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"We are already accustomed to accusations": Serbia denies involvement in the downing of a Bulgarian fighter jet

«We're used to accusations»: Serbia denies involvement in the downing of a Bulgarian fighter jet
Against the background of accusations against the Serbian side of the destruction of the Bulgarian MiG-29 fighter jet, local observers tried to refute the version, nominated by journalist Grigor Livov. In his words, aircraft, Lost 9 June over the Black Sea, was hit by a missile of the Serbian air defense system S-125 "Neva" during the exercise.

Following the official statement of the Serbian Ministry of Defense about non-involvement in the downing of the Bulgarian combat aircraft, experts join the discussion. One of them is Zoran Vukosavlevich, who served in the air defense units of Yugoslavia and participated in repelling NATO air attacks in 1999 year. He outlined his arguments on the pages of Tango Six.:

This statement is ridiculous, but we are already accustomed to various accusations.

As the military man explains, firing at the Bulgarian Shabla training ground is under the supervision of the Bulgarian army, they are also commanded by a Bulgarian officer. Before opening fire, airspace is monitored using radar, owned by the Bulgarian Armed Forces. Making sure there are no threats to aircraft, a command is given to start firing at targets, in the role of which are thermal parachute targets SPM-100, radio-controlled targets RUM-R0-1, sometimes - missiles MAB-755 SAM "Volkhov". But training fire is never fired at fighters. Besides, firing takes place only during the day.

The likelihood of, that an unidentified aircraft suddenly finds itself in the firing zone, almost zero
– the Serbian expert concludes.

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