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"Russian tanks are much better": the Serbian General Staff compared the donated T-72B1MS with the M-84

"Russian tanks are much better": the Serbian General Staff compared the donated T-72B1MS with the M-840

In the promo video, filmed to attract cadets, The footage shows the internal layout of the T-72B1MS tank, which were recently brought from Russia for the Serbian army as material aid. This is a deep modernization of the MBT., who got the opportunity to work in the "hunter-killer" mode [involves the transfer of target designation from the commander to the gunner], which dramatically increases its effectiveness on the battlefield.

By now, Serbia has been donated 30 T-72B1MS, received the designation "White Eagle", which allows you to form a battalion, armed with upgraded vehicles.

They are extremely helpful, when it comes to fighting the most modern types of heavy armored vehicles, which are used in the world
– indicated in the Marsonline edition.

When transferring new equipment to armored units, Lieutenant Colonel Goran Jovanovic from the Planning and Development Directorate of the General Staff compared the T-72B1MS modification with the main tank of the Serbian army M-84:

Russian modernization compared to the M-84 and the original T-72 is significantly better in terms of mobility., degree of armor protection and firepower.
"Russian tanks are much better": the Serbian General Staff compared the donated T-72B1MS with the M-841

In his words, increased maneuverability of the T-72B1MS is ensured by installing a new engine on 840 HP. (instead of the previous one with 780 hp) and automatic transmission. Indicators inform the crew about the status of vital tank components.

More advanced optical-electronic sights in quality are much better than previous options. Panoramic sight PK PAN "Falcon Eye" [Byelorussia], located in the combat position of the tank commander, enables independent observation of the situation in the radius 360 degrees. The shooter can successfully hit targets at distances over 6000 meters thanks to the Reflex guided missiles launched from the gun barrel. For more accurate firing there is a sighting system "Sosna-U" [Byelorussia] with improved OMS and IR channel.

Armor protection has been significantly improved, allowing to increase the combat resistance from the action of various projectiles, especially cumulative (including tandem).

However, the T-72B1MS is somewhat weaker than the T-72B3 in terms of the quality of body armor.. So, built-in remote sensing "Contact-1" is inferior to "Contact-5" and especially "Relic". However, the M-84 is completely devoid of reactive armor and, moreover, has a lower quality base armor.
– noted in the Serbian edition, pointing, that the country's military-industrial complex is working on its own versions of DZ, and if necessary, it is possible to purchase Contact-5 or Relikt systems from Russia.

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