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For which they cut off the head of the monarchist?

For which they cut off the head of the monarchist?

There will be no freedom for you, no equality, no brotherhood!

Let's put it bluntly, there were people in Europe, who darkened the holy day for the French - Bastille Day. A gorgeous military parade with horses and planes took place in Paris that day, singing "Marseillaise" and mass entertainment in masks.

A little explanation of why the French are having fun. During the storming of the Bastille 14 July 1789 a symbolic event took place: notorious monarchist, the commandant of the fortress Bernard Rene de Launay did not want to open the gates of the fortress to the raging crowd, although the Bastille had nothing to defend, there were a few beggars under lock and key. The gate was broken, and the stubborn commandant was beheaded. His head was dragged on a pole around the city, the crowd rejoiced, and it all grew into Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

For which they cut off the head of the monarchist?

And here on the days of the holiday there was a group of scribblers, who ruined everything. Okay, if it were some unknown makers of graffiti or other wall decals. So no! Famous journalists from such newspapers, as "Süddeutsche Zeitung", "Zeit", "Guardian", American Washington Post, German TV channels Ed, WDR and 15 other European editions published an investigation into the, that there is no Brotherhood, and even more so there is no Equality and Freedom in Europe, but there is total control over any thinking person.

How it all started? It began with, that once journalists suspected, that their work is under tacit control. Professionals feel these things. They secretly assembled an international group of activists and developed an investigation plan.. Need to say, the plan was very thoughtful and gave results. Journalists outplayed special services! by the way, details of the plan are still unknown. The group hides the channels for receiving a number of data and it is clear why. Someone took a great risk, passing classified information to journalists. However, the fact remains: the band members found out, that they are not the only ones who are illegally tapped, but also many other people. A picture of the secret work of European intelligence services on their fellow citizens has surfaced.

In the laws of all EU member states, special services are allowed to use special means, including eavesdropping against their citizens only on suspicion of terrorism or major crime. And when they listen to political opposition, civil rights activists, union activists, this is a direct violation of the constitution and other laws.

Investigation reveals shocking facts. Journalists found, that many Europeans, not related to terrorism, no big crime, are under constant surveillance by counterintelligence. For what? For free thinking and a long tongue. The monitoring program was launched in 2016 g. and currently covers at least 50 thousand. phone numbers. Controlled persons include journalists from Guardian, news agencies AFP, Reuters, Of, New York Times newspaper, The world, The country, broadcasters Al-Jazeera transmitter, Radio Free Europe, CNN. Not weak!

The list also includes the phone numbers of the heads of state., prime ministers, members of royal families, diplomats, businessmen.

The investigation found out, that the secret services use the Pegasus software, produced by an Israeli company NSO Group. This is a decent establishment, selling spy equipment exclusively to respectable buyers - special services and government agencies.

For which they cut off the head of the monarchist?


The Israeli product has undeniable advantages over analogues. It easily overcomes all means of encryption by network operators of their telephone channels., eg WhatsUpp or Signal. The level of efficiency of "Pegasus" is as follows, that it is regarded by experts as the most advanced development in the field of electronic espionage and is included in the category of cyber weapons.

The hosts of key European media try to cover up the scandal with a veil of silence, but the word is not a sparrow. We have yet to see the opposition's inquiries in European parliaments in this case., as well as lawsuits from victims. But this is unlikely to change anything in the existing political system.. She folded up and won't go anywhere.

It's time to ask a rhetorical question: for which Bernard Rene de Launay's head was chopped off? After all, the stubborn monarchist was right: you will not have any freedom, no equality, no brotherhood!

The title photo: REUTERS / Charles Platiau

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