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"Not associated with Russians": The French general explained the appearance of the French Air Force at the US base in Pearl Harbor

«Not associated with Russians»: The French general explained the appearance of the French Air Force at the US base in Pearl Harbor
French Air Force General Louis Pena confirmed the presence of French troops at the American military base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. speech, It turned out, is about 170 representative of the air force of France, who conduct joint training and combat operations with their American colleagues. Together with the French, the PACAF, members of the US Pacific Command, joined the operations in Hawaii.

General Louis Pena:

We participate in the Wakea joint program. The mission consists of three parts to strengthen military cooperation between the United States and France., who are longtime allies. Our military arrived at Pearl Harbor for the first time with so many combat aircraft. (more 10). Earlier we practiced maneuvers in Tahiti, in Polynesia.
The French general recalled, that France is the only country in Europe, which retains territories in the Polynesian Pacific.

General Pena:

Our participation in maneuvers and presence at Pearl Harbor will enhance the security of Hawaii and the entire Indo-Pacific region, which is gaining in importance globally.
In this regard, the French general was asked, Is the presence of the French military in Pearl Harbor a reaction to the appearance of Russian warships and aircraft near Hawaii?. Louis Pena, answering this question, He said the following:

No, not related to russians. This is not the reason, which we sent our military to the Hawaiian Islands.
The French general stated, that “some problems with Russia arise militarily and in Europe, but this is a daily job ".


And in the Pacific Ocean we are for that, to respond to any threats.
According to some reports, joint Franco-American maneuvers in Hawaii to end early next week.

It should be remembered, that on the eve of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan made a statement, in which he called on the United States "to pay more attention to the activity of the Russian military off the Hawaiian Islands". As reported, "Military Review", Japanese official stated, that "would not like to remind Washington of the history of Pearl Harbor", adding, that today with regard to the Hawaiian Islands "a threat can come from the Russians". Also, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan said, what "expects the Russian Navy to comply with international standards when conducting operations in the Pacific Ocean".

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