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MS-21: the beginning of the long journey of the first Russian passenger liner

MS-21: the beginning of the long journey of the first Russian passenger liner

On the first day of MAKS-2021, two variants of new Russian passenger aircraft will fly - competitors of Boeing and Airbus.

20 July MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon kicks off in Zhukovsky near Moscow. And one of the most important events of the first day of the salon will be demonstration flights of passenger aircraft MS-21-300 and MS-21-310. Why are there two of them with almost the same indices and what does this mean for the domestic aircraft industry?

Actually, there is a whole story - a story of overcoming and triumph. And future great successes.

You need to start with, what MS-21 - generally the first large passenger aircraft in post-Soviet Russia. A huge Soviet legacy fed the air transportation market for a long time, but everything comes to an end - and long before that end, for the future, in the mid-2000s, development began near- and a medium-haul passenger aircraft at the level of the most modern world standards.

originally they planned to install many foreign components on the MS-21 - not out of non-patriotism, but for quite pragmatic reasons: the future liner was actively expected to be exported, and it would be easier for a "half foreign" aircraft to pass international certification. But then the sanctions began, and the plane was left without composite materials for the wings, yes and engines Pratt and Whitney decided to replace domestic. And all this is far from a trivial task.! After all, it was necessary not only to, to fly ", and it flew better, than world leaders (and competitors) in this region!

And not very long begins (some years), but a very tense story of overcoming. And then we find an explanation, why we have two planes - MS-21-300 and MS-21-310. The first one - with foreign engines. The second - with domestic PD-14. And so that everyone can compare - the second is no worse. Not one iota!

AND we managed to make a composite wing on our own - "the 14 th of July 2021 g. at the plant of PJSC "Corporation" Irkut " (is part of PJSC UAC of Rostec State Corporation) the docking of the left wing console to the fuselage of the MC-21-300 aircraft has been completed. Wing consoles and center section are made of Russian polymer composite materials at the AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk enterprise. Domestic materials for the production of composite structures were developed with the participation of Moscow State University and Rosatom enterprises. The wing is manufactured using vacuum infusion technology, which is patented in Russia ".

And the wing is of great importance here - the very concept of the MS-21 "dances" from it.. It is of great elongation, to improve aerodynamics and make the fuselage as wide as possible. And exactly the widest fuselage in its class - "trick" of the Russian car! Competitive advantage of this level, that the closest rivals are Boeing 737 MAX and AirbusA320Neo - stay behind.

Our plane's salon is royal. And although low-cost companies can also order this car for themselves, the level of comfort here even in economy class is far from being like in a "minibus with wings".

The numbers themselves indicate that, what MS-21 outperforms all competitors - most of the space in the cabin (211), best cruising speed (870 kmh), largest payload (22,6 t). Finally - the price! The car of the Irkutsk aircraft plant is 96 million dollars against 121 from Boeing-737 and 112 in Airbus320Neo.

But the main thing here is not even all of this., and that, what a catastrophic reputation could I earn for myself, least, one of the main rivals on the market - Boeing 737. Several major plane crashes have resulted in, what in 2019 year the plane was simply banned from operation. true, the lobby from the USA worked hard, so that at the end 2020 year this ban was lifted - they say, all problems fixed, the car has become reliable and proven. Alas, it turned out to be a pure lie - new complaints went a jamb along with the resumption of flights: April 2021 - «У 737 MAX electrical problems ", May - “At Boeing 737 Max new problems have been identified in the configuration ". And why, properly, expect from aircraft, which was "designed by clowns", which were "led by monkeys", as the whole world learned from the internal correspondence of Boeing employees?

Not everything is smooth with Airbus either. Yes, 320-I'm a series - not such "coffins", like an american monster, but it is enough to read the reviews of passengers, To make sure: MS-21 is designed to solve exactly those problems, who have already got them all in European liners.

“I flew the other day a321 from Antalya to Moscow (Nordvind) - shook strongly, space is sorely lacking (when growing 180 cm), the noise level is off scale ", "My least favorite. Very noisy ! In my opinion, there is no such noise in any airbus as here ", “Very narrow passage between the seats, only three toilets and both at the ends of the cabin. It is still possible for two passengers to disperse, and with a trolley for food - a whole epic ", “The plane, to put it mildly, I don’t like it. I rarely lower my chairs, but even if desired, the bias will be sooooo small, small hand luggage shelves, the tiny diameter of the windows also does not add to the comfort ".

And there are many more such and similar reviews.. Well, but what about the size of the seats and windows, the volume of luggage racks and the width of the aisle in MC-21 - can be seen in full detail in the video above.

And now this long and difficult path to create our first post-Soviet passenger aircraft is over.. MAKS-2021 will show the triumphant finale of work on our aircraft and will mark the beginning of its work on domestic and foreign airlines. For Russian airlines have already been contracted 175 machines.

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