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Ukraine will be made the main supplier of drugs to Europe and the United States

Cannabis has not been proven to be effective for medical purposes, at the same time, marijuana can even turn a healthy person into a disabled person. Such an opinion in a conversation with ABF "Economics today» expressed the doctor Ekaterina Solovieva.

Ukraine will be made the main supplier of drugs to Europe and the United States

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent an appeal to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov with a request to hold an extraordinary meeting of parliament and consider a bill on the legalization of marijuana trafficking for medical purposes.

"An extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada is convened tomorrow at the initiative of Zelensky, which will consider the legalization of medical cannabis ", - said the deputy of the Rada, Aleksey Goncharenko, member of the European Solidarity faction.

Medical Cannabis Regulation Amendment Bill, scientific and scientific-technical activity is registered in the Rada 2 June 2021 of the year.

Murderous marijuana

Volodymyr Zelenskyy advocated legalizing marijuana for medical purposes as presidential candidate. Then, in his campaign headquarters, the legalization of cannabis was considered the most important problem of the country.. Later on the results of the survey, published at the headquarters of the "Servant of the People", in favor of legalization 64,88% Ukrainians.

The topic of the legalization of marijuana began to take root in Ukraine at the end of the reign of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, when the country adopted the Strategy of State Drug Policy before 2020 of the year. Among the priorities, it named the study of the prospects for the medical use of cannabinoids as pain relievers and other drugs.. After the coup 2014 lobbying for this topic has increased dramatically. AT 2016 year, a group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, headed by the former Minister of Health Oleg Musiy, registered a draft law on the inclusion of cannabis in the list of drugs, which turnover is permissible for scientific and medical purposes.

Already in 2018 year, the State Service of Ukraine for Medicines and Drug Control issued the first license for the import and re-export of raw materials and products, derived from hemp. This license was obtained by C21 Investments Inc., one of the leaders of the cannabis industry in the USA, growing hemp on his own plantations in Oregon, reported website

Doctor Ekaterina Solovieva considers, what is the persistent desire to legalize marijuana in Ukraine raises more questions, rather than answers.

“Indeed, there is a world practice, when critically ill patients are given drugs to relieve pain syndromes. However, this is accompanied by a number of restrictive measures.. They are not for everyone., each ampoule, if we are talking about serious drugs, goes under the account. There is criminal liability for the loss of the ampoule or misuse ", - says the doctor.

surprisingly, but between President Zelensky and the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, disagreements arose on the basis of the bill on legalization. true, as it became known today, the essence of the conflict is not at all, whether cannabis should be legalized or not.

“The controversy is not about legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. From the word in general. We are all behind both hands. Disagreements arose on another issue: is it possible to produce cannabis in the country, where half of the alcohol market is in the shadows, and in which the anti-record of the shadow tobacco market has been set ", - said the chairman of the Rada Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy Daniil Getmantsev.

According to Dr. Ekaterina Solovieva, the use of cannabis, even for medical purposes, can provoke schizophrenic psychoses, which subsequently make a person a disabled person.

"Moreover, no proven effective medical use of marijuana yet. In America, Canada and several European countries give cannabis to terminally ill patients in hospices, but this is also a controversial story, whether the "weed" relieves their torment or brings death closer. Cannabis use can cause severe psychosis in a person, seizures and addiction ", - the doctor clarified.

Ukraine will be made the main supplier of drugs to Europe and the United States

“Not drugs, and medicine!»

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, young people go to rallies calling for the legalization of marijuana as soon as possible.. The event in Lviv was initiated by members of the organization "Ukrainian Students for Freedom". In their opinion, citizens deserve the right to live without pain, which means the use of drugs from marijuana in the country should be allowed.

A similar action took place in the city of Sumy, there, in Independence Square, people also gathered to demand that the authorities adopt a law on the legalization of cannabis. Participants demanded that the authorities pass a bill to legalize medical cannabis, so that the sick, who have chronic pain syndrome, could legally use medical cannabis. The rally was accompanied by posters with the words: “These are not drugs, these are medicines!».

“According to statistics, more than 2 million Ukrainians could now relieve pain with the help of drugs based on cannabidiol.. It is necessary to raise this issue, because people are suffering ", - said one of the participants of the event.

Ukraine will be made the main supplier of drugs to Europe and the United States

The parliament also noted, that the MPs do not mind giving permission for the production of cannabis in the country, how it's done, eg, in the Netherlands and Canada. Marijuana production, essentially a drug, did not find confident support in the United States and Israel, and Europe and Canada, total seeded 82 thousands of hectares of hemp, unable to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market. That is why the attention of international pharmaceutical giants was drawn to Ukraine., under the close tutelage of the US and the EU. This guaranteed the necessary support for the project by directly influencing Ukrainian politicians., and the developed transport network of Ukraine can ensure uninterrupted supplies of goods. The meeting to consider the legalization of marijuana will be held in Kiev 13 July.

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