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Will the USA bomb Cuba and how will it backfire on America??

Will the USA bomb Cuba and how will it backfire on America??

US intelligence agencies begin the process of creating controlled chaos on their own borders, but not fact, that chaos will remain manageable.

There are values, unchanged as a national style. The best confirmation was the proposal of the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez, naive in its cannibalistic frankness, simply bomb the "dictatorial regime" in Cuba.

As argumentation Suarez, again - with the spontaneity of a maniac, substantiated this option of intervention in the situation of those, that the United States did this all the time and that's okay. Well, there is Yugoslavia, Iraq and the like. We always do this, why change habits: «The United States has been involved in a variety of situations around the world, it is hard to imagine, that now there will be no intervention from the United States, when events take place in 90 miles ". Later, true, a little justified: I, they say, not military, my business is to propose, and decisions are made by other departments ... And he could not restrain himself, He added: Where, undoubtedly, such options for the development of events are now being discussed. "Justified", Yes.

And you shouldn't think, that Suarez just blurted out nonsense. He blurted out that stupidity, which is just stitched into the American way of thinking.

Smooth 60 years ago America tried to do just that - in April 1961 years in the Cuban Gulf of Cachinos, American-armed Cuban emigrants landed, and planes with American pilots attacked Cuban airfields. It was somehow not comme il faut to start an intervention with the forces of the Marine Corps quite openly., the Cold War was still going on, therefore, they decided to observe minimum decency and present everything as a struggle between the Cuban counter-revolution and the Cuban revolution.

The result came out sad: the attackers were completely defeated. And because of incompetence, and due to the small number. But the most important thing is due to the lack of that support within the country, which, as the CIA believed, they will be provided by the popular masses dissatisfied with the Castro regime. The masses decided, in front of, support the socialists in every possible way, and supported them almost to the present day. Until these protests of the last days began.

And now everyone has, who is even a little familiar in the United States with the history of the issue - and many are familiar with it there, at least in connection with the Cuban missile crisis - associations inevitably emerge: then it was too early to bomb, all conditions did not match, but now ... it seems just right! Now you can try to stir up the intervention - there was no fifth column in Cuba, and now there is! Can't miss a moment!

Here, the logic of the narrative itself comes to that moment., when to ask a question: why was it not before the fifth column?, and now she appeared? What happened?

It happened, as it appears, aggravation of activity among the American intelligence services in the Western Hemisphere. Yet again, conspiracy theories are of two types: some of her supporters have a secret lodge, which is alien to any obvious mess, while others see the world too full of hidden springs, but there are plenty of crap in the work of these gears and springs. AND special services may well act as their own actor, an actor in international politics, acting primarily in their own, not national interests. Therefore, it is far from a fact, that Biden at a secret meeting gives the order to assassinate the President of Haiti - such decisions can be made at a lower level ...

Yes, you don't know yet, probably! All preparations for the murder of Joveneley Moise were carried out in the same Miami, and the protagonist was Antonino Intriago (speaking surname ...), security company owner (more precisely, PMC) NEG Security and ... a great friend of the Colombian President and Venezuelan "President" Guaido. And some of the killers were also FBI informers. All, probably, just coincided, but planning to kill people, working for the US government and associated with other American geopolitical agents is too no coincidence.

Why the Americans needed to bang Moise is unclear. He was a man "his", went in line with the correct policy of the White House in the region, but anything happens between business partners. There are also misunderstandings, let us say, so - as it was with the same Manuel Noriega. Generally, killed. But why not assume, that they killed for a reason, and as part of a larger plan to achieve some goals in the Caribbean region? Yet again, goals, profitable over the CIA, than the USA itself, потому что не вполне удаётся представить старину Джо напряжённо придумывающего многоходовки с неясным результатом.

Как не особенно верилось и в то, that exactly the isolationist Trump was the initiator of the Venezuelan riots and attempts to put Guaidó as president. It wasn't Trump's style. But quite in the style of special services, which are like a bicycle in everything - they should not stop in their hectic activity, even if you have to invent it for yourself. And now the CIA has decided to master the budgets and get stars by reformatting Cuba and Haiti..

It's bad here, that when even such an initiative does not come from the heads of state, who are somehow aware of their own responsibility, but from nameless careerists, the development of events can be so turbulent and bloody, what we don't even expect. for example, in miami, still not recovered from the collapse of a multi-storey building, something else will fall or explode. Well, as 11 September. And the traces will "lead" to Cuba. And that's when - yes, have to bomb. The reason will be this, what to pass back will not work. The left hand will do the provocation, and the whole body will have to react to the consequences.

Fact, but, there is a violent stirring at the very borders of the United States. Who arranged it and for what purpose - the second question. The important thing here is, that the source of chaos should not be placed so close to its own boundaries. We are all aware, what Americans are masters of creating chaos, but then they don't understand well, what to do with him. Iraq and Afghanistan have never been so close to American soil!

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