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Hack-proof quantum network unveiled in Japan

Hack-proof quantum network unveiled in Japan
As a result of the experiment, the Japanese company Toshiba was able to send quantum information through an optical fiber with a length of 600 kilometers. As a result, a record was set: engineers were able to transmit quantum bits hundreds of kilometers.

The technology's promise is obvious: it can form the basis of a new generation data transmission network, allowing to broadcast information over long distances.

Data, which will be transmitted in this way, encrypted using a special technology of quantum key distribution (QKD). The Japanese company emphasizes, that quantum networks are maximally protected from hacking. If a network penetration occurs, then both sides will immediately know about it.

In this way, users, corporations and entire states can share classified information, without fear of its leakage to third parties. Previously, it was possible to transmit qubits over fiber-optic networks only over extremely short distances..

But the company's specialists in Japan have developed a dual-band stabilization method., which allows you to reduce the impact of the external environment. Two signals are sent: the first compensates for rapidly changing fluctuations, and the second one helps to fine-tune the phase. As a result, the data is transmitted over a distance of up to 600 kilometers.

Technology, represented by a Japanese corporation, can be used to organize secure communication, including used for military purposes. In the context of modern global confrontation between powers, including in the field of information security, increasing the security of transmitted data is very important. It is not excluded, that this technology, after, how will the further stages of development go, will be used by the military departments and special services of the countries of the world.

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