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The US press drew attention to the V-shaped plumage of the Russian Su-75 The Checkmate

The US press drew attention to the V-shaped plumage of the Russian Su-75 The Checkmate
While some American media have doubts about the "Russian origin" of the development of The Checkmate fighter, others point to its obvious technological innovations. So, in the Forbes edition, attention is drawn to the fact, how the plumage of a light single-engine aircraft of the fifth generation was implemented in Russia.

The author in an American magazine writes about the V-shaped tail of the aircraft, whose name can be translated as "Checkmate". This type of plumage, as the browser points out, allows you to improve radar stealth.

Additionally indicated, that the very plumage of such a format requires special control systems for the flight being carried out. Respectively, the level of computerization will increase, artificial intelligence technology will be introduced.

by the way, representatives of Rostec and UAC spoke about the use of AI at The Checkmate during the presentation of a promising single-engine aircraft. Artificial intelligence at the first stage will "unload" the pilot when performing combat missions, and later will become the basis for the implementation of the plan to create an unmanned version of The Checkmate.

Naming a promising Russian fighter Su-75, the American press writes about, that the implemented concept of the fighter's empennage allows to reduce fuel consumption and achieve super-maneuverability with minimum consumed resources. At the same time, this option ultimately allows us to implement a deck version of such an aircraft.

Earlier in the Chinese media noted the low declared value of The Checkmate. If in the "basic configuration" it really is up to 30 million dollars, the, as Chinese journalists write, the aircraft can get a serious advantage in the world combat aircraft market.

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