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NATO is our enemy seriously and for a long time

NATO is our enemy seriously and for a long time

On Monday in Brussels, NATO heads of state met under the motto “when Biden is coming, Biden will judge us ". I arrived, judged and showed the mischievous was under Trump France and Germany their place.

NATO Strategic Concept adopted before 2030 of the year. Russian Federation declared key enemy. quote: «Russia's aggressive actions threaten Euro-Atlantic security».

Plaintext ask: what aggressive actions? Can, we invite Baden or Alsace to join a military alliance? We deploy missile defense installations near the borders of the SGA, capable of transforming into attack missile systems in a few minutes? We send instructors and weapons to the regions bordering on the SGA? And before that, we are perpetrating a pro-Moscow coup d'etat under the leadership of our entire diplomatic corps with cookies and airplanes, clogged with cash?

No? Who? Thief, screaming "stop the thief", - a well-working classic. Quoting from the final document:

“While NATO is committed to its international obligations, Russia continues to violate values, principles, trust and commitment, fixed in approved documents, constituting the foundation of NATO-Russia relations ".

Plaintext ask: what, NATO is not rearming? What commitments do thousands of teachings at our borders meet?, when the delivered military equipment does not return to the places of permanent deployment, but stays in place, forming more and more military bases? And in the laws of the main NATO country - SGA - the Russian Federation is officially called the enemy. Well, NATO not only does not love us. The final declaration of the meeting clearly states:

“China's growing influence and foreign policy can pose challenges, to which we should find the answer together, as an alliance ".

In response, it was decided to create a fund to support companies, working on breakthrough dual-use technologies. Until - 250 billions of dollars.

Plaintext ask: comes, North America and Western Europe are already lagging behind us and China in technology? This is the undoubted reason for NATO's current plans. They need to destroy us, we - to survive. Just like during the Cold War. swimming, we know ...

Anatoly Wasserman

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