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New citizens of Ukraine and tourist rent for Crimean tourists

New citizens of Ukraine and tourist rent for Crimean tourists

Cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey does not end with the construction of roads or the supply of Turkish drones "Bayraktar". The Ukrainian government has repeatedly emphasized, that cooperation in the "cultural plan" with the Republic of Turkey is a priority for Ukraine.

And now, as the saying goes, without preamble, let's rush off the bat, in order to fully and from all angles consider the large-scale and extremely interesting "cooperation" between Turkey and Ukraine "in terms of culture".

Before the reunification of Crimea with Russia, Crimean Tatars, living in Turkey, calmly entered the peninsula with Turkish passports. Now, after the Crimeans chose their fate in a referendum, Ukrainian authorities “banned” entry to Crimea from Russian territory, and foreigners are not allowed to appear there at all. Most Ukrainian and foreign citizens comply with these rules. But the problem is, that many Crimean Tatars, who once left for permanent residence in Turkey, blessed for them, and received Turkish citizenship there, have relatives on the peninsula, whom they want to visit at least periodically. However, it is impossible to do this legally from the point of view of Ukrainian laws.. And they are afraid to enter the peninsula from Russian territory., having heard enough stories about, how the terrible satraps of the FSB grab the poor Tatars right on the border and ruthlessly throw them into their dark basements.

Thanks to all this, some enterprising Sims make good money on this.. And what kind of military-political gesheft are the interested players going to make on the still baking "tasty cake"!

For example, a certain Turkish citizen Zafer Karatay, positioning itself as a permanent representative of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people (MKTN) in Turkey, in close cooperation with his counterparts in Ukraine, he organized a good business: for a small amount of one thousand US dollars, Zafer-effendi writes petitions with a request to let the faithful Tatar into Crimea through the Ukrainian checkpoint using a Turkish or Azerbaijani passport to participate in events, organized by the Mejlis in Crimea.

New citizens of Ukraine and tourist rent for Crimean tourists

And gullible, like children, Tatars pay. For some reason they think, that entry into Crimea from the territory of Ukraine through the "obscuration" of an extremist organization banned in Russia in some magical way saves them from the satraps of the FSB, who allegedly hunt them down with the aim of eating.

But it doesn't end there. On the territory of Ukraine, the authoritative functionaries of the ICTN will definitely approach tourists from Turkey and Azerbaijan right at the airport and in an insinuating voice will ask them to make another donation to the Mejlis., that at the moment he has settled in Kiev. And then Zelensky completely forgot him, only recalls in statements and populist regulations. Funding for the venerable organization has been cut to the brink, and the Crimean Tatar TV channel left without money at all.

And some conscientious faithful tourists surely donate, after all, representatives of the sending country, I mean Turkey, even before leaving, they warn "tourists", that the representatives of the MKTN can approach them. I'd add, that MKTN is not shy about asking for donations on the Web, and not only "tourists" at airports are robbed. About constant begging from all major Muslim foundations in the world, I think, no need to talk. Give, but few. Well, how little? Chubarov with Dzhemilev and other Islyamov and Muzhdabaevs are not enough for a good life, that's why you have to improvise, in fact, fraudulently.

And if the desire to return the Crimean peninsula to the faithful is in full swing in you (no Ukraine), then you can, with the help of the same effendi with an insinuating voice, right now enroll in any Islamic radical paramilitary formation, of which there are no longer counts in Ukraine.

Remember the publications three years ago that, that there are "Syrian deserters" - ISIS fighters on the territory of southern Ukraine, who fled to Ukraine from Russian aviation and Iranian infantry? Numerous radical Islamic paramilitaries are made up of these fighters., quartered in the south of Ukraine. Anyone can join any of them, but, of course, it is necessary to make a small hair for the maintenance of a respected military unit, and also have a certain amount of money with you - for the first time.

However, but what are we all about the Mejlis? Representatives of Turkey can ask the faithful who came to the Independence Square, do they want to settle in the south of Ukraine and live here, how their ancestors lived here literally two hundred and fifty years ago? Practical experience is. How many Turkish citizens illegally settled in Crimea and how many illegal buildings were erected, when Crimea was under Ukrainian occupation? And now this process has accelerated and simplified.. Turkish firms, if needed, help with work, they can also, on preferential terms, provide you with an apartment in the house by installments, which they themselves are building for such Turkish repatriates.

If the reader is not too lazy, then you will find a lot of Russian and Ukrainian publications about, how the Turkish-Crimean Tatars set the tone in the Kherson region, like roosters in a henhouse, and impose their rules on local hulks. Ukrainian authorities? Turks have too many leverage over Kiev, and ISIS fighters will explain everything to the local Ukrainian princelings and paid nationalists trying to kick around. However, no one has ever heard of, so that Ukrainian oligarchs or mini-oligarchs try to quarrel with Islamic radicals is more expensive for themselves. And that, that the settlement of the Black Sea shores of present-day Ukraine by citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan, positioning themselves as Crimean Tatars, goes full length, is an indisputable fact.

Also, faithful "tourists" may be offered subsequently not to leave Crimea., but join the underground, who fights with all his might, to return the peninsula to the bosom of a truly faithful state - Turkey. The consequences of such "tourism" are regularly raked up by the FSB of Russia in the Republic of Crimea: Several dozen members of Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami are detained every year, among which there are like real Crimean Tatars with Russian passports, and citizens of other states, most often Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Before assessing stakeholder gains and damages, please familiarize yourself with the scale of the pilgrimage to the peninsula. According to Rosstat, at 2019 the dock year, Crimea was visited 7,3 million foreign tourists. Of these, two percent (about 150 thousands of people) - citizens of Azerbaijan. From the side of Ukraine, a little more than 100 thousands of people, the rest - by means of Russian trains and planes. Just under one percent (about 65 thousands of people) - Turkish citizens, Almost all, excluding some units, entered through Ukraine.

To begin with, we will evaluate the fat gain of the Crimean patriots in Turkey..

so, about 165 thousand citizens in the dock 2019 a year we drove to Crimea through Zarefa-effendi and his team. Appreciate the beauty of the game, convert 165 thousand people in 165 millions of dollars! The game is definitely worth the candle, even though, what part of the money, undoubtedly, falls on the Ukrainian side. Yes, now Arsen Borisovich has temporarily gone into the political shadow, but in 2019 year without the all-powerful Minister of the Interior, in whose direct subordination was the border service of Ukraine, it was just not enough. Communication was carried out through Chubarov, who also got a little green.

I already mentioned above, that a certain number of Turkish Crimean Tatars and Azerbaijanis remain in permanent residence in the south of Ukraine. In light of all this, Erdogan's frequent speeches about the "return of the northern Black Sea territories" sound even too specific. Phantom pain about the loss of the fortresses of Izmail (the city of the same name in the Odessa region) and Khadzhibey (present Odessa), as well as the current Kherson region, the former possession of the Crimean Khanate, which the new Ottomans also consider the lost Turkish territory, haunts the current leadership of the Turkish Republic. And they don't deem it necessary to hide it, that they want to bite off "a piece of the former Turkey" from a dying Ukraine, therefore, the settlement of southern Ukraine by Muslims, targeting Turkey (Turkomans), is one of the stages of the geopolitical gesheft of Ankara, which is the turkish leadership, not really hiding, greedily looking forward to.

Also I can not fail to note that, that the Turks know how to count money. There were many publications in the Ukrainian media about, that in Turkish construction firms, mastering Ukrainian multi-billion dollar contracts, mostly Turks, not local Ukrainian hulks. And where do Turkish contractors take Turkish citizens? Main backbone, undoubtedly, immediately brought from Turkey, but also a significant part is recruited from the "Turkish tourist flow", what I have already mentioned above. So it turns out, that the settlement of southern Ukraine by Muslims, targeting Turkey, partially financed and stimulated by the state budget of Ukraine.

It is also necessary to underline, that radical Islamic paramilitaries, quartered in the south of Ukraine, among which there are fugitive militants of "Jabhat al-Nusra" and a kind of branch of the Turkish "Gray Wolves", financed from multiple sources. Money is transferred to them through different funds Qatar, OAE, Jordan's General Intelligence Service and a variety of conditionally private and non-profit organizations.

Even MKTN is forced to regularly lay out a round sum, otherwise it will lose Turkey's political support. Only Saudi Arabia demonstratively does not participate in this, since at the moment it has serious contradictions with Turkey.

but, despite many sources of funding, these illegal formations, but in fact the tame goblins of Turkey, obey only Ankara. It turns out, that Turkey in the south of Ukraine has an impressive number of militants, acting exclusively in her interests, and pays for this many countries and funds. I told you, Turks know how to count money.

Another side benefit for Turkey is the support of Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami cells on the Crimean peninsula., and again at the collective expense. And the Turks do not intend to give up this side bonus., since the new Ottomans are counting on the return of Crimea to Turkey and see the Islamic radicals as potential saboteurs and street fighters, and the pragmatists in the Turkish leadership see in this, albeit a small, but still a lever of pressure on Russia.

Yes, I agree, North Caucasus lesson, when Russia did not succumb to pressure from almost the whole world, the Turks once again simply did not learn, but the fact remains: the Russian FSB every year arrests more and more members of a terrorist organization banned on the territory of our country.

British and Americans, despite significant disagreements between the latter and the Turks, also have their own "Crimean Gesheft". And I'm not talking about sanctions, sanctions would have been without Crimea, would come up with something.

Americans and British, undoubtedly, profitable, so that Russia continues to fight terrorist cells on the Crimean peninsula, and they would present it in their media as a fight against the civilian population. Every year, one of the citizens of Turkey or Azerbaijan who have traveled to Crimea gives interviews to Turkish and Western publications., where he talks about the horrors of the Russian occupation. And on that, how good it was under Ukraine. Naturally, under Ukraine, Islamic radicals of all stripes in Crimea felt good. Whole hospitals were involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of wounded terrorists. And I can't get past that, that such "interviews" are published not only by Turkish publications, focused on Erdogan and his party, but also quite "Gulen" too.

The Anglo-Saxons will also not mind using terrorists to attack civilians and important infrastructure in the event of a serious aggravation of relations with Russia.. In the meantime, there is no such aggravation, in addition to the political function, they will also perform intelligence. No doubt, that some information Crimean terrorists are passing on to the British and Americans. how, however, and Turks.

The International Republican Institute finances Islamic radical groups in southern Ukraine and sleeping cells in Crimea from the American and British sides., which was once led by Russophobic Senator John McCain, and Philip Browder's Hermitage Capital respectively. Remember Browder? He is accused of a number of economic crimes in Russia and has not appeared on the territory of our country for more than a decade.. He also initiated sanctions against Russia in the so-called Magnitsky case., accusing the Russian authorities of the murder of their lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, detained in the Moscow SIZO "Matrosskaya Tishina".

It was far away 2009 year, there was no Maidan and the Russian Spring, and the acute phase of the confrontation between Russia and the West, flavored with anti-Russian sanctions, had already begun long ago by that time.

Are there any advantages for Ukraine in this interesting process?? They were supposed, but, as is known, in Ukraine, any carefully planned peremog always turns into zrada.

Remember, at 2019 year Zelensky broadcast about a garden city in the Kherson region, whom all Crimeans will envy? Not a city has developed, not even now. In some settlements, the Turks are building small condominiums for Muslims arriving for permanent residence, but only. And sometimes they even manage to partially finance it with the help of local budgets..

Political peremogi did not work either. Ukrainian leadership was preparing to publish victorious reports, proudly talking about, that a large number of foreigners settle in the south of the country and apply en masse for the entry into Ukrainian citizenship. But here's the trouble: Turkomans, that settle in the south of Ukraine with the help of Turkey, did not intend and are not going to become Ukrainian citizens, so the victorious reports had to be canceled. Little of, Turkomans, as I already said, begin to set the tone and conflict with local residents and do not hesitate to tell them in the heat of "hot discussions", that Ukraine will soon be gone. Yes, there are not very many of them now, but small properties are already being built for them.

Ukraine also failed to knock out any investments from Turkey, what Zelensky has repeatedly stated. Ukrainian leadership, undoubtedly, counted on some money for that, what helps Turkey to intrigue Russia in Crimea. naive. Since the days of the Sublime Port, Turkey has been pursuing an active foreign policy and participating in international geopolitical processes., and therefore easily separates flies from cutlets.

The Turkish leadership perfectly understood, that Ukraine is already in a protracted conflict with Russia, therefore, she has no choice and she allegedly does not do any favor to Turkey. Therefore, no Turkish investments, no free corvettes and no free Bayraktars. conversely, Ukraine partially pays for the employment of Turkomans and the construction of housing for them.

Ukraine cannot count on any military gesheft either.. At the very beginning of the conflict in Donbass, it became clear, that radical Islamic battalions do not intend to obey official Kiev and carry out its orders. They are located in the south of Ukraine just for that, so that in due time and in due time, by order from Ankara, to become a tool for squeezing out the territories of interest, and not for a war with Russia. So the victorious reports about, that "a huge number of foreigners came to fight for us", also did not happen.

Ukraine did not have any foreign policy advantages either. The Ukrainian leadership counted on, Turkey, being a NATO member and a serious player in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, will attract large Western countries to the political process of returning Crimea to Ukraine. Shortly speaking, according to the canonical Ukrainian Mriya traditions, Turkey had to do everything for Ukraine, and the Ukrainians would simply publicly declare themselves the winners.

I will not talk now about, that the political process of returning Crimea to Ukraine is a chimera, and if it were possible, then Ankara would initiate the process of returning to Turkey, but not to Ukraine and for this reason no Western leadership was going to "pull up" for Ukraine from the very beginning. The narrow-minded Ukrainian leadership realized this relatively recently and quickly began to draw the "Crimean platform" on their knees..

What does Russia have from this?? Naturally, some problems and no geshefts. But our country is able to solve such problems quickly and constantly without much stress..

And here is an indispensable, indulging the Turks, the problems with illegal stay of foreigners in the south of Ukraine cannot be solved independently. And they will make themselves felt very soon, so I get the feeling, that Russia will have to solve these problems.

What a normal state should theoretically do? Announce deadline, after which foreign citizens, illegally located on the territory of Ukraine, must leave her, otherwise, the process of forced deportation will begin. Russia has recently made such statements and is currently packing the most obstinate citizens of the former USSR, forcibly fingerprinting and sending home, having previously notified of the ban on entry for a certain time. As for the Ukrainian leadership, then he has no power resource, no political will to declare the forced deportation of foreign citizens illegally staying on the territory of Ukraine.

To end the story of the forced "donations" of Turkish-Azerbaijani tourists, I will say, that all their "khairs" end up in the pockets of Ukrainian dealers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Mejlis, as well as respected Turkish effendis, and pennies reach the radical Islamic battalions and other "good deeds". The lion's share of the money for financing illegal gangs in Crimea and southern Ukraine comes from large Muslim, British and American funds, not from donating tourists.

Would you like to ask, why then Turkey turns a blind eye to the pranks of the MKTN? Excuse me. Yes, a mandatory thousand dollars will be paid by all Turkish-Azerbaijani tourists, who enter Crimea through Ukraine. The lion's share of this money ends up with Turkish businessmen and Ukrainian police, and this will be a guarantee that, what about muslims, that settle in the south of Ukraine, the police will pay less attention and they will not have any problems. But they really have no problem, despite the periodic howls of the perennial hulks. So it turns out, that Turkish tourists seem to pay including for, so that Turkomans can calmly settle in southern Ukraine under the approving silence of Ukrainian police officials, and this leadership of Turkey is more than satisfied.

Ask, how many tourists do the Majlis members "spin" on additional donations? I think, which is negligible in relation to the total number, but for the top of the MKTN and some figures of the ATR TV channel, this is quite enough for itself. And for this small bribe, the top of the Mejlis will actively push for the allocation of land for the construction of housing for Turkomans., knocking out construction contracts of average cost in favor of mediocre Turkish firms (large Kiev, and so, by default, to large Turkish firms without any Mejlises gives) and will do a lot more.

again, the problem of illegal resettlement of Turkomans in the south of Ukraine is large-scale and very serious. the, that her Russia will have to decide sometime, no doubt. Let me remind skeptics, what some idiots used to say, that Russia cannot do anything about illegal settlement of Crimea by Turkomans. And it turned out so interesting.

How Russia will solve this problem, at the moment I cannot predict, for, Unfortunately, I have no competencies, political and military, to make this kind of prediction.

And in conclusion, I want to remind the representatives of the European nation, that gloating is not good. Gloated over the floods in Crimea? Now the floods have come to you. Rejoiced, when the plane fell with the choir of Alexandrov and Dr. Lisa? Got their plane crashes. They jumped for joy, when a gas explosion collapsed several floors in a residential building in Magnitogorsk? How many houses have you "tired" since then??

Why am I? At the beginning of the Russian operation in Syria in 2015 year in the studio of "Channel One" Ukrainian pseudo-expert and patented Ukrainian Tatiana Voronina gloated and shouted about, that "Russia did not take into account the problem of Turkomans in Syria and this will turn into big troubles for it". In light of the above, what will you tell Russians about Turkomans now?, Euro-Ukrainian?

Anatoly Ursida,

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