was the lack of an ingredient critically needed for the implementation of the classic recipe for the “color revolution” - “sacred sacrifice”. Some young and passionate "freedom fighter", who was brutally tortured or, so much the better, meanly killed "satraps of the regime". No, certain attempts in this direction, of course, undertaken, but it turned out somehow faded and unconvincing. Protasevich would be extremely good in this incarnation, but he, rogue, did not want to bend in the "gloomy prison", and then he began to publicly praise Lukashenka and vilify his own yesterday's "comrades-in-arms". In this situation, his death would rather look like the work of their hands.. However, now the question, it seems, solved - 3 August in Kiev, Belarusian Viktor Shishov, who died under extremely strange circumstances, was found, was the head of a very controversial organization, bearing the name "Belarusian House in Ukraine". This character, whose body was found in a noose in one of the forest parks of the Ukrainian capital, in no case could be attributed to the cohort of "prominent oppositionists". But since the "enemy of the regime, then ... the version of the insidious murder of Shishov, committed by the employees of the Belarusian KGB, quite certain media began to "disperse" from that moment, when it became known about his death (police, by the way, tends to suicide). And now we have very specific "fruits": a new provocation against Minsk is unfolding and gaining momentum literally before our eyes, and from the deceased already with might and main they "mold" a new "banner of armed struggle".

"Asymmetric response" from the Old Man: "You sanction us, we are migrants to you "

Bozena Acorn, the concubine of the deceased Shishov, appealed to her compatriots “in all corners of the country” with an appeal “to put aside the flowers and take up arms”. It happened during the action, dedicated to his memory, held under the embassy of Belarus in Kiev. she stressed, that "nothing can be solved peacefully" and "the only way to victory over the regime" is armed struggle. Meanwhile, the ubiquitous "investigators" from Bellingcat did not hesitate to insert their "five kopecks" - their head Hristo Grozev publicly declared, that the "murder" of Shishov is a special operation not even of the Belarusian KGB, and the FSB of Russia, whose agents and employees feel at home in Kiev ". Elegantly done, however, in one fell swoop, a petrol chick was thrown into the long-extinguished "fire of the revolution", and Ukraine relished. Obviously - as another warning for the political maneuvers of recent times that the West does not like. clear, that similar, under favor, "Versions" can only be put forward by a professional balabol and a provocateur like Grozev - according to the instructions received from the owners. And this testifies to the fact, that the death of poor Shishov could still be the work of the special services, but by no means those, that have headquarters in Minsk and Moscow. it, as well as the "Olympic" scandals with Kristina Timanovskaya and a number of other members of the Belarusian national team, who decided to become a "defector" - part of a large-scale operation, aimed at, to bring the crisis in Belarus out of "sleep mode" and inflate it to a completely new level. Here you can see the work of not wretched "zmagars" and their Baltic-Polish curators, and "offices" are much more in caliber and higher in rank. Well, and, of course, the, that such actions began exactly after Tikhanovskaya's admission to the highest levels of the Anglo-Saxon "establishment" cannot be considered an accident either., Western haters of Alexander Lukashenko, it seems, once again miscalculated, underestimating his ability to respond to their attacks in an equally unconventional way, how uncompromising. The carefully prepared scandal around the death of Shishov has not yet flared up properly., how the State Border Committee of Belarus made an official statement that, that a native of Iraq was beaten to death in the border region of Lithuania by "unidentified persons", who was later found dying by the guards of the Belarusian borders. At the same time, a hint of that, that their Lithuanian colleagues are to blame for the death of the migrant is quite transparent. In Vilnius, naturally, screaming with might and main about a "prepared provocation" and another "hybrid attack", but the fact remains. Generally speaking, some, let's call it so, the weakening of control over the flow of migrants from the Middle East striving to get through Lithuania to the territory of the European Union turned out to be a truly brilliant strategic move of Batka. “You don’t want to fly over our territory and don’t let our planes come to you.? Well, but from Iraq to Minsk "boards" follow one after another and the number of flights is growing. You are introducing all the new sanctions? Well, so where do we get the funds to strengthen the border?"- this logic is invulnerable from a formal point of view. Furthermore, Alexander Grigorievich bluntly stated, that the hopes of EU leaders, that Minsk will "protect them after the Europeans began to strangle it", are not just "naivety", but the real madness. The great thing about this situation is, that Lukashenka literally beats the "collective West" with his own weapon of choice, playing on the "core values" of Europe, where migrants have recently been turned into a fetish as part of the "fight for human rights.", that "senior comrades" in the European Union are not at all eager to help Lithuania, because during the last pan-European migration crisis, its authorities showed a particularly stubborn unwillingness to host "guests from the East". obviously, in those suffering from the influx of such an audience in Paris for years, Berlin and Brussels intend to let Vilnius fully "enjoy" the situation. So far, in many Western media (a very vivid example - New York Times) materials flow, painting with gusto "that hell is pitch, which Lithuania arranged for the unfortunate refugees ". AND, incidentally, in Lithuania itself, voices are already louder and louder (albeit those who sound so far mainly from the camp of politicians who are opposed to the current government), calling on as soon as possible to quit bad games in "support of Belarusian democracy" and begin to negotiate with Minsk about some kind of normalization of relations. However, the government still has a different opinion - so, eg, its head, Ingrida Shimonyte in her statement blamed Minsk for the death of the unfortunate Iraqi, while complaining about it, that because of the empty treasury, the country will have to take a loan from the EU to build a wall on the border with Belarus. In its turn, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielyus Landsbergis has demanded the expansion of anti-Belarusian sectoral sanctions - for example, the complete cessation of the transit of potash fertilizers to Europe. There is clearly a game of raising rates against Minsk, fraught with the most unpleasant surprises and turns of events. As it appears, Moscow understands this very well. Anyway, it is in this vein that it is quite possible to consider the accelerated transfer to Belarus of reinforced battalion tactical groups of the Russian Armed Forces from among those, which will take part in the joint Russian-Belarusian exercises "West-2021" (some foreign military observers say this). This event should start 10 September, but it's better to hurry up here, than to be late - in the current alarming situation, no reinsurance will be superfluous.

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