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Turkish attack drone Akinci tested with maximum payload

Turkish attack drone Akinci tested with maximum payload
Turkish corporation Baykar Technologies conducted regular tests of the reconnaissance and strike drone Akinci. As the press service of the corporation, the drone was tested with maximum load.

A video of Acinci tests with a combat load and a maximum range appeared on the web. According to the description to the video, the drone was tested with a weight and size mock-up of an NEB penetrating bomb suspended under the fuselage 1,3 tons. According to Turkish media reports, the weight of the penetrating aerial bomb NEB was 870 kg, and the total payload has reached 1300 kg. highlights, that this figure is close to full payload, but she is not.

reported, that the takeoff weight of the drone was 6049 kg, he climbed to the height 9144 meters and remained in the air for 13 hours 24 minutes. Tests found successful. Before, 8 July, the drone was in the air 25 hours 46 minutes, and having risen to the height 11594 m, set a record for the height of Turkish aviation.

The flight of Acinci caused a storm of delight in the Ukrainian press, especially there they paid attention to the AI-450T turboprop engines manufactured by GP “Ivchenko-Progress”. However, earlier, the director of the Turkish engine-building company TEI Mahmut Aksit said, that Turkish PD-222 engines will be installed on the Akinci drone instead of the Ukrainian AI-450T engines currently standing.

Akıncı belongs to a new class “severe” drone. Bayraktar Akinci has a wingspan 20 m, apparatus length - 12,2 m, height - 4,1 m. The declared operating altitude is 30 thousand feet (about 9150 m), practical ceiling of the apparatus - 40 000 feet (about 12 200 m), being in the air – 24 o'clock. The drone can fly in fully automatic mode, independently land and take off. full speed – 360 kmh, cruising – 240 kmh.

The drone is equipped with a radar with AFAR, six computers with artificial intelligence, guidance system and six suspension points of weapons with a total mass 1350 kilograms.

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