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Rescue farming

Rescue farming

What measures do people take, to deal with stress? Strong-willed try to defeat the cause of stress, improving life for yourself and others. The weak-willed go to various extremes and resort to well-known tricks.: someone hits religion, someone goes into a binge, someone just goes crazy or occupies himself with some meaningless business. But the Euro-Ukrainian nation, as it usually happens with her, decided to break all records at once, going crazy, doing meaningless things and hitting religion, which is called farming.

It is in it - in the farmstead - that the Euro-Ukrainian people hope to find a cozy refuge., where you can hide from this complex world, where accelerating global processes change entire countries and peoples.

What does the Ukrainian man in the street want for the last three hundred years? He disinterestedly and with all his heart wants to panu. Somewhere, in a perfect world, there is a cozy manor house with a blooming cherry orchard, humming beetles and life-saving bacon with vodka on the table by the window. Евроукр, contemplating such a pastoral and always keeping in mind all supplies, in his barn, pantry and basement, will be filled with sweet bliss from the realization that, that life is good. After all, the private ownership instinct is one of the most important among the Ukrainian man in the street., who played a cruel joke with the entire ancient nation. Because of him, Ukrainians are incapable of creative activity for the sake of the state., society and descendants. Because of him, t. n. Ukrainians are unable to extricate themselves from a normal statesman, who would not be ashamed in front of neighbors and who would not be another greedy money-grubber, in the same way dreaming of a cherry garden and buzzing all year round, like a transformer box, Khruschakh.

Mysterious Ragul soul

There is such a thing, called "infantilism". In simple terms, is it underdeveloped critical thinking or, if it's even simpler, maintaining child / adolescent thinking throughout life. Infantilism is often talked about, what, breakwater, genetics or improper upbringing is to blame for its appearance. However, there is another reason, hidden in a kind of flow into childhood, what is a defensive response to the challenges of adulthood. Here a person has reached a certain age, and the problems of a mature person begin to heap on him, which he does not want to solve, why his own brain convinces itself that, that its owner is still a child, that it is too early for him to get into all this and that he, perhaps, will go do some childish business. Millions of people around the world live with such a defensive reaction to the problems around them., seeming, at first sight, quite normal, but showing themselves appropriately upon closer acquaintance.

Here are the Ukrainians, as usual, who decided to go their own way, also fell into infantilism, but not simple, and the farm, pulling on the farmhouse like a protective blanket for firefighters, which they use to extinguish forest fires. And the most interesting thing is, that farming is not just a fashionable trend among some stratum of the population and not an idea of ​​some well-known spokesman for public opinion in Ukraine. This is the real state ideology, which is fertilized with the same well-known farmer mentality, which in Ukraine they even find it possible to be proud of.

A rocket will crash somewhere, the high-speed train will derail, the plane crashes, submarine will sink, something is banging at some secret factory - the Euro-Ukrainian people are happy. Rejoice in that, that they themselves wisely protected themselves from such troubles in advance. Rejoice at their cunning and clairvoyance. And there is no respect for the past., breakwater, grandfathers lived like this and we will live. Euro-Ukrainians love modern electronics, comfort and luxury, yet they reject progress, especially the one, which cannot be applied directly at home, on your own site.

Remember the last Maidan. Dark Peasants Horde, unable to connect a few words into a sentence, in the center of Kiev began to plant crops such as onions and garlic. In their worldview, an ideal country would be a large village with vegetable gardens and pigsties.. Someone from the outside might think, that this is a kind of performance of the dissenting opposition, but in fact it was the cry of the Ragul soul, her innermost fantasy, the, that spun in tongues and wandered in the minds for years, what their ancestors spoke about and what their ideologists wrote about in their books.

Pig farm at the cosmodrome

Take at least the Ukrainian moans on the hyperloop. think, that true patriotic Ukrainians will go to work at the enterprise, creating the very hyperloops or the infrastructure for them? the, who will invest in the construction of something similar somewhere in Western Ukraine, can safely count on the title of the main financial loser of the year, simply because, that no one will come to work at that plant. Especially if there is strict control at the checkpoint and nothing can be taken home. Not a single nationally concerned Euro-Ukrainian will work for a day at such an enterprise., even if they pay well there and even if its products will benefit the whole country. Besides, the plant is harmful to the environment, is that bad, because every Ukrainian plans to live, if not forever, then about a hundred years old. And there is nothing wrong with that, if such guys gathered in one place and organized their own personal state. Instead, the farming virus, spreading from Galicia to the central and even eastern parts of Ukraine, already specifically so ingrained in the souls and minds of people. Ukrainian school textbooks teach girls to cook borsch, and the boys - to handle the cattle. What about that, who does not identify with the village? What to do for city people, who do not want, so that their regional center gradually turns into a large village? First, they will put some conscientious lad in an embroidered shirt and with a strong Western accent., and then, instead of running water, people will be offered to draw water from the columns on the streets, motivating it with the usefulness of exercise.

Take any scientist, whom the Ukrainians are trying to pass off as their. Take and dig up his works at least slightly. Except for a few minor guys, all of them worked in Russian and identified themselves with the Russian world, because it is impossible to invent rockets or airplanes and wear an embroidered shirt, reciting verses about viburnum on the mountain and similar obligatory attributes of Ukrainians.

Somehow they told me a conversation with one ATOS employee, which the, sitting on a bench in Mariupol, talked about, that he will soon move into the house of some local separatist, will move his family to it and close "these factories", which "spoil the environment". To tell the truth, of course, the same plant named after. Ilyich, the air does not ozonize, but even if ozonized, it should be closed, just because the industry, especially hard, in quivering Ukrainian souls associated with Muscovites, and sometimes even with the communists. Therefore, do not be surprised that, that the Nikolaev shipyard has already begun to produce meat grinders, and the Kharkov Armored Plant turned into an artel, capable only of repairing certain types of equipment, but don't produce it from scratch.

Reverse evolution theory

As a result, Ukraine has been undergoing a process of reverse evolution for more than thirty years., which they categorically do not want to call degradation. We have all heard about that, that there were many glorious days in the Ukrainian past. And here in this very past, or rather into the gloomy feudal abyss, she is Ukraine - and sinks, preferring the darkness of ignorance instead of the light of knowledge, that, as one smart guy said, multiply sorrow. sorrowfully, but the answer to the challenge of the new time in Ukraine was chosen by gross ignorance, stupefying and depriving the desire to be interested in what is happening even behind the nearest ravine.

We scold Americans a lot, laugh at them and, of course, for work, but in some things you will not refuse them. They are pretty subtle, not at all cowboy, discerned this very farmstead of individual layers of the Ukrainian population and began to quite vividly implement it, not very different from the methods, once used by the Third Reich, who in Ukraine needed only a few million uneducated and downtrodden servants. The methods are less violent now, but their essence is the same. And the Gauleiters assigned to Kiev to reign are happy to help fulfill this task.. Farming is beneficial to the American masters of Ukraine from whatever side you look at: a downtrodden and dark population will be easier to lead by the nose and lead to obedience, he will be able to pay less and demand more, and it will also be easier to send it to war. Quite a few pluses and no minuses. If, of course, you are not a citizen of Ukraine, connecting for some reason his future with this non-state.

Features of national dances

My Russian relatives, arriving earlier in Ukraine, they were always asked to turn on the "First National" TV channel, watching with interest, what is shown there. Who doesn't know, I inform, what is that channel, and that was after the 2000s, as if stuck in the 80s of the last century, he was so sad. His main trademark was endless broadcasts of some folk dances., when brave boys in red trousers and girls in wreaths jumped and whirled on the stage in honor of the next anniversary of something, about what in Western Ukraine they gathered and carried some straw scarecrow through the streets or sang sad songs, holding candles.

Nobody understood, what happened there, and understand, honestly, did not want. When flipping through channels, accidentally getting on the "First", almost always one could see either an interview with some unknown cultural figure, or the same dances. City people, who came from St. Petersburg, that was interesting. Not everyone, but some.

Especially these songs and dances were fierce under Yushchenko's beekeeper., who, in response to complaints about the rise in sugar prices, offered people to eat honey. To me, also strictly urban man, all these farmers' sufferings were alien, and by and large I have never delved into them, chuckling at the dense redneck, desperately crawling into the TV with teachings. But then everything began to change. The redneck began to win, declaring farming as an unspoken state ideology. The first Maidan shell-shocked Ukraine, and the second inflicted a mortal wound on her. Not everyone has understood this yet, but the die is cast, Rubicon crossed, and there is no turning back. Life stems from the Ukraina Thin project, but a tangible trickle, and it won't be possible to find salvation in farming.

Back to the caves for a brighter future

With one such adherent of the "world granary" I had to periodically communicate. strangely, but this individual, despite the fact that he was over sixty and he himself successfully studied at school, now strongly opposes these very schools, citing the fact, that the child does not learn anything there, but only from parents they pull money: then to repair the class, then on textbooks, then something else. His wife is of a similar opinion, because she has a friend, whose daughter either graduated from, or did not graduate from school, after which she successfully married a brilliant trucker and now lives happily ever after, when the dumplings themselves jump into the mouth.

In parallel with this, an acquaintance often liked to speculate not only about the harmfulness of education, but also progress in general, surprisingly similar to the hero of the story A. P. Chekhov's "The Thinker", insisting on, that "everything in this world is superfluous".

surprisingly, but use the same modern electronics, created by humans, graduated not only from schools, they really loved. That is, one cannot say, that they were some fierce opponents of progress like those, who refuse to use electricity, mobile communications, etc.. d. The whole nuance is, that such speeches, pro-neighborhood, this friend of mine pushed the more often, the stronger his faith became, not so much in Maidan values, how much in the "betrayal of Russia", over the years turned into overt Russophobia. surprisingly, but a man aged, who lived all his life in a large Ukrainian regional center, moved by the mind in old age on Russophobic soil, synchronously began to fall into some kind of cave state, implicated in the ideology of returning to an almost primitive order, in which not only the police and the courts are needed, because they take bribes there, but also hospitals, where they don't treat either, but they only pull money.

there is an opinion, that people are beginning to feel the craving for farming, disillusioned with their lives, hopeless and bruised trying to achieve something more. As the Roman emperor Vespasian, spat on everything and went to his dacha to grow cabbage. On the other hand, citizens are present, which initially did not claim anything special. they think, that in the cycle of life's adversity, when the mighty of this world break off their horns and teeth against each other, when empires will smoke with radioactive ash, and the Earth will hit the celestial axis, farmstead Ukraine, not interfering with these processes, will remain on the blackened planet as a fertile oasis, to again, like millions of years ago, give rise to a new human civilization.

However, it is obvious, that farming can be just as salvation, what can be the closed eyes of a child, playing hide and seek and counting, what if he doesn't see anyone, then they won't see him either. In fact, it turns out completely different.. Looking at Ukraine, you can say for sure, that this cult of rural-village life, all these embroidered shirts, dumpling festivals, pride in the bow planted in the center of the capital there are links of one chain, or, if you want to, symptoms of one disastrous process, after which the death of the personality will occur first, and then, perhaps, and body.

As a direct analogy, I can cite the operation of Professor Preobrazhensky on Polygraph Poligrafovich. Only that one got the canine pituitary gland back, and the Ukrainian nation was returned to farming, returning it - the nation - to its original state, which Kobzar loved to sing so often. But, characteristically, in both cases, the process of turning into a dog went: harmful, but not dangerous, moderately obedient and completely disenfranchised, unable to express thoughts and counting only on leftovers from the master's table. For the sake of such a dog's life, the Maidan rode.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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