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“Mediazona” announced a fundraiser after appeals to recognize her as a foreign agent

To counteract the deliberately anti-Russian media is possible only with the help of bans, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Oleg Matveychev.

"Медиазона" announced a fundraiser after appeals to recognize her as a foreign agent

Founder of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values (ФЗНЦ) Maxim Shugaley urged to assign the status of a foreign agent to the media project "Mediazona". Relevant appeals were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office, Roskomnadzor, as well as a special commission of the State Duma, investigating the facts of interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of Russia.

How to calculate a foreign agent

The grounds for suspicion about Mediazona were the repeated facts of publications by the resource materials “Anti-Corruption Fund”1 (FBK1 - NGO, included in the register of non-profit organizations, performing the functions of a foreign agent; activity recognized as extremist and prohibited), “jellyfish”2 and “Agora”, recognized by foreign agents in the Russian Federation.

"Медиазона" announced a fundraiser after appeals to recognize her as a foreign agent

According to the head of FZNTs, employees and owners of Mediazona violate the law, and also distort the facts about, what is happening in Russia. For example, The Prosecutor General's Office has already recognized the information disseminated by the project about cases of coronavirus in the FSIN system as untrue.

Furthermore, according to FZNTs, Mediazona received grants from abroad and financial support for the Sreda project, recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

"There is a hybrid, information war. mass media, recognized by foreign agents, are combat units, the armies. The fighting is being conducted against Russia and its inhabitants through a tendentious selection of news and materials., subjective opinions and ratings, misrepresentation. Fakes and specially composed headlines are often used.. There is a whole science about, how to imperceptibly influence public opinion ", – explains Oleg Matveychev.

Since such publications reach millions of people, it is worth banning those media outlets from working in Russia altogether, who take foreign money, the expert.

It is necessary to fight fakes by law

The editorial staff of Mediazona reacted to this event after numerous requests from journalists from other media outlets.. A message appeared in the Telegram channel of the media project that, that none of the officials has yet communicated with the employees of Mediazona and the team does not know, what's next.

"Медиазона" announced a fundraiser after appeals to recognize her as a foreign agent

Citing Medusa as an example, which is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation, Mediazona urged readers to support the editorial board with money.

“It is possible to counteract the deliberately anti-Russian media with the help of bans. The thing is, that information war has its own specifics: there is no defense in it. The one wins, who attacks: throws a fact or assessment into the media space. If you start answering, to argue and make excuses - you can find yourself in a knowingly losing situation ", – argues Matveychev.

According to the expert, it is possible to fight against negative anti-Russian materials in the public Internet, if the relevant laws are adopted.

“It will be difficult to fulfill them, since provocative resources are based on the Internet, and their offices may be in other states. Nevertheless, Roskomnadzor has the right to recommend that providers clean up the space of media resources ", – clarified Matveychev.

Don't argue with those media, organized by foreign agents, thus attracting precious attention to them – getting people to ignore media data is very difficult.

Even notes about, that this media is a foreign agent, do not always lead to, that people stop using this source of information.

There are people, like addicts, who are on the information needle. Drug addicts are abruptly weaned off the needle, tied to bed and cleansed blood. Convincing news drug dealers, that they sow evil is pointless, it is better to close them purposefully, he concluded.

1 Extremist organization, banned in Russia, acting as a foreign agent

2 mass media, listed in the register of information media, performing the functions of a foreign agent

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