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The US Army will work out an attack on China

The US Army will work out an attack on China

In the near future, a large-scale naval exercise of the US Navy called Pacific Iron will be held in the Pacific Ocean 21, which will be attended by the sailors of the Second, Third, Sixth, 7th and 10th fleets, as well as the Marine Corps Expeditionary Force. The scale of the maneuvers and the targets directly announced by the joint command leave not the slightest doubt: The Pentagon is seriously preparing to fight for the Asia-Pacific region with China. Since the Russian Federation was also mentioned in the statement, separated by a comma with the PRC, let's pay close attention to that, what exactly will the Americans work out.

Pacific Iron 21 Is the largest U.S. naval exercise in a generation. They will be attended by 25 thousand personnel, 30 warships and submarines, including aircraft carriers and promising unmanned ships (stand-alone Littoral Connector), as well as aviation and marines. Maneuvers will begin at the end of summer 2021 of the year, and they should be the first in a series of exercises, that are intended to "push the boundaries of, what it means to be superior to the Navy ". Also, besides real participants, в Pacific Iron 21 virtual, operating remotely. Fleet Commander Tabitha Klingensmith commented on the tasks as follows:LSE 2021 will use technology, similar to those, what do you see in virtual gaming environments, to expand the number of participants by virtual linking teams and units around the world, thereby increasing the number of players, real and synthetic, to better reproduce the realistic scale of the scenarios, which the Navy and Marine Corps team may face in the future.
Where does so much pathos come from? obviously, that the United States is very stressed by the growth of the capabilities of the Chinese Navy. Yes, Americans still own the oceans, but at a specific theater, in Asia Pacific, they no longer have total dominance. The Chinese are building frigates in dozens, destroyers and cruisers, equipped with URO, in China laid down the next aircraft carrier for the PLA. Expected, that by 2025 year at the disposal of the PRC Navy will have seven aircraft carriers: three aircraft carrier projects 001, 001A, 002 and four landing ships, capable of receiving helicopters and VTOL aircraft. (Though, is, someone needs "verticals"?). Superyard is being refurbished in Shanghai, which will be able to build nuclear-powered aircraft carriers Type 003 displacement over 100 thousand tons, designed for tasks far from the Chinese coast. Literally one or two more decades, and Beijing will be able to create parity with six AUG, which the US Navy is able to deploy against it in the region without weakening its positions in other directions. To what extent are such perspectives permissible from the point of view of the "hegemon"?obviously, that there is, and teachings of Pacific Iron 21 aimed at, to show the oversized China its place. The main stake of the United States is on its fighter aircraft and the Marine Corps, to which the command of the united group is assigned. The Navy and the ILC will jointly develop distributed operations; expeditionary forward base operations; offshore operations in a contested environment; command and control in a contested environment. As it appears, we are talking about the liberation from the "Chinese occupation" of the disputed islands and the conduct of amphibious landings. But how to do it given that, that the PLA Navy is already strong enough and has its own "unsinkable aircraft carriers" on artificial artificial islands? F-22 stealth fighters must ensure air domination of the US Navy, which the Pentagon transferred to the island of Guam in unprecedented quantities. From air bases in Alaska and Hawaii, redeployed here for the duration of the exercises immediately 25 fifth generation fighters F-22, as well as a dozen F-15E, and this is in addition to the carrier-based aircraft AUG. The F-22 is one of the most expensive American aircraft to manufacture and maintain., but they have already proven their combat effectiveness, showing the ability to strike on their own, conduct reconnaissance and carry out target designation for groups of other attack aircraft. However, there is one important nuance.. Stealth fighter is maximally protected, when he flies, but at the airbase, he is just a target for the missiles of a serious enemy. obviously, that the Pentagon really fears a missile strike on their airfields from China, as they are within the Pacific Iron 21 started the so-called "flexible combat deployment". All fighters at the initial stage will be distributed across four airfields at once, three of which are on the island of Guam, and in the future, the Air Force will practice takeoff and landing from dozens of small runways, scattered across the island. To counter the PRC, American pilots will have to learn how to land and take off in the most difficult field conditions.. About, that the United States is committed to a serious confrontation with China is evidenced by the fact of the transfer of heavy transport aircraft C-130J to Guam, which will have to promptly provide fighter aircraft with all the necessary. This is such a potential adversary for China and for us.. A good reason to think again, whether aircraft-carrying ships will be so "useless" for the Russian Navy.

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