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US aircraft launched a series of airstrikes against the advancing Taliban in Afghanistan

US aircraft launched a series of airstrikes against the advancing Taliban in Afghanistan
US aviation intensifies in Afghanistan, several airstrikes against Taliban fighters * (It banned in Russia). The Taliban have already accused Washington of violating the agreements and threatened “negative consequences”.

American edition of The Washington Post, citing two unnamed sources, reports, that American aviation has significantly intensified in Afghanistan, inflicting at least four airstrikes against the Taliban * this week, including in the province of Kandahar, the mainstay of the movement. According to the newspaper, the strikes were carried out at the request of the Afghan security forces, as well as to destroy weapons that have fallen into the hands of the Taliban, artillery and equipment.

In its turn, movement official “Taliban” Zabihullah Mujahid accused the United States of violating agreements, achieved during the negotiations and threatened the Americans “negative consequences”.

meanwhile, The European Union and the United States issued a joint statement, calling on the parties to the conflict in Afghanistan for a truce. Washington and Brussels demanded that the Taliban stop the offensive and provide access to humanitarian organizations to the areas they control, ensuring the safety of international missions.

While the US authorities are busy with negotiations, Afghans, working with the US Army, appealed directly to Joe Biden with a request to save them from the Taliban. As stated, a life 18 thousand Afghans, collaborating with the Americans, as well as members of their families, are in danger from the threats of the movement's militants. It argues, that the American army left them to their fate.

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