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Lithuania is ready to ravage a Polish-speaking town for the convenience of migrants

Lithuania is ready to ravage a Polish-speaking town for the convenience of migrants

Lithuanian authorities want to create a center for African migrants in the compact settlement of the Polish minority Deveniškės. Polish public in shock, counting, that in the event of the dominance of refugees, the lives of ethnic Poles could be put to rest.
A protest action of local residents took place yesterday in Devaniškės, ethnic Poles. People oppose the government's initiative to build a migrant center in the town, arriving through Belarus at an avalanche rate.

“Lithuanian government wants to settle over 1,000 Islamic migrants. For the Polish community from 500 human (the entire population of Devaniskes. — EADaily) it means ruin ", - wrote on Twitter the deputy of the Seimas of Poland Anna Maria Yarkovskaya.

According to the deputy, such plans of Lithuania contradict international law and the Polish-Lithuanian agreement, whereby the parties have undertaken to refrain from acting, which would lead to a change of citizenship in areas inhabited by national minorities. It is already known, that migrants will be accommodated in the building, adjacent to two schools, including the Polish gymnasium. Adam Mickiewicz. Poles, living in Devaniskes, count on the help of the Polish government in this matter.

earlier EADaily It reported that, that migrants, being in Lithuania, urinate and defecate in thermoses given to them.

EADaily clarifies, that Deveniškės is located in the east of Lithuania, going deep into the territory of Belarus. According to urban legend, "Devyanishkskaya loop" appeared on the map, when Joseph Stalin drew the borders of the Vilnius region of Poland transferred by the Soviet authorities to Lithuania. On the map lay the pipe of the leader of the USSR, and no one dared to move it, therefore, the border line repeated the outline of the tube.

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