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How the war for Taiwan is being prepared

How the war for Taiwan is being prepared

And how the US mobilizes its allies in Asia to confront China

Japan's Ministry of Defense White Paper identifies three new threats to the country's security: space, cyberspace and the use of electromagnetic radiation. The main sources of these threats are also named.: "Revisionist powers" Russia and China. Main ally named, without which Japan cannot achieve peace in the region, - US.

At the same time, the "White Paper" is in clear contradiction with the Japanese constitution., proclaiming in art. 9, what “The Japanese people will forever renounce war as the sovereign right of the nation, as well as from the threat or use of armed force as a means of settling international disputes ". And that's why “Never again will land, naval and air forces, as well as other means of war ".

In Japan, the constitution is trampled and accustomed to it. Japan prepares to fight. writes Newsweek, the unprecedented step of including Taiwan in the White Paper of the Japanese Ministry of Defense means the inclusion of this Chinese island in the sphere of Japanese interests, which also implies a readiness to use military force to tear Taiwan away from mainland China.

How the war for Taiwan is being prepared

Tokyo has repeatedly expressed concern over Taiwan's future in recent months, He writes Newsweek. Chinese and Sino-Russian military maneuvers around the island and air patrols of strategic bombers in the Asia-Pacific region are of great concern to the government of Yoshihide Sugi, and only that calms him down, that Washington regularly drives its warships across the Taiwan Strait. It also sells the latest weapons to the Japanese.. by the way, 12 July, the US destroyer once again invaded the territorial waters of the PRC near the Paracel Islands USS Benfold (DDG-65).

How the war for Taiwan is being prepared

“In the process of changing the global balance of power, the importance of the region is growing more and more.. To meet these security challenges, it is necessary not only to strengthen the actual Japanese defense capabilities, but also to cooperate more closely with countries, who share our fundamental values, - quotes Newsweek Minister of Defense of Japan Nobuo Kishi (Nobuo Kishi). "Working with our only ally, the United States, is of the utmost importance.".

Sugi government dares to touch upon Taiwan's painful topic for Beijing, and this cannot but mean that there are certain agreements between the United States and Japan..

Since March, first, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Yoshihide Suga, then the Japanese prime minister was the first foreign leader to get an appointment with Joe Biden. Both sides later branded Beijing at a meeting G7 in England, a 5 July Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso (Taro Aso) announced: "China's attack on Taiwan will be perceived as a real threat to Tokyo", what, "probably, will lead to the collective defense of the island together with the United States ". That is, if until now the status of Chinese Taiwan and the United States has not been disputed, even Japan is now ready to do it.

It can be assumed, what, losing the "tariff war" to Beijing, Washington makes Taiwan alienation from China the key to subordinating Asia to "US national interests". Explosive task. From Beijing constantly sounds: “Taiwan is an internal affair of China. China will never allow any country to interfere in the Taiwan issue in any way. ".

Not only Japan is pushing the US into war. As evidenced by Global Research, Chief of Staff of the United States Army General James McConville (James McConville) He stated, what "The US Army is preparing task forces with long-range precision fire capabilities, who can act anywhere, consisting of hypersonic missiles, medium-range missiles, precision strike missiles, these systems are capable of penetrating the air defense system. We are planning to deploy one of these target groups in Europe and, perhaps, two in the Pacific ".

China has something to counter this. Now the Chinese are building more than a hundred new silos for ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.. As for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (Diao), approved by the UN and nominally entered into force 22 January 2021 of the year, then it was not signed by any NATO member state and none of the nine nuclear powers (USA, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel).

How the war for Taiwan is being prepared

CNN claims, that China's extensive network of silos for Chinese ICBMs (ICBM) breaks the plans of the Pentagon in Asia. This network (120 mines) covers hundreds of square kilometers in the Gansu desert and can house rockets, capable of reaching the mainland of the United States. The mines are networked at a distance 3 kilometers from one another and can be used for Chinese ICBMs CSS-X-20, able to cover the distance to 15 thousand kilometers and have up to ten multiple nuclear warheads. Flight time to the USA - thirty minutes.

London International Institute for Strategic Studies (International Institute for Strategic Studies) warns: “If the People's Liberation Army of China decided to invest in a large number of new mines for the ICBM forces, this could mean a change in Beijing's view on this issue. ". And here is his view of the affiliation of Taiwan., looks like, no one will be able to change.

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