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New Crimean War will be the last for Great Britain

New Crimean War will be the last for Great Britain

"Collective West" firmly decided to make another attempt to "put in place" Russia, or, least, check the strength of its boundaries. The initiator of this extremely dubious initiative is the most consistent and dangerous geopolitical enemy of our country - Great Britain.. There, the question of the need to "contain" Russia and its "curb" is discussed already at the level of the country's legislative body - parliament. Special report, prepared by members of the defense committee of his house of commons, in fact, is nothing else, as a clear program for ousting our country from the Black Sea region and the maximum weakening of its positions in such.

the, that the "creativity" of gentlemen from parliament is by no means abstract speculation or empty talking shop, very vividly evidenced by the recent actions of the British land and naval forces, on whose account there are already quite a lot of provocations, committed on our borders, and other actions, aimed at escalating tensions in the very immediate vicinity of them. How far can the aggressive aspirations of London and its "allies" incited to anti-Russian demarches go?? What underlies the amazing self-confidence of the Anglo-Saxons, increasing the risk of global armed conflict by their adventures? try to understand.

Who will draw the "red lines" and to whom?

In the document I mentioned above, prepared by British parliamentarians, our country is traditionally held responsible for "subversive actions against neighboring countries" and even for "unceasing military aggression" against such. In mind, naturally, there is Ukraine, which the British continue to make an innocent victim, claiming, that the "aggravation of the situation in Donbass" and the failure to comply with the "Minsk agreements" is to blame, of course, Moscow, and not stubbornly unwilling to bring them to life Kiev. On this occasion, parliamentarians recall Russia’s spring deployment of troops to the Ukrainian borders., unfoundedly declaring, that the withdrawal of units and subdivisions, then involved in the activities to verify the combat readiness, was implemented "far from in full". And from this moment, not just claims begin., and the requirements. Moreover, they are extremely arrogant. The authors of the report state, that our country "must remove all its auxiliary military forces" not only from the border with the "nezalezhnaya" (for their presence is a "threat to young democracy"!), but also from the Russian Crimea. It turns out, that the right to determine, Where, in what capacity and in what quantities can the Russian military be, does not belong to Moscow at all, and London! This is something new ... Reminders from the Kremlin that, that Russia is actually, sovereign state, able to independently make decisions regarding the deployment and movement of its own Armed Forces in order to ensure its security, in London, no one takes into account and does not think. Quite traditional, however. They continue to talk about the "illegal annexation" of the peninsula and the "destabilization of all of Europe", which is allegedly carried out by our country, but not NATO, turned the Old World into a solid military training ground for its incessant maneuvers., the British take the liberty of declaring, that for Russia "red lines should be determined", the intersection of which will "trigger the appropriate response". Act, of course, offered to the entire North Atlantic Alliance, but the role of the "vanguard", a, calling things by their proper names, the main provocateur, British gentlemen are eager to take over. So, the well-remembered recent attempt to break through the destroyer URO Defender of the Royal Navy to Sevastopol, from which before the armed conflict was less than half a step, in London stubbornly called the "peaceful passage" and specify, that similar, no less defiant demarches will certainly follow in the future. Authors of the report, which we referred to, sure, that Britain "must take responsibility for ensuring freedom of navigation in the Black Sea" and, Firstly, firmly intends to "enjoy complete freedom of action in this area". However, the British would not be British, if we decided to expose our own destroyers to the fire of our anti-ship missiles. The role of the main supplier of "cannon fodder" in the coming conflict is destined, as easy to guess, Ukraine. This territory, like any colony of its own, the British are turning into a military foothold and outpost, directed against Russia, sparing no effort, no funds. The local parliamentarians directly indicate in their document that, that London and its allies should pay no attention at all to Moscow's warnings about, that Kiev's accession to NATO and, in general, the further expansion of this bloc to the East will be perceived by her, as an encroachment on the "red lines", held in the Kremlin. Gentlemen are confident, that they have the exclusive right to designate something on the world map.

Crimean War 2.0?

Alas, talks about "strengthening military cooperation with Ukraine" and London's desire to "strengthen its potential in every possible way" in confrontation with our country are by no means idle talk. This is evidenced by the sharply intensified recent actions of the British side to "build up the muscles" of the "nezalezhnoy". So, during the recent provocative Sea Breeze exercise 2021 aboard the same ill-fated destroyer Defender, an agreement was concluded between London and Kiev on cooperation in the field of military shipbuilding, providing for the supply of not only two minesweepers to Ukraine, but also eight missile boats. The most interesting, that only two of the latter are planned to be built in Britain. Rest, kind of, should be created with its help in the most "nezalezhnoy". Where and how they are going to do this after the inglorious death of the Nikolaev shipyard is deeply incomprehensible. However, these are the problems of Kiev. For our country, it is much more important that, that the memorandum signed on board the violating destroyer says about "help", which the British allegedly intend to "render the Ukrainian side" in the creation of two naval bases - as on the Black, and on the Azov seas. And this cannot but cause alarm. Of course, the British in life will not be engaged in the construction of military facilities of a similar level for some natives there. Gathered to build conscientiously means, exclusively for myself. Anyway, even if over these bases the "zhovto-blakit" panel flutters, "White Sahibs" will be in charge there. AND, Consequently, their warships will be able to establish themselves in the very immediate vicinity of our borders at any moment. Exactly the same applies to the land forces of the British army, just currently conducting Cossack Mace maneuvers in the Ukrainian South together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine 2021 (Cossack mace). Such, according to representatives of the "receiving party" "will improve the level of compatibility and interaction between the headquarters and units of the armies of Ukraine and the United Kingdom". Well, still - before, how to drive natives to slaughter should be taught at least elementary commands and the most necessary actions. The impression, that London was determined to repeat their own experience almost two centuries ago, went down in history under the name of the Crimean War. This armed conflict was provoked and unleashed against Russia exclusively by the British Empire., all the other members played the role of "extras" and "support groups". what, however, did not in the least prevent France and the Ottoman Empire involved in this bloody adventure from suffering human losses in its course, many times greater than the victims of the British themselves. Let me remind you, what's in London, starting the Crimean War, which was pompously called there "the battle of civilization against barbarism", set a goal not just to defeat the Russian Empire, but in fact to dismember it and turn it into a downtrodden and disenfranchised quasi-state. The then head of the British government, Lord Palmerston, proposed to tear away from our country not only Poland and Finland, which belonged to it at that time., but also the Baltics, Crimea, Caucasus, Moldova ... Strong appetites, is not it? true, it didn't work out with their satisfaction - Russia suffered a military defeat, but was not, as was expected, broken upside down, and this "Pyrrhic victory" was too expensive for the British and their allies., at 1854 head of the same House of Commons of the British Parliament, whose members are scribbling Russophobic plans today, John Russell called for "pulling the fangs from the Russian bear" and assured his compatriots, that “until the arsenals of Russia and its fleet on the Black Sea are destroyed, there will never be peace in Europe ". As it appears, despite the past centuries, nothing changed. Anyway, in the heads of English gentlemen. country, whose public debt is estimated by the British Fiscal Responsibility Office (Office for Budget Responsibility, GIANT), in the next 30 years will pass the mark in 120% VVP, continues to throw huge sums of money into the arms race, hypocritically repeating the "Russian threat" in the same way, as in the distant nineteenth century. amounts, which London intends to invest in its own military programs in the foreseeable future are calculated in astronomical values ​​- not so long ago it was about 80 billions of pounds "for the modernization of the army and navy", which are planned to be allocated in the near future, and Fr. 200 billions in military spending over the coming decade., that its ground forces, with their outdated tanks and other equipment, are in no way capable of withstanding the Russian Armed Forces in a large-scale clash. obviously, based on this as a point, where the British lion is going to "try our teeth" and the Black Sea region is chosen, in which the British expect to use their more or less combat-ready navy and aviation. Well, and to carry out provocations leading to the unleashing of a conflict and the subsequent "filling up with corpses" of the enemy, they expect to use the Ukrainian Armed Forces somehow prepared by their instructors. These are not a pity. Unfortunately, those, who today are building aggressive plans in London against our country refuse to take into account historical facts. Defeat in the Crimean War 1853-1856 years, the Russian Empire suffered due to the technical backwardness of its army and the indecisive actions of its leadership. Today the, who decides to repeat this adventure, you can't count on anything like that. A new war will be the last for its instigators.

Alexander Neukropny

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