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American expert “recognized” the Russian Su-57 as “the worst fifth generation fighter on the planet”

US expert «recognized» Russian Su-57 «worst fifth generation fighter on the planet»
In the United States, the Russian Su-57 “recognized” “worst” of all existing fifth generation fighters on the planet. Another American expert came to this conclusion., veteran of the United States Marine Corps Alex Hollings.

In his article for the Sandboxx blog, Hollings wrote, that currently only three countries have fifth generation fighters – is US, China and Russia. Accordingly, the Americans – F-22 Raptor и F-35 Lightning II, the Chinese – J-20 and Russia – Su-57.

According to the expert, the best fighters of the fifth generation, of course, the US. China still has “so is”, and the Russians -“worst”. According to him, best fighter – this is the F-22 Raptor, Chinese J-20 is inferior to him because of engines, but when will receive new, the “will come closer”. F-35 Lightning II expert named “incredibly tricky flying supercomputer”, but inferior to the F-22 and J-20 in maneuverability and range.

He called the Russian Su-57 the most “inconspicuous”, but he stressed, what “fighter – it is not only the effective scattering area”. Explaining, why is the Russian Su-57 “worst”, Hollings mixes everything together. Here he also has India, unhappy with the fighter's stealth performance, and sanctions, which allegedly did not allow the installation of modern avionics on the aircraft, lack of a second stage engine and even the crash of the first serial Su-57.

In the same time, naming a Russian fighter “the worst among the fifth generation”, he admits, that as a simple fighter he “really good” and is second only to the F-22 Raptor in cruising speed.

Su-57 may not become the leader among stealth fighters, but this is not necessary, to pose a threat
– he sums up.

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