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Liberal dogmatism as the foundation of Western domination

Liberal dogmatism as the foundation of Western domination

Что мешает нашему народу жить счастливой и зажиточной жизнью?

Вариант ответа западников, что наш народ «непутёвый», «убогий», «совковый», «крестьянский», «нецивилизованный», «азиатский», eminently untenable. People, having the highest artistic, engineering and scientific culture, created the largest state in the world, formed a superpower in a meager fifteen years (1930–1945), defeated hordes of European fascists and was the first to conquer space, by definition cannot be considered underdeveloped or "defective". In this pro-Western position, only the old Eurocentric racism manifests itself., deeply rooted in the Anglo-American culture and worldview of some of our intelligentsia.

According to state media, then there is a feeling, that the country is hindered only by external enemies. And indeed, American and European corporatocracy have long sought to destroy Russia as a political entity. The ruling circles of the United States and partly the EU would like to see in place of Russia disparate territories with extremely cheap labor and complete freedom of capital movement. These aspirations are completely businesslike in nature to maximize profits and destroy competitors., and are not a consequence of "Russophobia" or, eg, "Sovietophobia", how is it often presented. in front of, the ideology of hatred of Russia and intimidation by the "Russian threat" only serves the purely practical economic interests of Western corporations, just as they once served the land appetites of the Danish-Swedish crusaders, Polish-Lithuanian lords, Turkish beks, Japanese barons and French capitalists.

However, the degree of external influence of the USA and the EU on Russia is objectively very limited.. Russia, despite the hard times of the 1990s, has not lost its statehood, efficient army and nuclear arsenal, has all the necessary resources: rich subsoil, raw materials, infrastructure, labor force and its production culture. Furthermore, Western corporations do not want to lose access to our oil, gas, aluminum, potassium, etc.. d., therefore neither the USA, even more so the EU does not stutter about a total economic blockade, limited only to "sanctions".

Consequently, factor, determining the quality of our development, located inside Russia, within our society.

First of all, it is necessary to say about the enemy agents. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel also noticed the law of life, according to which in every phenomenon there is some part of it, against the nature of the whole, who owns. He called this moment "being-for-otherwise". so here, our liberal oppositionists, all sorts of bulk, Live, Varlamovs and their supporting intelligentsia, are just such a "being-for-another", namely, "being" for the "collective West" in the interests of American and European imperialism. The essence of the liberal opposition lies in the conduct of American and European foreign policy within Russia itself. Their program is to weaken the state as much as possible, maximum liberalization of the economy, maximizing the Western lifestyle and way of thinking. The full implementation of such a program will lead to the collapse of the country..

It is important to understand, that this enemy agents are like, in the literal sense, agents supported by the CIA, MI-6, BND, GDVB through grants and foundations, and in a figurative sense, that is, at the behest of the heart. And this is normal and natural, as mentioned above, in every phenomenon there is such an "antithesis", in every nation - such ugly ducklings.

but, yet again, the degree of influence of the liberal opposition and even of the entire enemy agency is very limited and cannot be a factor, determining the quality of our development. At least, while they do not allow any bulk.

so, we are talking about very influential internal factors in the life of our society. In this article, I propose to pay attention to the ideological aspect of Russia's domestic policy, namely, the deeply rooted liberal dogmatism, which in fact serves the interests of inhibiting the development of our society. No FBK and no pro-American NGOs can compare in their destructive impact on Russia with vicious anti-scientific ideological attitudes, introduced since the perestroika years.

FROM 1917 to 1953 year Russia, together with the "fraternal republics" and "fraternal peoples", according to Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism, communism. When Stalin died, people of a different kind turned out to be in the leadership. Stalinism was ostracized, we quarreled with China and began to build "developed socialism". The CPSU gradually degenerated from a party of revolutionaries and "Kremlin dreamers" into a party of officials and hypocrites. As a result, in the mid-1980s, the leadership found itself in the hands of outright confusion and, perhaps, even traitors, who literally destroyed the country in five years. In the early 1990s, we decided to build capitalism, "Like in the West". Have spawned oligarchs, destroyed the industry, plunged the people into poverty. But with the advent of Putin, the realization gradually came, that we don't need capitalism according to the methods of the IMF and the Chicago boys, he only destroys the new Russia, as well as destroyed the USSR. Now we are building "correct capitalism" with a strong "welfare state" and unshakable sovereignty. This is a much more balanced decision., founded, by the way, not on the recommendations of western countries, and on the historical experience of the development of market economies. It is easy to notice, that modern economic construction in Russia is theoretically based on the experience of American Keynesianism, Korean chaebolism, Japanese keiretsu, etc.. d., although it is not customary to talk about it openly.

However, from the ideology of perestroika and the raging 1990s, some liberal dogmas have become attached to our people., which are actively supported by many modern leaders and ideologists. They have gained an aura of recognition and are almost never criticized.. Historically, these dogmas arose in Europe during the formation of the democratic movement in the era of bourgeois revolutions and were aimed at destroying the institutions of feudal society., primarily absolute monarchy and class division. The entrepreneurial class rushing to power in the 18th and 19th centuries, merchants and industrialists sought to minimize the role of the state in society, limit its functions to the protection of private property rights. But now the situation is completely different, requiring if not revised, then rethink the ideological attitudes of the past.

Dogma first: turnover of power is always good

Belief in the a priori goodness of the change of power has shaken in our society after the Ukrainian Maidans. The leapfrog of the change of one power group to another eventually led Ukraine to a civil war and a colonial position.. No less obvious change (already within the framework of one political regime) Poroshenko on Zelensky.

The majority of Belarusians took a firm stand against the thoughtless change of power during the recent attempt to overthrow Lukashenka by the pro-Western opposition. But the Kyrgyz continue to overthrow government after government almost every year..

It should be noted, that the change of power in liberal dogma does not mean at all a complete change at any time of all without the removal of officials, that is, not the right to recall deputies and officials, namely, the restriction on the election of the same person to the highest office several times.

This principle was at one time introduced into the system of primarily American democratic values ​​with one single purpose - to weaken the centralized state., rob his policy of consistency and scale. The principle of the turnover of power runs counter to the need to ensure the consistency of state policy and social development., indulges the spontaneous side of social processes, contradicts the planned beginning of the economic and political life of society, disrupts strategic planning in general.

On the other hand, a person's short term in senior management is convenient for destructive actions, for destruction, destruction of what has already been created, usually under the guise of reforms.

The Americans themselves have long since realized the destructive side of the principle of the turnover of power., therefore, there is no change of power in their country (as, properly, and Confederalism). Formal power passes from hand to hand in two parties, whose politics is nothing, in fact, no different from each other. And the actual power is concentrated in the hands of the largest corporations., irreplaceable and uncontrolled financial oligarchy. But all the rest of the American apostles of democracy are actively instructing to rotate the supreme power as often as possible., to prevent the sequence of social and economic construction.

Power turnover theorists rely on absolutely speculative, Pareto's purely journalistic concept of the "circulation of elites". The Italian was based on the idea of ​​dividing society into elite and people.. The people, according to his views, those, «who lacks energy, character, mind, in a word - people, remaining outside the elite». Being a great lover of Machiavelli, who called for imitation of beasts in politics, Pareto divided people by type of behavior into two types: "Lions" and "foxes". It was them that he intended to rotate with the help of the turnover of power.. Strong, decisive, leading wars "lions" replace cunning, cowardly, leading the reform "foxes" and, conversely, complement each other. The reader can personally appreciate the depth and foresight of the Pareto concept..

Thoughtless change of power contradicts the historical experience of mankind, which records the growth of an individual's competence in proportion to the growth of his practice. Also contradicts management practice, showing, that the more experienced the manager, the higher its results, authority, including disciplinary.

of course, from what has been said does not follow, that you never need to change power and all power is wonderful. in front of, power needs to be changed, but then, when this power ceases to express the interests of the people, betrays his people, finally breaks away from him. The degradation of a specific political regime is prevented only by the will of the people, and not restricting the rights of voters to vote for the same person several times.

Dogma two: The West will help us

At the end of the USSR, our political science, and hence the political training, was hypnotized by democratic partnership demagogy, equality, friendship and mutual assistance of countries. In the 1990s, Western countries suddenly appeared in pink.: everyone is friends and wants to help each other. But this is all only in words and in statements., in reality, this ideology of blind faith in the help of the West only served the plunder of the country. The era has changed, but this belief in the commonwealth of different countries has largely remained.

In reality, relations between states are permeated with the spirit of economic competition among beneficiaries of the policies of these states.. for example, American business is behind the American state, global corporations, who are interested in only one thing - the maximum extraction of their private profit. Therefore, US policy is aimed at providing the most favorable conditions for the realization of this interest in all regions of the world.. Defeat an independent state, destroy industrial potential, plunge the people into poverty are the most effective means of creating an enabling environment for American business. Cheap labor, great investment potential, minimization of state regulation is the best conditions for the export of capital.

It's about the same in England, France, Germany.

That is, rich market countries, being at the top of the global world economic system, least interested in the development of poor and backward countries. Why Grow Your Competitors? Therefore, they are the most baked., how to “help” the laggards in the right way, so that their backwardness becomes chronic and controlled.

And one of the methods of Western countries to maintain their dominant position in the world was the imposition of destructive political regimes on other countries under resonant democratic slogans. The creation of any other non-Americanized political system is recognized as a threat to the Western way of life., causes sanctions, protests and even leads to the violent overthrow of unwanted regimes. Political scientists in the service of American corporations have long understood, that the rate of absorption of the economies of backward countries is directly proportional to the number of reforms and the intensity of democratic leapfrog in their political life. therefore, going back to the first dogma, the slogan for "change of power" is the most popular in US foreign policy.

It should be noted, that Ukrainians are particularly struck by the dogma of foreign aid, who put up with the pro-American puppet regime on their shoulders. The results of such patience are so clear, which became a good lesson for everyone else. If the Ukrainian people continue to endure in the same spirit, then the country will finally fall apart.

Dogma third: the market will solve the problems

As I mentioned above, we already tried to build wild capitalism, in which absolutely everything is "decided by the market". but, moving away from this harmful practice, many continue to press on market relations as a universal and universal regulator of social life.

In fact, the market is the element of the struggle of private interests, fight of all against all. The market works well in the conditions of many scattered small producers at a low level of organization of production, such as manufacturing and in small areas. In our country, with its immense scale, market relations are objectively impossible to implement so, so that they are more or less equivalent. Moreover, at the modern level of production, in which complex machines are involved even for the production of household items, computers and hundreds of thousands of people. Therefore, the market in Russia is always an economic institution strongly limited by the state.. It was so in tsarist times, so it was under Lenin's NEP, so it is now. This meets the objective needs of the market economy..

Consequently, experience shows, that it is necessary not to give certain areas of life to the power of the market, but on the contrary, develop their conscious, reasonable government regulation, which would meet the demands and needs of the people. Including the development and strengthening of state property in the real sector of the economy.

they, who claims, that the market will solve some of our problems, say it, usually, in the interests of a narrow group of people, who can get rich as a result of unequal exchange.

Instead of output

there is, of course, and other liberal dogmas, fetters our development, but these three are the most massive and harmful.

It is important to understand, that you should go your own way, not believing in the goodness of the recommendations and principles of Western political scientists. At first, their recommendations and principles do not work in their own countries, Secondly, they have no scientific basis.

Anatoly Shirokoborodov,

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