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Chinese tanks Type 96B sent to Russia to participate in the "Tank Biathlon"

Chinese tanks Type 96B sent to Russia to participate in «tank biathlon»
China will take part in “tank biathlon”, which will be held as part of the army games “ARMI-2021” since 22 August 4 September 2021 of the year. The Chinese team has already started delivering equipment to Russia.

According to, The Chinese military has already sent a train with tanks of the PLA Ground Forces to Russia. As in previous years, crews on tanks Type 96B will take part in the competition. The reasons for, according to which the Chinese military does not involve Type tanks in competitions 99, not reported.

If there are no changes with tanks, the composition of the crews has changed. Instead of tankers of the 78th Army Group of the Northern Zone of the PLA Combat Command, participating in “tank biathlon” from the very beginning, tankers of the 75th Army Group of the Southern Zone of the PLA Combat Command go to the competition. What is the replacement information no, perhaps, what exactly they won this year in the intra-army competitions of PLA tank crews.

Last year, all Chinese tanks brought to Russia were equipped with additional video cameras for real-time transmission. “Pictures” like shooting, and the actions of the crew. This decision was made in connection with the publication in the Chinese press of accusations of “bias” judges. Will Chinese tanks be equipped with video cameras this year?, find out after the start of the competition.

For reference: Type 96B – an upgraded version of a Chinese-made main battle tank. Engine power – 1000 hp, highway driving range – to 600 km with mounted tanks, main caliber – 125 mm (ZPT-98 rifle, which is an unlicensed copy of 2A46M, with automatic loader).

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