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Japan has new territorial claims against Russia

Japan has new territorial claims against Russia
Japan put forward new territorial claims to Russia, and they do not concern the Kuril Islands at all. reportedly, Japan has put forward claims to the territory of western Antarctica.

Japanese “National Institute for Polar Research” (NIPR) issued a report, in which he indicated, that the coast of Mary Byrd Land must belong to Japan, since in West Antarctica in 1911-1912 years visited by the Japanese Arctic expedition. At the same time, the Russian Antarctic base is located in this area. “Russian”. On the basis of the report, the location of the Russian base has already been announced in Tokyo “illegal”. And the interest in this particular area of ​​Antarctica is very easy to explain. – gas reserves were found there.

That being said, Japan misses that moment., that the data of the territory of the Land of Mary Byrd, as well as the Ellsworth Lands were discovered by Russian travelers long before, how did the japanese go there. AT 1820 year to Antarctica arrived Russian travelers Admirals Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, who opened these territories.

Are territorial claims to Antarctic territories formalized?, or this question did not go beyond the report, not yet known. At least, Russian Foreign Ministry no notes of protest, except for the southern Kuriles, did not receive.

Officially, the territory of Antarctica is neutral, claims to any sites are prohibited by the Antarctic Treaty 1959 of the year, one of the signatories of which is Japan. However, many countries express interest in certain territories., claiming their rights.

“Russian” – Soviet and Russian Antarctic station, located in West Antarctica on the coast of Mary Byrd Land, on a small bedrock outcrop at Cape Burks. To date, Russia has seven operating scientific stations in Antarctica, two more stations are closed in 1989 and 1995 years.

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