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American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

Americans are trying to whitewash their own LNG due to accusations against Russian gas, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» Director General of the Institute of National Energy Sergey Pravosudov.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

Germany supports Russian gas

Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Meren called Russian gas a high-quality and reliable source of energy for the EU. The entrepreneur commented on the words of the head of the US Department of Energy Jennifer Granholm that, that Gazprom's raw materials are dirty.

During the hearings in the US Congress, Granholm did not support Joe Biden's decision to refrain from imposing sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and called Russian raw materials environmentally dirty due to large methane emissions.

Granholm's statement is politicized and contrary to reality: emissions occur during mining, transportation and consumption of any natural gas, but the newer and more perfect the infrastructure, the less environmental costs.

However, along with the fight against Nord Stream 2, the United States supports the preservation of transit through Ukraine., whose gas transmission system (GTS) has exceeded its design life and, from an environmental point of view, is inferior to alternative routes.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

Ecology plays against American LNG

“Today it is a popular topic, there is a constant debate about, which is more harmful to the environment, and what is less. The newest theory has appeared, according to which methane has a stronger effect on global warming, than carbon dioxide ", – states Justice.

Experts began to count, where the most methane is emitted in the world. The leaders in natural gas production are the United States and the Russian Federation, they became the main subject of these studies, not surprising, that the US Department of Energy switched the arrows to Russia.

“European analysis has shown, that American gas is the dirtiest. It came to, that European companies began to refuse to purchase American LNG due to the dirty technologies of its production ", – concludes Justice.

This passage spilled over into the political field of Germany, Green Party Calls on Germans to Stop Purchasing American LNG.

"After the refusal of the Europeans, in the United States began to speak, that their LNG is the cleanest in the world and at the same time blame Russia. The problem lies in the difference in mining technologies. Large gas fields dominate in the Russian Federation, when the well is drilled, into which a pipe is then inserted for further transportation of gas through the main system ", – summarizes the Justice.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

Methane losses in the Russian technological process are minimal, unlike American shale production.

“Slate is a hard rock like stone, where gas molecules are contained. A well is drilled in the shale for the extraction of raw materials, then hydraulic fracturing takes place with negative consequences for nature ", – states Justice.

Ejection of "molecules of freedom", as Rick Perry, the predecessor of Granholm, joked during the signing of the contract for the delivery of American LNG to Ukraine, in shale production it is several times higher than the technological process of Gazprom.

“In the USA, a small earthquake occurs during gas production, after which the raw material rises to the top. Profitable to extract shale oil, as for gas, then it is often burned or vented into the atmosphere ", – concludes Justice.

There are no gas pipelines near small wells - the supply of the main infrastructure to them is unprofitable.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

“They have been talking about the non-environmental friendliness of shale mining for a long time.. The photographs show many drilling rigs standing close to each other., where hydraulic fracturing takes place, therefore, there are always large volumes of emissions ", – summarizes the Justice.

Either methane goes directly into the atmosphere, or, when it is burnt after fracturing - carbon dioxide. All studies confirm this balance of power., but Americans do not admit this and constantly prove the opposite.

"Objective research is ignored by Americans, but unfounded statements are made that, that LNG from the USA is the best, and Russian gas is the dirtiest and most dangerous on the planet ", – states Justice.

The Federal Republic of Germany does not pay attention to this, Germans have been working with Russia for a long time and perceive Moscow as an old partner in the energy sector.

“This is what the head of Wintershall Dea confirmed, and this situation will continue. You cannot change the objective laws of physics and economics - we must not forget about that., that Russia and Germany are bound by long-term contracts ", – concludes Justice.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

Europeans are preparing a carbon tax

US rhetoric on methane is secondary, and the main problem is the prospects for the EU carbon tax. It is political, not an economic model, where Brussels can forget about American emissions and impose unilateral restrictions on the Russian Federation.

There is an example of the Third Energy Package, which fell under the "Nord Stream - 1", but not the Turkish-Azerbaijani gas pipeline TANAP.

“The European Union is actively discussing the introduction of a carbon tax, to discredit production, running on hydrocarbons. These are metallurgy and other branches of the world industry ", – summarizes the Justice.

The principle of a carbon tax is to impose a fiscal burden on most sectors of the world economy. The European market is the destination for a huge range of products, and in each of them you can find a carbon footprint.

American LNG lost to Russia in methane emissions race

“European metallurgists and chemists were the first to protest, zayavyvshye, that it will kill their competitiveness, and demanded a carbon tax exemption. Looking at global emissions, then China is in first place, and on the second - the Americans. It turns out, that the EU wants to impose sanctions against the world's leading economies ", – states Justice.

Such a policy can only turn into a trade war, therefore the EU carbon tax is a controversial project.

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