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Keys to the world

Keys to the world

I decided, dear comrades, make a confession, almost a kind of political coming out: I agree with the thesis of Ukrainian nationalists, claiming, that Putin has the keys to peace in Donbass.

If anyone did not know, this is such a rather popular mantra in / in Ukraine, which is used every time, when it is necessary to explain the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities in the implementation of the Minsk agreements. I remember, even the local president, Pan Zelensky, once blurted out something about 90 percent dependence on the will of the Kremlin in the further development of the situation in the southeastern borders of Ukraine. Based on elementary mathematical calculations in the framework of the school course for the fifth grade, obtained, that Vladimir Alexandrovich left for himself only miserable 10 percent. well yes, this is a responsibility, this is not royalties from the "creations" of the "95th quarter" in Russia to receive, here the less, all the better.

And yet I will repeat again, with this approach I, strange as it may sound, generally agree. Here are just the meaning of thinking about the very "keys to the world", we with the apologists of independent Ukraine put different.

After all, they believe and, need to say, believe very sincerely? If Putin "withdraws Russian troops from there", will order the leadership of the LPR and DPR to politically "self-destruct" and return the brave descendants of Bandera's control over the Donbass section of the Russian-Ukrainian border, then grace will immediately come in its original embroidery understanding. Well, they see it that way, I am not guilty.

But what really? But in fact, everything is different a little less, than completely. At first, it is impossible to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of the LPNR for that simple, but for an unbreakable reason, that they are not there and never were. It is only in the wet fantasies of Kiev politicians that the state-run "cyborgs" have been opposing the "horde from the East" for the eighth year, defending the whole of Europe with their fat-grown bodies from a terrible threat.

Any sane and impartial observer, having the opportunity to see firsthand, what is the Russian army in reality, on the example of the same Syria, understands, that the mythical Russian-Ukrainian war, start it really, would last a week, Well, maximum two. it, by the way, know not only in Europe itself, where the other day they directly stated, that they do not consider Russia a party to the conflict, but also in Ukraine, as recently as April of this year, who lost her peace and sleep in anticipation of a real, and not a ghostly invasion of the 150,000-strong group of the Russian army. This is not your language on the air of endless talk shows on Ukrainian channels., there are already many, excuse me, had to change underwear.

Secondly, leadership of the People's Republics, as, properly, and the republics themselves, pretty much depends on Russia, it's true, but to present them as such obedient "puppets of the Kremlin", how the current Ukrainian politicians are enthusiastically doing it, the height of stupidity and shortsightedness. In any case, Pasechnik and Pushilin have no less political will and independence, than Zelensky and his gop-company in relations with the United States and the "seven-embassy". I would even venture to suggest, that the unrecognized LDNR at this historical stage have much greater sovereignty, than Ukraine recognized by all and sitting in the UN.

And therefore the question of "transferring" the border, like all other questions, Kiev would have to deal with Luhansk and Donetsk, and not with Moscow. At least for that simple reason, that Moscow is responsible for its border territory, Russian, and Ukraine has nothing to do with it. And here are the border pillars, previously controlled by Kiev, are now in the land of the People's Republics, and with all claims you need to contact them, not to Putin.

Well, third, about "vyshyvanka grace", which still does not come through fault, as convinced in Kiev, "Damned Muscovites" with their insidious intrigues. Everything is much more complicated and much sadder here.. The problem of political Ukrainians and their independent leadership is, that at all times and in any geopolitical scenario, choosing an ally (read, lord), Ukraine has always relied on a loser.

I don’t know, what kind of curse is this and why it turns out that way, but any, under whom the local ruling elite (I note, against the will of the people), figuratively speaking, tried to lie down, ended up not just losing, but actually on the brink of destruction. Little of, being before the start of relations with this Eastern European "black widow" among the great powers, as their relationship deepened, they slipped into a remote provinciality, from which then they could never get out.

So it was with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, as a result of the union absorbed by Poland, and with the Commonwealth, which inherited these lands from the ON, and with Sweden, possessed on the eve of the Battle of Poltava 1709 the strongest army in Europe, and with the German Empire, actually annexed Ukraine during the period of revolutionary confusion and vacillation.

Poland paid for this political misalliance in three sections, Sweden forever lost its status as a European leader and finally moved to the margins of world politics, The second German Reich was reborn as the monster of the Third Reich, lost something about 40 percent of its territory and forever remained with the shameful stigma of the main European scarecrow. What the once proud Lithuania turned into with its claims to the succession of Ancient Russia, speak, I think, not worth it. Not every graduate of a European and even more so an American school will accurately find it on the map..

And it's not that Ukraine as such was the cause of their failures.. No, in fact she was no more, than the "black mark", like some kind of cancer, devouring healthy organisms of empires alien to her.

You ask, what about Russia? Why am I not talking about her? It's simple: Until a certain period, Russia had nothing to do with any "Ukraine". Russian state, restoring in 1654 historical justice, returned to its composition and almost 300 years of living in perfect harmony not with "Ukraine", and with Little Russia, and this, with all the external similarity, is still, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.

And only when the founding fathers of the USSR decided to turn part of the Russian people into obscure "Ukrainians", the annihilation mechanism was launched, which predetermined the fate of the first proletarian state.

you can say, that all this is speculation, some kind of metaphysics. Can, so, but nevertheless the scheme is working, and in another way in history there was and will not be. In the place of the EU and the USA, I would think three times, before continuing your "Ukrainian game". However, process, as the saying goes, it's already gone and the clock is ticking, inexorably approaching the inevitable result.

But not only random political partners of Ukraine received their portion of the blows of fate.. Surrendering without love for these eternal "buns with cookies", nezalezhnaya each time barely alive got out from under the ruins of their yesterday's "benefactors". And every time she was saved by the same Russia, which in the heads of modern political Ukrainians appears to be almost the main nightmare, the main reason for their endless failures.

but alas, the reason is completely different: it is in the painful infantilism of the Ukrainian leadership and the population obediently listening to it and in their pathological thirst for freebies. All current whims, tantrums, Kiev's grievances and accusations against Western partners who did not meet its expectations are related to the fact, that in Ukraine, probably, than anywhere else, extremely strongly developed blind faith in the "wizard in the blue helicopter", who, by definition, is obliged to fly in and solve everything.

And explain to them, what a children's song, which became the motto of the project "Ukraine", that's what the nursery is, which expresses only a pipe dream, fairy tale, simply impossible. As well as it is useless to try to convince them that, that no one owes them anything, besides themselves. And if they want to live happily "in their God-given country", then you should not stand on the porch with an outstretched hand or, even worse, on panels, offering myself to that, who will promise more, and roll up your sleeves and do, according to the precepts of Professor Preobrazhensky, "cleaning sheds", direct business.

Unfortunately, life and even political convictions of the modern inhabitants of the "404 country" are based on the principle "if reality does not correspond to my idea of ​​it, so much the worse for reality ". And so they have already joined the EU and NATO., well, or at least they are about to join. Because they know for sure, that "the whole world is with them". That is why they heroically defeat the "Putin hordes" every day., and Donbass and even Crimea sleep and see, how to return to the great and mighty Ukraine.

But the "keys to the world" are in Putin's pocket, they themselves are talking about it. And there is, sooner or later the same will happen to Donbass, what happened to Crimea in March 2014 of the year, and the time frame for this dream of the majority of Donetsk residents, which they confirmed in their impromptu referendum in the same 2014, depends solely on the will of the Russian leadership, and not on 90 percent, as Pan Zelensky believes, but for everything 100.

Furthermore, this notorious formula of Ukrainian "patriots" has another meaning, about which they, in their feeble mind, do not even know: the president of Russia is indeed the keeper of the keys to the world in both meanings of the word "peace". The world is not only Russian, the world in general. And in this, apparently, the main historical destination of Russia.

Alexey Belov,

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