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Alexander Rogers: The successes of Russia

Alexander Rogers: The successes of Russia

The other day I saw the inscription “All people are carriers of intelligence. But some are asymptomatic. ".

Due to the specifics of my work, I am sitting on a dense stream of economic news. Everywhere something is being built, something is being laid, something gives up. Almost non-stop, in real time.

Something goes informational messages in the news, rejoicing citizens send a lot in a personal, who face it directly.

And then "experts" and "politicians" of the third echelon, generously sprinkled with mothballs, come out from somewhere., and on the air of seemingly reputable news agencies and publications say “Production is destroyed, Russia is a resource colony, and Putin is the head of the occupation administration and the liquidation team ".

And so many questions at once ... mostly, true, like "Have you always been shy? Or something happened?».

If you want to behold, what is the real devastation and the work of the liquidation team, then you don't have to go far - just look at neighboring Ukraine. The last shipyard in Nikolaev was recently officially closed there., statutory documents destroyed, and the seal is broken. And they are already starting to sell land to foreigners.

But Russia is not Ukraine (they seemed to have the opposite, but okay).

However, let's systematically, the points. As Karl Marx said, practice is the criterion of truth.

Let's start with the main theme of all cheerleaders - with education. It is so "destroyed", that Russians win all Olympiads in a row, from physics and mathematics to programming and working skills.

Heard objections, that “it is in elite schools that they train, but otherwise everything is bad ". And you do not have the same elite school for football players? Oh, all!

Could the NBA be possible without thousands of street rings, where hundreds of young talents hone their skills and undergo rigorous selection? Likewise with football, hockey, boxing, chess and other sports.

You can't raise a chess champion in a vacuum, it forms in the hundreds, thousands of fights with others, no less strong rivals. Vaughn Kasparov has completely degraded over several years without constant sparring, losing 8 matches from 9 at a recent tournament. Why do you think so, what could be different in education?

It's the same with science. High scientific achievements are impossible without a high-quality mass education system. Especially in the field of nuclear energy or space. However, and many others.

And Russia is designing space tugs, floating nuclear power plants, reactors BREST-OD-300 and much more.

"Destroyed" medicine in the shortest possible time created three vaccines against coronavirus, and they are all much better (more efficient and safer), than their Western counterparts. But if someone has "brain liberalism", then he will scream hysterically "ne viryu!».

With regard to industry, then with the slightest presence of causal thinking in the brain, a person should understand, what it is impossible to be a space power without a developed industry. Fresh news: "Advanced" USA will buy new RD-181M engines from "backward" Russia.

To make a space launch, needs coordinated efforts of millions of people, thousands of different industries in a variety of industries - from metallurgy to microelectronics.

To launch a nuclear icebreaker, not only shipbuilding plants are needed, but also developed metallurgy and nuclear energy.

Number of large factories (with the number of employees over 200 human) has grown compared to 1991 year on 30% - from 13,4 to 17 more than a thousand.

Yes, a certain number of obsolete production facilities were closed or re-profiled - this is always the case. But instead of them new ones were created., more modern.

Right now under construction in Russia two dozen extra-large (cost over 300 million dollars each) productions.

Agriculture is booming. Grain export figures beat Soviet records. Russia has become a major exporter of meat - which has never happened before.

Even tractors are now exported., more and more displacing other manufacturers from the European market.

Russian production of refrigerators, microwave ovens and other household appliances have long been established. But many do not know about it simply because, that it is no different from the best foreign samples. They, apparently, used to, that "Russian is clumsy", and when they see neat and beautiful products, just don't believe, that it is produced in Russia.

Rosatom is the only corporation in the world (corporation, by the way), which churns out the nuclear power plant like hot cakes. "Turnkey", at a price more than two times lower than competitors and with full subsequent service.

Industrial (and not only) lasers, rocket motors, airplanes and many other high-tech industries - in all this Russia is today the undisputed leader. I can list it all for hours (no one just reads such long and boring texts).

Moreover, all of the above has been repeatedly confirmed by me using macroeconomic indicators., statistics and other visual evidence.

At the same time, oil and gas (and fresh data was published just the other day, many people asked me to comment) only takes 16% in GDP of the Russian Federation (and this figure is decreasing compared to previous years).

Therefore, if you see a character, who says or writes something like "production is destroyed", "Agriculture destroyed" or "raw material colony", then quietly move away, mark yourself with a sign “Dangerous! Clinical idiot!», cross imperceptibly and try not to contact him anymore. Suddenly it's contagious ...

Please note that the following extremist and terrorist organizations, prohibited in the Russian Federation: "Jehovah witnesses", National Bolshevik Party, "Right sector", "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (oup), "Islamic State" (IG, IGIL, Dais), Djabhat Fath al-Sham ', "Dzhabhat en-Nusra", "Al-Qaeda", "UNA-UNSO", "Taliban", "Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people", "Mizantropik Divizhn", "Brotherhood" Korchynskoho, "Trident th. Stepan Bandera ", "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" (IU).

Alexander Rogers

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