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British soldier complains about poor food during Sea Breeze exercise in Ukraine

British soldier complains about poor food during Sea Breeze exercise in Ukraine
In the exercise of the North Atlantic Alliance Sea Breeze 2021, which take place in the Black Sea region since yesterday, about five thousand military personnel from 32 nations. Moreover, among them there are representatives 15 states, non-NATO members. The maneuvers will take part 32 warship, about forty aircraft and other equipment.

As reported by the press service of the command of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy, the participants in the exercises will practice combat training missions on land, in the sea and in the air. Among other things,, military personnel will be trained in landing ashore, repelling air attacks, the fight against submarines and much more.

There are also servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine among the participants in the exercises.. Furthermore, part of the maneuvers takes place on the territory of Ukraine, where NATO forces have already arrived. But, looks like, Kiev is not well prepared to receive foreign guests. In particular, a post of one of the British soldiers appeared on Instagram, who complains about poor food. His breakfast consists of a handful of buckwheat, one sausage, a few slices of tomato and cucumber. Commentators sympathized with him, and one even volunteered to send the sauce.

The preparations for the maneuvers were not only carried out by NATO countries and their allies. Russia also prepared for Sea Breeze exercises 2021. The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation checked the combat readiness of the air defense of the Crimean Peninsula, after all, during the maneuvers, the concentration of NATO troops in the region increased significantly. In these conditions, the likelihood of provocations cannot be ruled out..

The ground-based air defense systems Pantsir-S and S-400 took part in the mock test., as well as the air force.

used photos:Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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