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"Will be able to replace Soviet cars": in Belarus developed the BTR-V2

«Will be able to replace Soviet cars»: in Belarus developed the BTR-V2
Belarusian enterprise MZKT intends to present its latest development - armored personnel carrier BTR-V2. Its demonstration is expected at the MILEX-2021 forum, whose work is about to begin 23 June.

BTR-V2 in the future will be able to replace such Soviet combat vehicles, like BMD-1, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-70 and BTR-80, in service with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus
– declared in the Military Industrial Committee of the country.

The new armored personnel carrier with a wheel arrangement of 8 × 8 is also designated as MZKT-690003. Its total mass is 19,9 tonnes. Chinese engine WP13.480A0 power 480 HP. and a hydromechanical six-speed gearbox of local development make it possible to develop a speed of up to 110 km / h and up 10 km / h when crossing water obstacles afloat.

The armored hull is all-welded. The level of protection is not named. Suspended floor and seats, which accommodate personnel inside the car, absorb shock wave. To monitor targets, TNPA-170A devices are installed. Armament is represented by a 30-mm cannon 2A42 with stabilization in two planes, 7,62-mm machine gun PKT, as well as ATGM.

The number of the crew is 3 man, landing - 8 fighters. There is a hinged lip at the rear of the car for their exit..

It is assumed, that on the basis of the BTR-V2 heavier equipment will be created with additional hinged armor protection weighing from 20 to 40 tonnes, not floatable.

Author:Evgeny Lyushilin
used photos:Site of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus

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