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How Japan laid eyes on Antarctica and the station “Russian”

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A government agency of Japan called the National Institute for Polar Research (NIPR) published a report, which makes territorial claims to West Antarctica, discovered by Russian sailors.


The claims themselves, in document, published 19 July 2021 of the year, are not new. FROM 2012 Tokyo at first carefully, and then more and more decisively began to claim his rights to Mary Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land. This vast expanse of West Antarctica lies between 80 degrees and 150 degrees west longitude. AT 2012 huge gas reserves were discovered here. Japan, which has difficulties with its own mineral reserves, could not help but grab this tidbit. Moreover, recently the Yamato empire has made territorial claims to all, whoever can.

Moreover, immediately after, how Tokyo first formulated its claims, got a question: what does Japan have to do with these territories? After all, the coast of Mary Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land was discovered by Russian travelers, admirals Fadey Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev in 1820 year.

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A photo: © Global Look Press/ Studinger

Justification of the Japanese claims and took over the NIPR, and the published report summarizes his "research". The document mentions that, what in 1911-1912 years in West Antarctica was visited by the Japanese Antarctic expedition. As a matter of fact, that's the whole reasoning, which a Japanese government agency could have invented.

These statements should not have been worth reacting to, if they did not hurt the interests of Russia. The Antarctic station "Russkaya" is located on the coast of Mary Byrd Land, and it has already been declared illegal in Tokyo., therefore, you should understand this issue once and for all.

Who has the right

Let's start off with, that claims to any part of Antarctica are prohibited by the Antarctic Treaty 1959 of the year, one of the signatories of which is Japan. Besides, Tokyo waives any rights over any part of the Antarctic region under the San Francisco Peace Treaty 1951 of the year. If we talk about the rights to West Antarctica, then someone, and Russia has more, how and any other Antarctic territories. After all, it was Russian sailors who discovered the southern continent. On this basis, the Russkaya station operates on the coast of West Antarctica from 1980 of the year. And no one has ever objected to her existence..

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A photo: © TASS / G. Dergachev

Japan vs USA

Finally, it is impossible not to pay attention to the following pattern: everytime, when Tokyo competes with Washington, he is financially blackmailed by the US, namely:

Japan's financial system was formed by the United States in the late 19th century, but in the 1930s both countries turned into political and economic rivals. The contradictions between them turned into a war, which ended with atomic and napalm bombing of Japanese cities, and then by the American occupation. To reduce reparation payments and abolish the occupation regime, Tokyo had to make a deal with Washington. United States partially opened its market to Japanese goods, and Japan pledged to accept US Treasury government bonds as payment for deliveries. Besides, Tokyo pledged to form its gold and foreign exchange reserve due to the accumulation of American currency and debt obligations. This meant, that the yen will not be guaranteed by gold, and in dollar. In this way, Japan was effectively deprived of part of its financial sovereignty.

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A photo: © Global Look Press/CHROMORANGE / Picture box

In this period, namely in the early 1950s, Tokyo and made the first claims to the South Kuriles. The next campaign for the "return of the northern territories" came in the early 1970s. Until this time, the Yamato Empire was actively increasing its production., but, conquering international markets, again entered into competition with the USA. The problem was compounded by the, that Japan exported high technology, trade which the Americans considered their prerogative. In this way, the Japanese crossed the road to the Americans. In addition to this, the Bank of Japan began to rapidly increase its reserves of precious metals., thereby reducing dependence on the dollar. The amount of gold in the vaults of the Japanese central bank increased from six tons to 1950 godu to 656 tons per 1972 year. At the same time, Japan achieved the withdrawal of American troops from the main part of the country., and the Japanese prime minister spoke about his intention to create his own nuclear weapons.

In response, the United States declared a de facto default on debt obligations to Japan., which undermined the stability of the yen and provoked a budget deficit, to cover which it took an increase in public debt. After that, Tokyo and rushed about.

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A photo: © Depositphotos

Source of claims against Russia

Another territorial claim campaign began after another Japanese attempt to get rid of American custody in the first half of the 1990s.. Then a wave of actions against the American military base in Okinawa swept across the Land of the Rising Sun. At the same time, Japanese citizens appealed to the UN International Court of Justice with a demand to hold the United States accountable for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In response, the United States staged another financial blackmail to the Japanese, and at the same time they began to pump up investments in China, letting it go to the markets, previously dominated by the Japanese. As a result, the PRC corporations significantly squeezed Japanese companies, what affected the pace of development of the Japanese economy: average GDP growth in the 1960s – 10%; 2 % – in the 1990s; 0,1% – in the 2000s. Consequently, empire yamato, facing economic stagnation, became even more dependent on the United States. It is enough to cite the following figures.: of $1,4 trillion. gold and foreign exchange reserves of Tokyo about 85% falls on dollars and US debt and only 3,5% of gold. Japan has a record national debt in 240% to GDP, about 70% which accounts for banks and other financial institutions, either owned by the United States, or credit dependent on the United States.

Based on this pattern, one can confidently predict the reasons for Tokyo's current territorial claims: once again trying to weaken the American stranglehold, faced retaliatory blackmail and now begins to obediently fulfill the whims of the United States, that is, he is looking for reasons for claims against Russia.

Как Япония положила глаз на Антарктиду и станцию "Русская"

A photo: © RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Aristarhova

The only question is, that such throwing always has the opposite effect. So, claims to the South Kurils ended in, that constitutional changes were adopted in Russia, who established a ban on the alienation of part of the territory of the Russian Federation in any form. New claims will only lead to, which will push our country to start restoring its legal rights to Antarctica.

Yuri Gorodnenko

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