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UEC has developed new gas turbine engines to replace the Ukrainian projects for DKVP "Zubr" and "Murena"

UEC has developed new gas turbine engines to replace the Ukrainian projects for DKVP "Zubr" and "Murena" 0
Russia has developed a replacement for Ukrainian gas turbine engines for air-cushion landing ships (DKVP) projects “Zubr” and “Moorea”. The development was carried out by the enterprises of the UEC.

reportedly, the work was carried out for three years on the basis of the M70FRU GTE. During this time, it was possible to develop new modifications of the engine and units., which allows you to completely replace Ukrainian power plants with DKVP, including reversible motors.

New samples are completely ready for serial production, several copies of the engines have already been manufactured and are ready for installation on the projects' DKVP 12061 “Moorea” and 12322 “Zubr”, TASS reports with reference to the words of the Deputy General Director – UEC General Designer Yuri Shmotin.

Currently, the Russian Navy has two MDKVP projects 12322 “Zubr” — “Mordovia” and “Evgeny Kocheshkov”, part of the Baltic Fleet, landing craft project 12061 “Moorea” in the Navy there is.

Hovercraft project 12322 type “Zubr” It has a length 57 meters and a width 20 m. displacement is 535 tonnes, sediment - 2 m. It is equipped with high-temperature gas turbine engines, which provide an air cushion vehicle through four 2.5-meter propellers, and set in motion his lead three more screws with a variable angle of attack and diameters 5,5 m. The ship is capable of speeds in 70 sites or 130 kmh.

Project 12061 “Moorea” – amphibious hovercraft. The boat is designed to receive a shore equipped or unequipped military equipment and personnel forward detachments sea landings, transport them by sea, landing on unequipped coast and fire support.

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