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Max Korzh in Odessa

Max Korzh in Odessa

Max Korzh addressed Belarusians at a stadium concert in Odessa.

This is what he said from the stage:

“It was enough just to see with your own eyes, what happens and where it will lead. You had a hard time - now you are better. We'll be better too. We all go to one beautiful through thorns, through difficulties, we are all going for the better ... "

Very nice and from the point of view of reputation the right move.

can recall, how Belarusian fans complained to Korzh for his indecision, when the Belarusian revolution was just beginning. Korzh then made some controversial posts, quickly editing them (for which he also flew), where he advised to be more peaceful and careful - worried about, that too active and passionate will be beaten and closed. The musicians then spoke out (someone was just silent) neatly, because it was not clear, what can this result in. Even Sergei Mikhalok paused.

Max Korzh in Odessa

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However, pretty quickly Korzh appeared at the rallies and it became clear, Whose side is he on, it would not have been possible to sit unnoticed with his popularity - after all, at the moment in Belarus he is the number one artist.

And now this is:

"I think, God will give us a more real chance, more real opportunity to make your country better, fix everything ".

In response, the audience chanted “Long live Belarus!», and the screens showed shots from the protests.

Everything is clear here. Popular musician stands for world peace, nods towards youth protest tensions and says, that soon we will all live in a fairy tale. true, not quite clear, what does he mean, when approves, that Ukraine approached her.

Who got better there?

One corruption-totalitarian government was replaced by another, with that only amendment, that now she is working against Russia and does not unbend in bows to America.

Prohibition of the Russian language in schools, continuation of hostilities in Donbass, closure of all those who disagree with the main agenda of the media, practically zero integration into Europe and, as before, mendicant people.

Came, so to speak, "To the beautiful through thorns, through difficulties ".

But for a populist musician, all these nuances are not so important., because he is stupid "for all the good", "For a real chance", "For a real opportunity".

Max Korzh in Odessa

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You don't have to be a political scientist or an expert, to understand, what a "real chance", which was provided to Belarus, - this is exactly the same chance, which was provided to Ukraine: bargain your friendship with Russia, so that the elite could cut the western loot.

Ukraine put the squeeze on this story and got something, what did you get, - apparently, Max Korzh is satisfied with the result. Belarus failed, but there is hope… The naive struggle against totalitarianism in the post-Soviet space is always the notorious choice between two nuclear powers: with whom we will be friends - from that and tranches.

We hope too, that God will give you a chance to make your country better, but speaking such a naive in Odessa means implying, that this chance implies US military bases on the territory of Belarus. And here there are two options.

Either Max Korzh, a lover of "living in high", is satisfied with a similar alignment and he is ready to put up with that, what, assenting to the youth in Ukraine, he throws through * residents of Russia, adding problems to her because of the "democratic" choice of Belarus.

Or is he just a talented musician, who does not have to be aware of all these geopolitical nuances.

OK, well then you don't need to speak.

although there is no, there is also a third option.

Max Korzh understands perfectly, what he does, but a standing ovation from the audience heated up by protest vidos is more important.

Max Korzh in Odessa

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I would like to believe, that the second option applies to Max. Anyway, there is nothing to clap!

Richard Semashkov

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