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Amnesty International: hidden meaning of existence

Amnesty International: hidden meaning of existence

AT 2021 the year is exactly 60 years since the inception of such a well-known human rights organization as “Amnesty international” (Amnesty International – AI). Everything about this organization is so strange and unusual., that I consider it possible to pay a little attention to the processes, prior to its appearance, development and activities at the present stage.

The official version of the appearance of this organization is as follows: at 1960 Peter Benenson, an English lawyer, was on the London Underground and read an article in a newspaper about Portuguese students, who were put in jail for a toast to freedom. AT 1961 year he and his friends wrote an article called “Forgotten prisoners”, which was sent to the newspaper “The Observer”. The article was published. Campaign to protect prisoners begins, who ended up in prison for political, racial, religious and similar motives. In the same 1961 year this campaign ended with the creation of the organization “Amnesty international”.

clear, that we will never know the truth about, who and how came up with the idea of ​​creating such an organization. obviously, that the organization was created by the British, in the interests of the British and with the help of the British government. But why try to make fools of all? Who will believe that, that this British lawyer got so mad about the fate of some Portuguese students. Generally, the reasons for advocacy were at that time a huge number. In the United States, slavery still existed. (although it was called segregation). Some European countries still had colonies. The United States pursues an aggressive policy towards an entire state – Cuba due to, that this state wants to live independently. But the British lawyer of this in the papers, apparently, did not read. Someone found a reason (as it seemed to him, good) – arrest of students, to legalize the organization, who will poke her nose into affairs around the world.

Further development of the situation shows, that the organization was founded by more than just human rights activists, and lawyers, behind which were some influential forces. How else to explain, that the organization, established in 1961 year, to 1964 year received not only worldwide fame, but also international recognition – consultative status with the UN, establishing links with other international structures. The number of employees in the organization grew extremely fast. A clear organizational structure was quickly formed, which made it possible to cover the whole world in the framework of the alleged human rights activities. Why activities cannot be considered real human rights? But because this organization did not provide any real help even to the same notorious Portuguese students. Lawyers were not sent to them, did not help to draw up an appeal to some international structures. May be, would help, if they were really innocent. But no, the British lawyer continued to test “sickening feeling of powerlessness” and develop the structure of an already international organization, create offices in all countries of the world, collect information, make scandals, make a fuss and write reports. apparently, these reports were written not only for publication, but also for some other services, who had a hand in its creation. No wonder “Amnesty international” in the USSR was accused of espionage. At all, AI activities in the USSR and Russia – this is history, deserving separate consideration.

For this activity “Amnesty international” received good funding, which they called and is called donations. This is very familiar to modern Russia.. Funding scheme for various organizations, whose real activity is at odds with the declared, persists to this day. Donates are called.

Summing up 60 years of existence of this organization, there is one main conclusion to be drawn: a global experiment to create an international structure, which, under the guise of human rights activities, will collect information and create structures of influence in different countries was successful. In whose interests does it act “Amnesty international”, I think, we will not be able to know for sure until then, until real sources of funding for this organization are discovered, but even then there will be no great surprise.

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