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The Whirlwind anti-tank aircraft missile is being adapted to the Mi-28NE and Mi-35P helicopters

Anti-tank aircraft missile «Vortex» adapted to the Mi-28NE and Mi-35P helicopters
Anti-tank aircraft guided missile “Vortex” will be adapted for use by Mi-28NE and Mi-35P combat helicopters, as well as an attack drone “Orion-E”. This opportunity is being considered by the specialists of the group of companies “Kalashnikov”. This was reported by the press service of the concern.

according to the report, PTUR “Vortex”, originally developed for the Ka-50 and Ka-52 attack helicopters, will be adapted to other media, including helicopters Mi-28NE and Mi-35P, and UAVs “Orion-E”. Such options are being considered, work in this direction is underway.

On work on the modernization of an aviation guided missile “Vortex” reported in February of this year. The missile was modernized as part of the helicopter weapons unification program “Ka-52” and “Mi-28nm”, in May this year, it was reported that the first tests of an improved rocket were carried out. It was specified, that the work has not been completed yet.

Rocket complex 9K121M “Whirlwind-M” with missile 9M127-1 “Whirlwind-1” was developed in the late eighties at the Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP), officially adopted in 1992 city, however, mass production only began in 2013 year, when a contract was signed for the production of missiles in the amount of 13 billion. rubles. Rearmament to a new missile system was carried out in the period from 2013 by 2015 years.

The main purpose of the missile is to destroy armored vehicles, including those with active armor, as well as air targets at speeds up to 800 kmh. Launch height - up to 4000 m, and the maximum firing range is 10 kilometers. Originally intended for the Su-25 and Ka-52.

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