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"Bidder for the supply to Egypt": Ukrainian MBT BM "Oplot" will be shown at the exhibition "Arms and Security – 2021»

"Bidder for the supply to Egypt": Ukrainian MBT BM "Oplot" will be shown at the exhibition "Arms and Security - 2021»0
Ukrainian tank T-84 BM “stronghold” will be demonstrated at the International Exhibition “Arms and Security – 2021”, which will be held in Kiev with 15 by 18 June 2021 of the year. This is stated in the message “Ukrspetsexport”.

Tank “stronghold”, from the purchase of which the Ukrainian Armed Forces refused to 2019 year, will be shown to the general public. celebrated, that the show of the tank will be held for the first time, earlier at the exhibition, heavy armored vehicles were not shown.

The reason for showing this particular tank in “Ukrspetsexport” did not explain, but it is assumed, that Ukraine intends to once again offer this tank for export, because the “stronghold” single tank, which foreign armies managed to supply, in particular, 49 MBT T-84 were delivered to Thailand.

This version is the fact, that in April this year the tank “stronghold” and capacities for its production at the Kharkov plant named after. Malyshev was shown to the Egyptian delegation, who came to Ukraine. As stated at the enterprise itself, Cairo considers Ukrainian tank as one of the contenders for the supply of the Egyptian army. At the same time, the main competitor “stronghold” named Russian MBT T-90S.

Tank “stronghold” is a modernized version of the T-80 main battle tank, adopted for service in the USSR in 1976 year. Currently in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian sources, are 6 tanks T-84U “stronghold” as part of the 14th mechanized brigade. In June 2019 of the year the Ukrainian Armed Forces refused the order “bastion” due to the presence of Russian components in the design.

by the way, in February of this year, the plant named after. Malysheva received a contract for the construction of one BM tank “stronghold” specially for exhibitions and parades.

used photos:”Ukrspetsexport "

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