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Ukraine's purchase of a batch of F-16 is more dangerous, than meets the eye

Ukraine's purchase of a batch of F-16 is more dangerous, than meets the eye

The Ukrainian Air Force can still acquire F-16 multipurpose fighters, what has Kiev been dreaming of for the last few years. As reported by foreign media, the proposal was made by the manufacturer Lockheed Martin, which is ready to provide airplanes, new or used, taking into account the wishes of the customer. The decision is clearly political, following the announcement of President Joe Biden on the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. What will be the consequences of the appearance of a squadron of "American falcons" near the Russian borders??

According to the specialized publication Defense Blog, United States Ready to Help Ukrainian Air Force Renew Its Fleet:Ukraine seeks to modernize its air force. In this regard, the proposed aircraft F-16 Block 70/72, which will allow her to carry out such modernization in the best possible way.
The Air Force of Independence is in a state of systemic crisis today.. It should be noted, that at one time it was the Americans who helped in the accelerated disarmament of this former Soviet republic, which inherited huge stocks of weapons and a developed military infrastructure. So, with their active assistance, Kiev got rid of its own Long-Range Aviation, "Strategists" Tu-160 and Tu-22. From the previous 1100 aircraft left a little more than two hundred, including front-line bombers Su-24, light front-line fighters MiG-29, Su-27 interceptor fighters and Su-25 attack aircraft. At the same time, most of these aircraft are not operational due to significant technical wear and tear.. Repair parts are not supplied from Russia, and Nezalezhnaya simply does not have the ability to independently produce new ones. In fact, The Ukrainian Air Force is at risk of simply ending its existence, having finally developed the resource of the existing aircraft. We can not say, that they don't realize it in Kiev. They have been asking the price of American planes for a long time., not only to the F-16, but even to the F-35 and F-22. true, everyone understands, that modern airplanes are too expensive for poor Ukraine, and no one will be involved in charity work in the USA. Nevertheless, Lockheed Martin offered fourth-generation F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters for the Independent Air Force.. If the Ukrainian authorities agree, they put themselves in a difficult position.At first, American aircraft, even used, expensive enough. At one time, the United States tried to foist eight F-16s into the Bulgarians at a price of 1,26 billion. And this is not all waste. Aged fighters still have to be regularly repaired., buying spare parts from the manufacturer. A flight hour of such an aircraft is more expensive., than the Soviet fighter. Brother, Yes, weaponry, all these missiles and bombs, you will also have to purchase from American partners.Secondly, it is impossible to just switch to the operation of foreign military equipment. You will also have to rebuild the entire infrastructure for them., hangars and so on.Thirdly, you still have to spend a lot on training pilots and all maintenance personnel. probably, in this matter, Ukraine will have to turn to Poland for help, where the American F-16 and Soviet MiG-29s peacefully coexist in the Air Force. The result is a rather dubious story.. Warsaw, actively developing economy, can afford such experiments, but for Kiev, the transition to American fighters risks turning into another financial "black hole". Besides, there are questions about the advisability of such rearmament. We are not going to indiscriminately mock the F-16, this fourth generation fighter is a serious combat aircraft. But let's be realistic: even a couple of dozen "American falcons" will not be able to change the balance of power in the sky in the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. Weight categories are too disparate. And against whom, if not against our country, in general such aircraft will be purchased?The acquisition of the F-16 Fighting Falcon will have less practical, how much symbolic meaning. Kiev will once again prove its loyalty to Washington, as well as readiness to transfer its Armed Forces to NATO standards. This tendency is dangerous.. So, also in 2019 year about Ukraine's desire to buy AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, fighters of the fourth generation F-16 Fighting Falcon and anti-missile systems MIM-104 Patriot wrote a specialized edition of the Ukrainian Military Pages. And now, from words, the parties began to get down to business.. Besides, Kiev has already bought a batch of Bayraktar TB2 attack drones from Turkey, and also agreed on the construction at Turkish shipyards of four corvettes of the "Ada" type for the needs of the Navy. Jokes jokes, but Ukraine is gradually building up its offensive potential and is increasingly turning into an anti-Russian military foothold for the North Atlantic Alliance. What price will Nezalezhnaya itself pay for it in the end?, in the USA nobody cares.

Sergey Marzhetsky

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