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Readers in Chinese media: Recently in the USA they said, that the hypersonic "Vanguards" of the Russians – fiction, now they are going to confront them

Readers in Chinese media: Recently in the USA they said, that hypersonic «Vanguards» Russian - fiction, now they are going to confront them
In the Chinese press comments on the statement of representatives of the US military department on the need to consider increasing funding for strategic aviation to "respond to the threat of Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons".

At a congressional hearing, U.S. Air Force spokesman David S. Nahom said, that now it is necessary to revise the approach to the decommissioning of aircraft B-1B. According to him, decommission these bombers, along with B-2 Spirit, would be appropriate only if, when will the troops begin to receive the latest strategic aviation B-21 Raider. But the "Raiders" will not be in the US Air Force until 2026 of the year.

Against this background, representatives of the Pentagon are calling for an increase in funding for work in the framework of strategic aviation, pointing out, that Russia already has hypersonic missile systems in service. First of all, it is pointed to the "danger of the development of strategic missile systems of the Russian Federation and China".

The Chinese edition of Sina draws attention to the statements of representatives of the American generals, pointing out, that "countering hypersonic weapons suddenly turned out to be among the priority needs in the United States". IN USA, as the Chinese author writes, "Problems with logic, if they are going to counteract hypersonic weapons by increasing funding for the strategic component of the Air Force ".

Noteworthy comments from readers of Chinese media:

I remember perfectly, what more recently they said in the USA, that the Russians have no hypersonic missiles, as well as China, no. spoke, that all the "Daggers", Avangards and our newest Dongfeng – fiction of propagandists. And now they are already asking for money to counter these hypersonic weapons..
Really, great logic: “There is still no full-fledged hypersonic weapon in the world, but we need money, to counter such weapons of Russia and China ".
Do I understand them correctly: they ask for an extra billion dollars for a strategic bomber, which for some reason should be the answer to Moscow's hypersonic weapons?
Earlier in the Western media there was information that, what is joe biden going to 16 June in Geneva to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin, first of all, the newest and most promising weapons, which appeared (appear) in service with the Russian army. Biden wants to bring this weapon under one of the offensive arms reduction clauses (SNV).

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