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US Navy sends USS Laboon URO destroyer to the Black Sea (DDG58)

US Navy sends USS Laboon URO destroyer to the Black Sea (DDG58)
The United States intends to increase its military presence in the Black Sea region. As reported by the Sixth Fleet on its Twitter page, another American destroyer sent to the Black Sea.

according to the report, this time the USS Laboon DDG58 destroyer will ensure free shipping and safety in the Black Sea. The timing of the location of the ship and participation in specific exercises or events were not disclosed, but stresses, that the American fleet regularly conducts operations in the Black Sea along with “allies and partners”.

Destroyer URO USS Laboon (DDG-58) is an 8 ship in a series of 21 class ship “Arleigh Burke”. Laid down in March 1992 of the year, launched in February 1993, transferred to the US Navy in March 1995 of the year.

total displacement – 8775 tonnes. Length overall – 154 m, width – 20 m, draft – 9,4 m. Travel speed over 30 knots. Cruising range 4400 miles at 20 sites. Crew 281 human, including 33 officer.

The main armament – KR “Tomahawk”, ЗУР RIM-66 SM-2 “Standard-2”, ПЛУР the ROOM 139 ASROC, PKR “spear”. Has two universal launchers on 29 (nose) and 61 (stern) cell. Besides, there is one AU Mark 45. Mod. 3/54 caliber 127 mm, two 6-barreled 20-mm assault rifles “Phalanx”. Can carry a helicopter.

This destroyer is not the first to visit the Black Sea, at 2015 year he conducted exercises with the Romanian Navy and visited Georgia, for some reason passing by Ukraine. This time, most likely, He will visit Odessa, since Ukraine and Georgia – these are the main partners of the United States in the Black Sea, helping “contain Russian aggression”.

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